Our ‘Suite’ Stay at The Manila Hotel

by: Carmen Wellington


We admitted in several posts that we love comfort whenever we are traveling. You will notice as well in our Hotel Overview page that we prefer to stay from mid-range to luxury hotels. We are not budget travelers, and we haven’t stayed in a hostel, a homestay or an Airbnb. We are not luxury travelers either. We can not afford to always stay in luxurious hotels and resorts. However, once in a while, we treat ourselves to luxury.


On one of Handel’s trip to the Philippines, we decided to stay in Manila Hotel. This hotel is grand, elegant, classy and gracious. The staff is even dressed in Philippine’s traditional clothes. Most of the politicians and celebrities stay in this hotel. That’s why they have a tight security. They have dogs to smell your luggage, metal detector, and baggage x-ray. You can’t even use the elevator if you don’t have a key card.




This was not our first stay at the Manila Hotel, but this was my first time staying in a suite. We were like kids in a candy store! Manila Hotel has different suites: MacArthur Suite, Sunset Suite, Presidential Suite, Intramuros Suite, Veranda Suite, Honeymoon Suite, Heritage Suite and MacArthur Executive Floor. They also have regular rooms: Superior Deluxe and Grand Deluxe.


Here’s our suite. Enjoy!








It was truly a sweet stay. We can’t wait for our next stay in a luxury hotel.


Basic Information

Location: One Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines, 0913
Telephone: +632 527 0011
Website: The Manila Hotel


See our unfiltered photos and unbiased information of hotels around the globe on our Hotel Overview page. This is not sponsored, so rest assured we were not given any special treatment or special room. Want to share with us a hotel review? Email us at wellingtonworldtravels@gmail.com with your hotel experience.


Have you stayed in a suite before? How was it? Leave us a message in the comments below!


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9 thoughts on “Our ‘Suite’ Stay at The Manila Hotel”

  1. Have spend most of my adult life around hotels (working, husband working and living onsite). Our kids feel more at ease in a hotel than any other place! Scary 😂 – nothing like honest reviews!

    1. Us too!! We prefer hotels and the convenience they give to parents and kids.

      1. Hotels are great 🙂

  2. I’ve been here. It’s a super old hotel and they maintained the original facade. Honestly, I find it pretty boring but upon entering, I didn’t expect the lobby to be that grand. It was super beautiful! Management is also very nice and accommodating.

    1. I totally agree! The outside is not much. You really need to go inside to see its beauty.

  3. Momma To Go

    when we do hotels, we love luxury and especially suites! but we have had good experience with airbnb, we have two kids, sometimes its just more comfortable!

    1. I totally agree. We just like the comfort, the services, and facilities provided by hotels. Though, we want to experience staying in an airbnb at least once.

  4. I’ve always wondered how Manila Hotel looks from the inside. I love the idea that your blog posts have unfiltered photos. Gives the reader an unbiased view. Fab!

    1. Thank you very much. Appreciate the kind words

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