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Amazing Places to Visit in the Middle East

Gone are the days when the Middle East was considered as a threatening place. Today, people from all corners of the world love to visit Middle Eastern countries. Friendly people, gorgeous locales, amazing architecture, deep-rooted culture, delicious food, and inexpensive travel are some of the reasons why people are attracted to the Middle East. If you are planning a holiday anytime soon, here are some of the amazing places that you can visit in the Middle East.

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Places to visit in the Middle East

1. Dubai, UAE

One of the most opulent cities in the world, Dubai is a popular Middle Eastern holiday destination. Home to some of the most glamorous and record-breaking buildings, world-class amusement parks, enormous shopping malls, and unique attractions and experiences, a visit to Dubai would be nothing less than memorable. The Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Miracle Garden, the Dubai Mall, Ski Dubai, Dubai Fountain Show, Dubai Frame, etc. are some of the notable attractions of the city. Also, check out the desert safari deals to have an amazing desert safari experience in Dubai.

desert safari adventure


2. Petra, Jordan

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Petra is Jordan’s archaeological city built in the 6th century B.C. Carved out of a pink rock. Petra was the capital of the Nabatean Kingdom. A tour of the Rose City would give you a glimpse of the palaces, mosques, temples, and tombs built during the rule of the Nabateans. At one glance, Petra is both splendid and gorgeous, and you would be more in awe as you explore the city more. The best way to see the hidden treasures of Petra is to trek or hike there.


3. Istanbul, Turkey

A city where the east meets the west or where Asia meets Europe, Turkey’s Istanbul is a dynamic city that should be on your Middle East travel itinerary. Rich in history, gorgeous architecture, amazing landmarks, lip-smacking foods, natural beauty, and great hospitality, Istanbul offers all these and much more. A multicultural city, some of the places that you should visit here include Hagia Sofia, Topkapi Place, Blue Mosque, etc. Do not forget to visit one of the Hamams for a traditional Turkish bath and massage. The small bazaars are also a must-visit if you are interested in shopping for local stuff.

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Cappadocia, Turkey


4. Doha, Qatar

The capital city of Qatar, Doha is a cosmopolitan city that has spectacular buildings, beautiful monuments, huge shopping malls, and grand amusement centers. Known to be one of the 7 new wonder cities of the world, Doha attracts millions of tourists from around the world every year. While shopping and sightseeing are two of the best things to do in Doha, the city also offers golf and desert activities to those interested. Moreover, Doha also has some of the best sandy beaches in the world, which are perfect for lazing around and enjoying the beautiful view of the sea.

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Museum of Islamic Arts, Doha, Qatar


5. Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is one of the most striking cities in the world with a vibrant nightlife. Apart from the fabulous nightlife of the city, its picturesque beaches, beautiful neighborhoods, interesting markets, quaint cafes, mouth-watering food, and local markets are reasons enough to visit the second largest city of Israel. Neve Tzedek, Jaffa, etc. are some of the interesting things that you should check out in the city. Apart from all this, the cosmopolitan lifestyle and modern outlook towards life are the things that attract people to Tel Aviv.


6. Cairo, Egypt

Located on the banks of the Nile River, Cairo is rich in history and culture. While visiting the Sphinx and the iconic Pyramids are the main reasons to visit Cairo, there are several other things that make this city quite interesting. The beautiful architecture, the vibrant markets and cafes, the amazing nightlife, and delicious food are some of the things that make a visit to the city quite worthwhile. Aside from this, the city is also a great place to indulge in cruising. You must also check out the numerous palaces, minarets, and mosques of the city, which is also called The City of the Thousand Minarets.

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Pyramids of Giza, Egypt


7. Beirut, Lebanon

Located by the Mediterranean Sea, Beirut is one of the leading cultural cities in the Middle East. The capital of Lebanon, Beirut, carries an old-world charm even though the city has been urbanized with tall and modern buildings. You would get to see and experience the culture and traditions of the place through its amazing architecture, beautiful monuments, local food, and handicrafts as well. On the other hand, the city is also home to trendy clubs and bars, fine dining restaurants, luxury hotels, etc. Also, do not miss the gorgeous beaches of Beirut while visiting the city.



On a final note…

The Middle East opens a unique world, one that the world had several misconceptions about earlier. If you want to experience something different during your travels, a holiday to one of these Middle Eastern countries is necessary.



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14 Replies to “Amazing Places to Visit in the Middle East”

  1. You should have included Saudi Arabia. I’ve been to Saudi Arabia and that country is great despite of the negative news you see on television. It’s not really that strict. Missing the place.

  2. The middle east is super high on my travel list! I would love to go to Petra and Cairo sometime in the future when possible. They both hold so much history and captivating structures.

  3. I love the culture and historic sites in the Middle East. I’ve been to Istanbul and Loved it. Hope to be able to visit Egypt and Dubai next!

  4. I have never been to the Middle East, and hope I got an opportunity to visit these places one day. Dubai will be the first stop coz there are so many Filipinos in there!

  5. It has always been a dream of mine to go to Dubai. This is the 4th time today I have seen, read, or heard someone talking about it. Maybe I should plan a trip!! Sounds like it’s a sign too.

  6. hi
    well, you have covered all the great cities in this region but my favourite remains Petra, the Rose city as so beautifully bought out by you in this post. I truly agree the middle East is so well known for its deep-rooted culture, delicious food among other things that you emphasisied.

  7. It’s true that not long ago, a trip to the Middle East was considered a life-risking adventure. Despite the shaky situation in that area, today it’s not a big deal visiting anymore – especially the Emirates that you are mentioning are getting really popular.

  8. I’ve been living in the middle east for a few years now and can attest that from some of the places I’ve visited that you’ve listed – they’re great! I’d love to experience more.

  9. The only place I have been to in the Middle East so far is Dubai and it was amazing. I love all these different ideas though, especially the Turkey one. I am so excited to start visiting the Middle East again after quarantine. Thanks for sharing!

  10. The middle east is beautiful! I would love to visit the amusement parks in Dubai, sandy beaches in Doha, and the amazing pyramids in Cairo!

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