Carry-on packing checklist for flying with a baby

Carry-On Packing Checklist for Flying with a baby (aged 0-6months)

There’s a new addition to the family. I recently gave birth to a baby girl last year. So this means, ‘hello diaper bag’ again. For the past three years, whenever I travel with my son, I let him bring his own bag. That way, I can bring my own tote bag or a Katherena’s rucksack, and […]

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How to Survive Flying with Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is one of the symptoms of pregnancy that involves nausea and vomiting. For many pregnant women, this is the toughest part of early pregnancy.  Although not all women experience this (I didn’t have any during my first pregnancy), it could be uncomfortable and inconvenient when traveling. I had a mild morning sickness during […]

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Why Traveling with Young Children is Worthwhile

On my guest post, “Wow! A 2-yr old Fil-Am boy has traveled to 10 countries worldwide” with another blog site, one person left a comment that says, “He will not remember it.. hehe..” (original post in Tagalog: ‘Di nmn nya mttandaan yn..hehe..’). I was actually shocked that somebody will make that kind of comment. I didn’t bother […]

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