Tips For Solo Female Travelers in Morocco - Wellington World Travels

Tips For Solo Female Travelers in Morocco

Morocco is a well-known, beautiful country with many places to visit and enjoy. With the dynamic environment and stunning sights including the ancient Valleys where thousands of local residents are living for many years, visiting Morocco can be full of adventures; and visitors can sum-up their Morocco holidays in three to four weeks. Here are […]

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7 Reasons Flights Comparison is Necessary Before Finalizing Tickets - Wellington World Travels

7 Reasons Flights Comparison is Necessary Before Finalizing Tickets

People travel on daily basis for all the reasons. Some travel for leisure and luxury, while others travel for business and work. Although there are different modes of traveling such as by bus, train, by boat and plane, unarguably the best way to travel between long distant cities and countries is by airplane. But traveling […]

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5 Things we can't travel without - Wellington World Travels

From Travel Experts: 5 Things We Can’t Travel Without

When you travel frequently, you quickly realize the things that are essential and the things that you can’t travel without. These things make traveling easier and, of course, bags lighter. Pass the passport/ID, cash/card, and clothes, we ask travel blogger experts of the things they can’t travel without.   Jodi of Fairy God Bloggers  1. Magic […]

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Travel Bloggers Share Their Souvenir Collection

Ever wonder what the travelers collect from their world travels and adventures? I asked some travel bloggers of their souvenir collection. Here are some of the answers.    Stuti Shrimali of Me And My Suitcase  Souvenir is French word which means ‘remember’ and I love to bring back a remembrance from each trip. I love to collect […]

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