Ultimate Travel Guide To The Greece-inspired ‘Fortune Island’ in the Philippines

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Everyone’s been going curious over this popular island across the sea of Batangas, Philippines because of its Grecian Pillar and statues inspired ambiance. Since my friends and I love to travel a lot, we decided to try this out. Before we went there, we checked every blog site on information about our trip to this 40-minute-travel-by-boat-island.




According to some write ups, Fortune Island is once a private Island owned by Laurentina Pestanot. It was turned over to the government, and the island is now owned by José Antonio Leviste, a former governor of Batangas. Leviste opened the Fortune Island Resort Club on the island in 1995. The beach resort was built along a 20-meter (66-foot) stretch of pristine white sand. The water around this island has been known for being violent and famed devourer of ships. One tourist boat was wrecked with its passengers by strong waves in that year. Unfortunately, Fortune Island RESORT is not functioning anymore, and is now open to the public for its remains.


fortune island



April of 2016 (summer time), my best friends and I grab the opportunity to try this adventure. After four hours of travel from Manila to Batangas, we rode a boat going to Fortune Island. Honestly speaking, it was kind of scary because the wave keeps on banging our boat. Since our motto is YOLO(You Only Live Once), there’s no backing out now. When we reached the island, no words can express how excited and fulfilled we were because we have the whole day to enjoy this amazing beauty. We brought our own food and tent since there are no food stalls and accommodation available.


fortune island


Reaching this Grecian-inspired place, we immediately went to its Pillars. Upon exploring the island, we were reminded that there’s an area where we can jump on a cliff that is 21ft high. Exciting right?! And so, we did try, and it was an amazing experience because you are doing it with the people you love. (YOLO!!!)


fortune island


It was really a fun-filled adventure because of the good weather, lesser crowd, planned budget, great company, and most of all safety from above.


fortune island


1. Take lots of photos, or do a Greek style photo shoot

2. Swim and just relax by the beach

fortune island

3. Snorkel and explore the underwater

fortune island

4. Jump off the cliff!!!

fortune island



  • No electricity, but there is a mobile data signal
  • No decent toilet and bath rooms, thus no clear water source. Bring extra gallons of water for washing and cleaning up.
  • Limited shaded camping space, so get there early to save the best camping spot.
  • No trash bins. Please bring your own garbage bags. Let us not add to the existing garbage
  • Rough boat travel




A. Public Transportation

Public Buses going to Nasugbu Batangas (daily):

  • BSC Bus Line (EDSA/MRT Taft)
  • San Agustin Bus Line (Cubao): best option to take because the terminal in Nasugbu is very near Jollibee where you usually wait for your contact.
  • Coastal Mall Terminal (Paranaque)

Travel Time: 4 hrs

Bus Fare: Php 200.00 to Php 220.00 (aircon)


From the Nasugbu town proper, ride a tricycle and instruct the driver to take you to Fortune Island Resort PADI Dive Center where you will pay the landing’s fee of Php 300.00 per pax

Another alternative route is the UV express or Van going to Calatagan located beside Kabayan hotel in Pasay Rotonda. You may alight at the corner of JP Laurel and Palico-Nasugbu Highway, from there you will need to take bus going to Nasugbu.


B. Private Transportation

via Cavitex ( easiest, fastest and convenient way Nasugbu) Pass through Naic, Maragondon and traverse the Kaybiang Tunnel which connects Ternate Cavite and Nagsugbu Batangas through Mt. Palay-palay range. This option will surely cut your travel time for almost an hour.

via SLEX Exit to Sta. Rosa, after the toll exit (look for the largest coke in-can to your right), turn to that side and follow the road to Nuvali then to Tagaytay. From Tagaytay, follow the Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, once you reach Palico, take the Palico-Nasugbu Highway to your right don’t go straight for it will lead you to Tuy-Nasugbu Highway. The road will again diverge once you reach the end of Palico-Nasugbu Highway. There’s a Shell gasoline station to your left, the road directly to your right will lead you to Nasugbu town proper, don’t take left for it will lead you to Lian, Batangas. Proceed to Jollibee right beside San Agustin Bus Terminal.


fortune island


by: Irish Fernandez | All photos are the sole property of the author. They were provided and used with permission for this guest post only. Any unauthorized use of these photos is prohibited. 


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  1. Sure looks worthy of a visit. The water looks so pristine! I hope the government would do something to provide electricity to the island. Windmills perhaps? And running and potable water supply too.

  2. Wow this island is amazing! Seems like a bit of effort to get there but oh boy, it looks lovely. Those clear blue waters are so inviting.

  3. Greece is stunning. Thanks for these insider tips. I may be interested in guest posting too! 🙂

  4. So cool there is a Greek-style island in the Philippines! I like the name as well. Your pictures look stunning, the water is so blue. Really hope I’ll be able to travel to the Philippines sometime soon, many thanks for this post.

  5. This place in Batangas is amazing! 🙂 We will have a vacation here with my friends after an outreach program to be conducted in a nearby town on the first weekend of May!. 🙂 I really can’t wait for it.

  6. This looks fantastic. Love the bit of history too. Great tips it lookd like a mini adventure. Not sure I would jump off the cliff. Too scary!!

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