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We create great memories in our travels and we yearn to make the experience last longer. We have found a way to be able to create connections with the places we have been to through souvenirs. We love souvenirs! We always buy something from places we go to, as this becomes our connection to that memorable experience. Travel bloggers shared their travel souvenir collection.


Stuti Shrimali of Me And My Suitcase 

Souvenir is French word which means ‘remember’ and I love to bring back a remembrance from each trip.
I love to collect currency, key chains and fridge magnets. Besides that, I love to bring that one thing which is of importance from the place I visit. e.g. clothing, footwear, famous food item, a little sand, bookmarks, perfume or postcards. I believe that such things not only speak a unique story but also give you an opportunity to bring a piece of culture along which you can look back at to remember everything about the last trip taken with your suitcase.

Apart from the 3 regular souvenirs which I always buy, I am planning to buy a set of playing cards as well from every new country I will visit. I intend to have 196 sets, already have 1 from my recent trip to Jordan.



Khushboo Mutihar of Munni Of All Trades 

As a child, I remember that there was this particular brand of matchboxes that would always come with a joke or one liner and I used to love reading them. I wait for my mom’s matchbox stick to get over so that I could go and pick out the next one with a new joke.

As I grew older and started exploring a little, I realized that each region would have colorful and often quirky matchboxes showcasing some aspect of the place. For example, I have this beautiful matchbox from a place called Billimora (Billi means cat in Hindi) with the cutest kittens. I have one with Taj Mahal on it, a spinning toy, a joker and so many different kinds. These are all local brands and you have to keep your eyes open to find a pretty one. I enjoy looking going to the tiny stores while driving around a place to hunt for the next one to add to my collection. It is an adventure on its own.



Eric Mendoza of Chuboboi TV 

Im Eric Mendoza an Overseas Filipino Worker who works hard for my passion – traveling. I call myself “chuboboi” which simply means small chubby boy! “CHUB(by)OBO(y)I”.

Aside from traveling, I love coffee! Its aroma and taste makes my day very productive, and when it comes to travel it boost my creativity in making video and taking photos.

Collecting city coffee mugs was first introduced to me by the famous coffee shop Starbucks. At first, I only wanted to collect their mug for every place I visit but then not all tourist spots and country has Starbucks shop. So, since this two passion of mine is really inseparable, I started to search coffee mugs with the city or country name on it in each country I visit.
Here’s some of my collection.



Dan Elson of IAmDanElson 

I locate keyring from the interesting places I travel to. It provides me with a personal reminder of my adventures. It is small and useful especially when it’s a bottle opener. At first I wasn’t sure what souvenirs would be a good choice due to size, and having to find some place in my backpack (space is highly limited!!) would be hard work but keyrings solve this issue! One day, these will be a reminder once stuck to a house key!!

Bands are awesome too. Small and often free from hostels or really cheap from market stalls! Again, these are small and don’t take up any room in my backpack but do the job of reminding me of the experiences I’ve had! Well worth keeping or buying in my opinion!



Richard Woodhead of Eurotreker 

My aim is to visit each capital city in Europe, something I’ve always wanted to do since a young child. I’m about halfway through it now and I use public transport in every city I visit. I decided to keep all my tickets as they’re from a particular place and they’re all different in their own ways



Irina Wong of The Feedwalks

I chose that photo because it reminded me of the good times I spent travelling in different places. One way for me to remember my travels is to collect at least one postcard from each city or country. Sometimes, I even collect magnets! In this way, the memories stays longer through the postcards which feature beautiful scenic areas.



Justine Alonzo of The Iridescent Wings 

I’ve been collecting postcards ever since my first trip to New York City when I was 10 years old.  I probably have over 75 of them, some I’ve bought on my travels and some sent to me by friends.  I’m a visual person and love photos, so postcard are the perfect item to collect for me.  They are inexpensive, can be found in every location, and display a little piece of that destination.

When I was little, I loved seeing the pressed penny take a different shape.  I would always lose my coins until I finally bought an album for them.  I have one album for my Disney coins and another for everything else.  I have to buy another album because I filled up my “Other” album.  I currently have 57 coins.



Robert Adolf of Rooting Robert 

I never bought any of my souvenirs. At least the ones I consider souvenirs. Of course, I bought useful stuff like a mobile water heater in India for example. And although they are useful, they are missing the connected emotions and memories I have with my other pieces.

The orange-red scarf I got was a gift by Umesh, my Guru from Varanasi, India. It’s engraved with the Gayatri Mantra, one of the most powerful mantras in Hindu mythology, and it reminds me of the crazy times I had in Varanasi including cleaning my chakras and sharing bananas and papayas with the monkeys for breakfast in my garden hut.

The purple amulet is of Philippine origin, and normally only worn by high-rank people like politicians. I got it from a French expat called Pii Sanya in Chiang Rai who works with an NGO named OCN Thailand. Mentioned NGO is working for the development of children’s rights in Northern Thailand and I got to work with the people behind it while I was there. Amazing characters which resulted in more amazing memories. This purple amulet just reminds me of all those and furthermore simply of Thailand with it’s smiling personalities.

And last but not the least for today: the green jade mala. I got this unique souvenir from a lovely, retired Mafia Boss from Singapur who is afraid of toasters and was on vacation in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Sounds too surreal to be true right?! Well, we became really good friends and shared peanutbutter (sometimes with toast) together every now and then. Sometimes we even joined together for mutual 5 am meditation at Ti Amo Guesthouse, our favorite hostel in Chiang Rai, which eventually became home.



Last but not the least,

H. & Carmen of Wellington World Travels

I love souvenirs! When I met my husband, I was shocked that there is a person with more collection than I do! I have several souvenirs that I was actually contemplating on which one to share. My husband and I collect model airplanes, souvenir plates, fridge magnets, shot glasses, bells, paper weight, t-shirts, mugs, keychain, and figurines unique to a destination. We also collect currencies and hotel cards! I decided to share my collection of fridge magnets. These are the magnets I have collected from my solo travels. My Mom framed them and hang it on her wall in the living room. I am actually touched. I also included my husband’s collection.


My fridge magnet collection from my solo travels

My husband’s model airplanes’ collection


*Photos are credited to their respective owners.


We hope you enjoyed looking through our collection. Do you collect souvenirs from your travels? If yes, what are they? If not, why not? Leave us a message in the comments below.


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  3. Hey ! Thanks for having me as a part of your post. Also, it was quite interesting to read about what other people collect as souvenirs, they all have an amazing collection.
    While Match boxes by khushboo was lil unusual but interesting and Richard’s collection of tickets, well that’s something!

    1. When Khushboo told me she is collecting matchboxes, I was really excited and thrilled because I have never heard of someone collecting matchboxes. I thought they only write the brand on it.
      What we think is unimportant to us, other people see them with value like Richard’s tickets. I am sure most of us bought bus or train tickets, and just throw them like me. So, this is a great life’s lesson.

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