The #BigFive Things To Do in Dubai

The #BigFive Things To Do in Dubai

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A few years ago, Han and I celebrated our Valentine’s Day in Dubai. It is perfect for a weekend getaway since it’s only 45 minutes flight from Doha. Dubai is the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. Its main revenue comes from tourism, aviation, and real estate. So you will never run out of things to do and places to see there.

Among these tourist attractions are our big five things to do in Dubai


1. Go to the top of the world’s tallest building – Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building, over 300m taller than the previous contender in Taipei. So going to the top is a must visit. Although the tour is called At The Top, it isn’t! The observation deck is on the 124th floor which is just over halfway up the tower itself.  The visitors’ entrance is located at the lower ground floor of Dubai Mall. Tickets can sell out several days in advance, and it is advisable to book them online ahead of your visit.

The #BigFive Things To Do in Dubai


2. Watch Dubai’s dancing fountain

This is the first time we have encountered a ‘dancing’ fountain, and it is a very beautiful show.  It’s the world’s largest dancing fountain with classical, Arabic and world music. The show starts every 30 minutes from 6pm.



3. Visit Dubai Museum

If you want to see the traditional way of life in Dubai, then visit Dubai Museum. It’s not so big, but you’ll see history and culture through dioramas before the advent of oil, and artifacts from recent discoveries as old as 3000 BC.


4. Visit an aquarium

There are two big aquariums in Dubai – The Lost Chambers Aquarium (Atlantis, The Palm), and the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo (Dubai Mall). Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is one of the largest suspended aquaria in the world, so you can see part of it without having to go inside. We have been to The Lost Chambers and it is impressive.

The #BigFive Things To Do in Dubai


5. Experience snow in the desert at Ski Dubai (Mall of Emirates)

Who said we can’t have snow in the desert? Dubai now has its own snow skiing and snowboarding center located inside the Mall of the Emirates. They supply pretty much everything including all equipment and jacket, except hat and gloves which you can buy right there.



Have you been to Dubai before? What’s your big five things to do in Dubai?



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