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Dubai: One Day Itinerary

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Dubai has over 14 million international overnight tourists a year. Whether you are just transiting or stopping over, Dubai has attractions for short stays.


Shedi shares with us his one-day itinerary in Dubai.



Burj Al Arab

Breathtaking hotel with genuinely superb attention to detail in the design and even what the employees do to assist you. One good example… I decide to put a few things on my plate at the breakfast buffet and a pleasant member of staff came from nowhere and took my plate to my table for me, ensured I received all sorts of things I required (drinks, cutlery, etc) and kept my chair for me. All the staff here are positive and smiley and mega helpful at all times in a way that makes you feel extremely comfortable about it. Since it’s a very expensive and VIP hotel, you can’t go inside unless you have a reservation there. However, you can dine at their restaurant without a hotel room reservation.


Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai desert safari definitely should be in your Dubai trip itinerary. I spent noteworthy moments in the desert safari. Everything was ideal. The 4×4 ride through the desert was extraordinary. I also cherished the sand boarding and camel ride. Guys, make sure you go there as soon as you come to Dubai. I would certainly highly recommend this trip to everyone.

Dubai: One Day Itinerary - Wellington World Travels



Jumeirah Mosque

Probably the greatest mosques that I have been to in a while. It is not only creatively developed, many experts have designed it extremely well in operating likewise. An ideal spot to have a small nikkah ceremony with a few family members and friends. It’s nice to see that the government is investing this much in mosques as well. The best part of this mosques is that you don’t need to be a Muslim to go there. However, you must follow Jumeirah Mosque’s dress code – it’s necessary.

Dubai: One Day Itinerary - Wellington World Travels



Burj Khalifa

It is pretty much the eighth wonder on the planet. Your journey to Dubai is unfinished without having a visit to Burj Khalifa. My praise to the Prince. He’s a blessing to mankind. He’s created a hundred tens of thousands of job opportunities employing staffs from around the globe to deal with this tallest tower in the world and its bordering parks and the Dubai Mall. Remarkable structure. A piece of precious art. The washrooms are nice and clean, neat and well-maintained at all times. Come at sunset but be sure you scope out a good area by the windows in advance. The lift ride up is flawless and so quick – it’s quite extraordinary. There’s also a gift shop at the top. Dubai city view at the top is very attractive.



Have you been to Dubai? What do you suggest to see in Dubai for one day? Share with us your experience in the comments below!



About the author:

Shedi is a fresh travel blogger based in Dubai. His purpose of life to visit as much as he can. He has been living in Dubai for the last 3 years. You can read more about him on this blog here Dubai Travel Adventure

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  1. Hi Shedi,
    You have laid a decent one day Dubai itinerary for travellers. But if given a choice to redesign it, I would delete the Burj Al Arab Hotel and include Dubai Mall and Aquarium instead. The hotel is simply not within reach of every traveler . Of Course ,one can relish its unique architecture from outside that to if time permits.

  2. I know so many people who are in love with Dubai but I’ve never heard about specific details of there trip like this. I’ll have to certainly visit one day.

  3. I really love the architecture of the buildings in Dubai. I have always wanted to visit and take it all in for myself.

  4. Dubai is definitely on my bucket list of places to visit! That mosque looks incredible. I will definitely reference this post when I make that trip!

  5. Wow Dubai looks like an amazing place to visit. Your day one itnerary definitely was a jammed pack day of fun.

  6. Ah Dubai has been on my bucket list for so long! This is such a cool post, thanks for sharing!

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