H&C Travel Diary: The Places We’ve Visited As a Couple

Han and I love traveling. When we were dating, we used to request the same days off and leave so we can travel together. Sometimes, we would go in each other’s flight. Most of the time, he’s a passenger on my flights.   Being able to share this moment and adventure with your special someone […]

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Route 35 – City Circle: Free Tram In Melbourne

Route 35 – City Circle: Free Tram in Melbourne

With only a few hours to see Melbourne, I decided to use the free tram to see its landmarks and attractions. It is convenient and free! Who doesn’t like free stuff? I can enjoy Melbourne and at the same time have a free transportation. The City Circle Tram service operates within Melbourne’s Central Business District passing major […]

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Greece-inspired ‘Fortune Island’ in the Philippines

Everyone’s been going curious over this popular island across the sea of Batangas, Philippines because of its Grecian Pillar and statues inspired ambiance. Since my friends and I love to travel a lot, we decided to try this out. Before we went there, we checked every blog site on information about our trip to this […]

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