5 Best Fishing Places In Europe To Enjoy

For taking a short break from the hurly-burly of busy life, there is nothing better idea than a fishing trip. It will be a great trip with your family and friends.

Fishing is the most enriching activity event that helps us refresh our minds and take out the stress of our daily life. But the best spots are very important facts. For a memorable angling adventure, you should invent the right place.

Here we list the five best fishing places in Europe. If you aren’t an experienced or skilled angler, you can start from those places. To know more, read further!  

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5 Best Fishing Places In Europe To Enjoy

Below has the five best fishing places in Europe. Check them and choose one for your next fishing adventure trip.


1. Fishing Spots In Iceland

Fishing, especially ice fishing, is the most popular activity in Reykjavik, Iceland. The volcanic landscape and sheer isolation offer you a great fishing opportunity. The country’s long fishing heritage and some of more best fishing management make this city the best fishing place globally.

You can get permission to use several ice fishing gears like the best cordless drill for ice auger, ice fishing rod, and reel combo. You can rent those gears from here if you don’t bring some items such as a reel or rod.

If you want to hold large Brown Trout, you can drive to Lake Thingvallavatn. You need to travel further out in the ocean for other species hunting like Halibut, Pollock, or Haddock. Besides those, salmon is a great attraction of Iceland that can instantly catch and make your fresh dinner. Boys, it’s really amazing. 

When you should take a short break from your fishing, visit the city’s outdoor areas or visit any spa to get a peaceful treatment. There are many spaces in this city for photo shooting, like Hallgrimskirkja church and wooden houses. 


2. Fishing Spots In France

The next destination can be France, the heaven of beauty and just a lovely place for any activity and great space for fishing. The most prominent location in this country is Lac Du Bourget, the largest and deepest lake. More than 30 species of fish are available in this lake, like trout, pike, perch, and zander.

Then you can plan for the Bassin d’Arcachon, which is located on the South-Western coast of this country. This location is more popular for saltwater fishing. You can also love the natural beauty here, for example, the beauty of the sunrise, crystal clear water, and a nice sea beach.

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For anglers, the Lake Der-Chantecoq is the best, and it is the heart of the Champagne region that is nearer to Paris. If you stay at the starting point for fishing sports, this lake is ideal for gripping the giant carp. The other notable places in French are La Rance River plus Alder. They are great for family camping and even for the fishing journey. 


3. Fishing Spots In Ireland

Galway has a lot of lakes full of different types of fish, making it the best fishing place in Europe. There are various fishes whatever you turn way anywhere in Galway. If you want to travel north, you can come across Lough Corrib Lake, full of Salmon, Sea Trout, and Brown Trout.

If you travel the east and south, you can catch black crappie, rock bass, pumpkinseed, and walleye, the hotspot for mayfly madness from April to May. You can enjoy amazing shark fishing; you should head to the Aran Islands.

Ireland includes the most relaxing destination in Europe. Without any fishing license, you are allowed to target Salmon and Sea Trout. But you should check the local limits, then roll up and break out the rod, and finally enjoy world-class angling.


4. Fishing Spots In Italy

When you think to go in Italy, you have chosen the best fishing target in Europe. The state of Le Marche is a great state for great fishing. Besides this, there are some more beautiful Italian lakes for pike, trout, and crap.

Don’t forget about the largest Italian river, The Po. It stocks enormous catfish that will attract the attention of any angler. The rivers of Tuscany are the most famous fishing places. For fishing trout or grayling, the Lima and Sieve are the greatest areas in Italy.

Some anglers love fishing in open waters, and for those people, two popular fishing places are great in Italy. The Egadi Island of Sicily and another one is the coast of Sardinia. Both of the places are very beautiful and offer quality fishing. Now you can go to your selected area according to your fishing plan.


5. Fishing Spots In Sweden

Sweden is one of the cleanest and most beautiful cities in the world. And Stockholm’s waters and rivers are full of various types of fish, even in the dead of winter. Fortunately, this place will allow you to go fishing without restrictions and licenses.

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This city is bordered by a rambling network of islands plus rivers. Lake Big Trout, Northern Pike, and Salmon are the common species in this city. If you would like saltwater fishing, you can think of the Baltic Sea for sea trout, salmon, or Cod. 

After fishing, if you have more energy or want some more refreshing movements, you can visit the Gamla Stan, the oldest town in Stockholm. You can visit Museums, galleries, or palaces on your long trip. Don’t forget to take some photos in this memorable town to preserve in your album.



On a final note…

If you wish to get some more wonderful fishing experiences, there are a lot of simply accessible best fishing places in Europe to enjoy. If you are ready and have planned for your trips to hit the waters, prepare your all gears, then book your journey tickets and don’t need to look back!



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