Lightning McQueen Rolling Luggage

Lightning McQueen Rolling Luggage Review

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My son loves toy cars, and one of his favorite toys which is also a cartoon character is Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars.

The moment I saw the Lightning McQueen Rolling Luggage online, I know my son will love this bag so I decided to buy one for him.

Here are my thoughts.



3D Lightning McQueen shape with spinning ‘Lightyear’ wheels – The shape, the design and the color of the bag really look like Lightning McQueen. The artwork is awesome and won’t easily come off. The kids can also spin the wheel!

Main and front compartments with zip closure – The main compartment is spacious while the front compartment is small. The main compartment is enough to store his essentials when traveling. I have never used the front compartment though. However, my son finds it too hard to zip the bag around the edges.

Retractable handle and top hanging hook – The hanging hook is useful if you want to lift it. The handle can be extended up to 65 cm, so you can adjust the length.

ID tag holder at the back with clear window display – The bag comes with an ID tag holder, however, my son ripped it off right away! 😀

Four all-direction wheels – The all-direction wheels make it easy for young kids to maneuver the bag.

Manageable weight – Since the bag is designed for young kids, it will never be too heavy for them (unless you put a big rock in there) to carry or pull.



For me, the only drawback is the lack of strap to hold things together better. So if you are packing small items, I recommend putting them in packing cubes or Ziploc bags or pouch first or else they are going to be in every corner of the bag.

Lightning McQueen Rolling Luggage


Our Experience

Travel Experience

This is really great to store my son’s toys plus an extra shirt when traveling. My son enjoys spinning the wheel and pulling the bag along himself. Most importantly, it fits under the seat in front you and also the overhead stowage in most aircraft.


Shopping Experience

I ordered this at the Disney Store online on Black Friday last year and got 20% off. It was delivered earlier than the expected date, so the $5.99 shipping fee was worth it.  The bag costs $29.95 which I think is reasonable.


Our verdict

I love it. My son loves it and enjoys it! So we highly recommend it, only if your son is into Lightning McQueen or cars. If not, he might not enjoy it.


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