H&C Travel Diary: The Places We’ve Visited As a Couple

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Han and I love traveling. When we were dating, we used to request the same days off and leave so we can travel together. Sometimes, I would go on his flights as a passenger whenever I have enough days off.


I have traveled so solo numerous times. But being able to share this moment and adventure with your special someone is amazing. And since we had a son, it has become difficult to find the opportunity to travel with just the two of us. Don’t get me wrong, I love traveling with my son. But it’s different when it’s just the two of us.


We want to share with you the places we’ve visited as a couple (in no particular order):


Sri Lanka

The day we first met. Colombo, Sri Lanka



Cagsawa Ruins. Legazpi, Albay


Rizal Park,  Metro Manila


Underground River. Puerto Princesa, Palawan



Bangkok, Thailand


Our honeymoon in Phuket


Hong Kong

Big Buddha. Lantau Island, Hong Kong



Universal Studios Singapore



Hulhule Island




The United Arab Emirates

Dubai, UAE


The State of Qatar

Doha, Qatar



Eiffel Tower. Paris, France



Berlin Wall. Berlin, Germany


United Kingdom

Transiting via London Heathrow


The United States of America

Washington, DC


Miami Beach. Miami, Florida (I was 8 months pregnant with Charles!)


Universal Studios. Orlando, Florida


Flying over Long Island, New York


Traveling with your loved one is truly a rewarding experience. I wouldn’t trade my travels with H for anything in this world. Happy 4th anniversary to my travel buddy, my soulmate, my partner, my husband ❤



Where have you been as a couple? Do you like traveling as a couple? For travelers with kids, do you still find time to travel with just the two of you? Share with us your experience.



4 thoughts on “H&C Travel Diary: The Places We’ve Visited As a Couple

  1. Looks like you’ve had a lot of fun in a variety of place. And eight months pregnant in that Miami Beach shot? You didn’t even look like you were five months pregnant yet!

    1. We try to have fun whenever we travel as a couple. It’s hard nowadays. I hope as soon as our kids get a little bit older, we can travel more as a couple. Yeah, 8 months. It took some time for me to show a belly. Same with my second baby. Everybody thought I have a small baby. or I was joking with the due date. lol

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