Best & Fun Vacation Ideas for Families

Many of us want to take time out of work and spend some quality hours with our loved ones. Unfortunately, we do not have much extra time to devote to our friends and family. The modern work demand has kept many of us extremely busy, so much so that we do not even gather and enjoy with the people that matter the most to us. 

A recent study revealed that an average American has less than five leisure hours in a given week. That number is too less for any human being and that can increase stress among many people. 

Having all that said, there is no escape from work, and that is the hard fact. However, the good news is that we get vacation time where we finally have an opportunity to enjoy with our family. It is probably the favorite time of the year for many average people. Today, one can easily book airline tickets like Air Canada booking and travel to any part of the world for exploring new places with our family members.

However, we must also see the baggage limit, such as Air Canada baggage limit so that we do not end up having trouble in our journey. But before booking an airline ticket, you need to gather some ideas about how you are going to spend your holidays, and I’ve written this article to help you decide what is best for you. 

How can I enjoy with my family this vacation? I can probably throw out whatever comes to my mind here as vacation ideas, but I’m not going to do so. I am not going to list a lot of choices for you, as it leads to a lot of confusion. What I’m going to do here is to list only a few best vacation ideas that you and your family members would love. 



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Here are some of the best and fun family vacation ideas:

Disney Vacations

There could be nothing more exciting for a family vacation if you have kids than visiting Disney parks. Honestly, even adults would love to take a trip to Disney Island if you allow them to visit. Here is one Disney Island in Florida to give you a glimpse of what you are going to witness in Disney parks. 

Disney World boasts over 52 million visitors annually, and most of them are thrilled when they step inside the park. The number alone gives you a hint of what kind of experience you will have inside Disneyworld. 

You can find spas, charming characters, fabulous restaurants, and more in this park. Furthermore, Disney also has a guided family tour to make things easier for you. Some of the Disneyland that you can find is in Orlando, Florida, Disney Resort in Hawaii, Disneyland in California, and so on.

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Beach Getaways

There is no better way to relax than to sit back on the beach and relax. A beach is an excellent place for a vacation for both adults and children. While adults can enjoy the heat and do all kinds of activities, children will have a lot of space to play around. 

There are many sea sports as well, like beach volleyball, beach football, surfing, and so on that you and your kids can participate in if possible. You can extract all the pleasure of being on the beach on the Atlantic Coast, Gulf Coast, Pacific Coast, and more. 

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Family Cruises 

There is immense joy in cruising along the sea with your loved ones, and due to this pleasure, more and more people want to grab this experience. With that said, you should conduct some research on the cruise line, as each of them has its specialties. 

At first, know about the options that you have regarding the cruise line and then decide what type of cruise line will be the best for you and your family. Some of the family cruise options that you have are Disney Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. 

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National Parks

I have not seen any kids who are not excited to observe wildlife and nature right in front of their eyes. Well, that desire is in adults as well, so make your vacation natural, you may choose national parks for your vacation. The recent report shows that around 330 million people visited national parks last year and that is a considerable number. 

You can observe fascinating landscapes, flora, and fauna, and wildlife inside a national park and some national parks even have rare species of plants and animals. Some national park also includes a Junior Ranger program. 

The national parks that you can visit this vacation are Yosemite, Grand Canyon, and so on.


Cultural visits

Another great idea for vacation is to travel to places that are rich in culture. You do not necessarily need to go outside the nation, but it would be great if you do so. Exploring new places with a diverse group of people can open up your mind to the different nature of the world. 

You can visit historical museums and places like India, Greece, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania, and so on by doing a bit of research. 

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Train Trips

A long train trip allows you to observe and appreciate landscapes differently than a car trip. Amtrak Cascades is one of the most scenic train trips across the US and Canada, which offers you four daily round trips between Portland and Seattle. You also have the option of two regular round trips between Seattle and Vancouver, Portland and Eugene, Oregon, and more.

Some of the train trips that I recommend are Durango and Silverton Scenic Railroad and Grand Canyon Railroad. Besides these railroads, you have plenty more that you can explore. 

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Theme Parks

The final idea on this list is theme parks, and it is excellent for those who want fun, excitement, and adventure at the same time. There are plenty of thrilling theme parks, and it is excellent for families with kids, regardless of their age. 

There are a variety of theme parks that you can find, and your job is not to visit each one of them. You should research different types of theme parks and choose the best one for you. Some of the theme parks that are worth studying and visiting are Hershey Family Gateway, Disney World Family Vacation, and so on. 

Do your research and find out more about theme parks on the location that you want to visit for your vacation. 

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Over to you!

Am I asking you to do everything that I’ve mentioned in this article? No, I’ve not listed out the options for you to imply that you should try all the vacation ideas in the limited time frame. In this article, I’ve provided you with just enough options that you will not be confused and also a considerable number of options, keeping in mind that every person has a different preference. 


Do you want to add some more exciting vacation ideas to the list? If yes, do not hesitate to share it with our readers. Also, do take time to mention what you will be doing this holiday season. 



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  2. Disney is so magical… Yes its fantastic for the kids, but also amazing for us big kids. Thanks for sharing these ideas, all very helpful.

  3. Going on a long international trip this summer after not travelling for about 6 years, so I am looking forward to embracing my newfound leisure time and trying to get as much from this trip as possible!

  4. Oh my goodness! These all are such great ideas! Now I have to narrow in and pick just 1. We’re planning our first vaca with our 2 yr old so these are awesome options. We may do disney in a few years when he can appreciate it more but I think beach would be perfect

    • This reminds me of my family. We kinda do this annually. We’ll at least half of what’s listed.

  5. Great suggestions for fun family vacation ideas! Growing up our go to was the beach & camping. We would spend hours in the ocean, napping on the beach and grilling at our campsite.

  6. Brilliant tips family time should always be fun be it a weekend break or extended vacation, sometimes we run out of things to do.

  7. Great tips for family vacations. When our kiddos were young and the budget tight we would head out for a camping trip. Some places, such as regional and community parks can be low cost or free. Kids need to be out in nature and who doesn’t love a good smore cooked over a camp fire.


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