Best USA Winter Family Vacations

Family vacations cannot be ignored. Whether your kids are 5 or 15, going on a vacation with your whole family creates a sense of togetherness that otherwise would not have been there. Teaching them about the world that we live in, while being there with them as they create new experiences and memories should be a parent’s priority. With no more school or work hassle, it’s just you and your kids. Being able to dedicate enough time to plan a vacation that suits your family the best, is vital.

Summer vacations are easy. You hop into the car and head to the nearest water or adventure park. But it is always the winter vacations that involve a rigorous thought process. We are here to make this process a little simpler for you. These are the best winter vacation locations that you and your family can go to enjoy the cold and snow.

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Best Winter Family Vacations in the US

1. Washington


This capital will have you and your family on toes with the variety of activities it offers. What can be a better way to experience the snow other than on a sleigh like Santa? The Mountain Springs Lodge Sleigh Rides offers a two-horse sleigh ride amid the fresh snow below and snow-covered trees around you.

Who says farms are only for witnessing the lush greens? The Leavenworth Reindeer Farm is everything your kids would want on their vacation. With hot chocolate, cookies, apple cider, reindeer swings, and getting to feed the reindeers, the kids will get their complete Christmas feel.

While you’re in Washington, do not forget to let your kids get in touch with their adventurous side at Mountain Rainier. The hiking between waterfalls, snowfields, and the incredible views will give them a day they will remember for their lifetime.


2. New Hampshire

A complete winter wonderland for everyone, New Hampshire. While smoke will be curling out of every home’s chimney, you and your kids will be enjoying the different winter activities around the towns.

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For starters, snowshoeing is something your kids should learn at an early age. Various alpine resorts offer gears that will help in burning additional calories and in enjoying a stargazing experience.

The Winter Carnival every February will be loved by the kids. They will be able to witness polar bear swims, human dog sled races, and large bonfires.

Lastly, do give Waterville Valley a visit. Said to be the most family-friendly resort all around the town, Waterville has specialized programs that will keep your kid’s days filled with fun.


3. Utah


Utah will be the perfect spot for your first family vacation. You might be unaware of how your kids might react to extreme cold weather. With Utah, you are as close to snow as you are to the central city for family members who might not enjoy the snow.

Park City is a significant example. You can enjoy hot air balloon rides, go snowshoeing and of course, ski. The Washington Schoolhouse Hotel is the ideal spot for your family to enjoy the snow and the city.

Do ensure that you take your kids to the Midway Ice Castles where they can fulfill a part of their Disney dreams. The hot chocolate and human-made ice castles will leave the kids awe-struck.

If all of you enjoy hiking, do not give Mesa Arch a miss. The most beautiful range up in the state is Mesa Arch. It is a little challenging; thus, only if all of you love a little adventure, the adrenaline will be worth it.


4. Colorado


Well, skiing. Having over 28 Ski resorts has made Colorado pretty much the skiing hub. However, there are multiple other activities that your kids and you will enjoy here.

To begin with, the Snowmass kids program is a parent’s favorite. There are activities planned for the entire day. From magic shows to eating their favorite smores, everything is prepared and ready.

Mixing just a bit of learning with vacations should not be a bad idea amid the snowy mountains. EcoXploration ensures that your kids get to learn about all their surroundings. Winter wilderness survival, trekking, and geocaching will teach your kids how to love nature the right way.

If all this snow were not enough, the football-sized snow stadium in Vail would undoubtedly get their excitement up.


5. New York

How could we miss the heart of the USA on this list?

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The best festive décor, hot chocolates, and the seasonal markets. You certainly do not want your kids to miss out on a New York winter vacation.

Having your kids witness the 90-year old tree at the Rockefeller center is a must. It is a beautiful 94-feet tall tree, and your kids will enjoy admiring it.

You cannot expect a New York ice rink not to be crowded. However, it is worth the experience. Bryant Park is situated right in the middle of the city-scape. Once you and the kids are tired, you can head over to their winter village and enjoy their hot chocolate and specialty foods.

What’s a New York winter season without a hockey match? Find out if your kid’s interests lie in the same place as yours while you gear up for a hockey game at the Madison Square Garden.

If Christmas trees were not enough to get your kids pumped up, the world’s largest menorah in Prospect Park would be lit during all eight days of Hanukah. Creating the ideal festive atmosphere around town.



On a final note…

These locations have various activities to offer, whether it be skiing, enjoying festive décor, trekking, hiking, or just relaxing amid the snow. If you were in doubt about having a vacation in the winters, trust us and take the leap. And now that you have various options to choose from, isn’t deciding on a location much easier for you?



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  1. We don’t have winter season here in my country and I would love to experience winter and snow too. Hopefully everything will be back to normal so that we can travel normal again.

  2. Visiting New York is on my dream travel list, and maybe we can visit Utah for some skiing activities. I can’t wait for this to become a reality 🙂

  3. Next year I hopefully can go to Massachusetts for Christmas to see my stepson, but stay in New Hampshire. I enjoyed my vacation there in the summer, but I wanna see snow. It was going to be this year, but with everything going on this year it’s not going to happen.

  4. I have always wanted to take a family trip to Colorado or Washington! I love how much you can do in Washington and all the nature-related activities offered in Colorado. I never knew that New Hampshire had all these things to offer though. It will be such a wonderful trip to go on and maybe visit New York around the same time too. Thanks for giving me these ideas!

  5. I grew up in New York City and have lived in New Hampshire for 10 years. They both have some great winter experiences as you have mentioned! I don’t have kids, but I know the kids up here love sledding and tubing down some of the huge hills we have!

  6. Can’t wait to bring my family to the US and move there for good since my parents and sister is already there. My wife and teens are longing for snow so this article gave us a lot of idea, thanks for sharing! We will surely bookmark this as our future guide.

  7. Your post gets me very excited already as I’m visiting my sister who stays at Utah in January. Thanks for this helpful post.

  8. This is a great list of winter destinations in the US. I am going to save this list so that I can visit few of these places in my next US vacation.

  9. This a great list of winter destinations in the US. Although I visited US frequently for two years, I did not experience winter as such. I always returned to the UK for Christmas and stayed on till Spring. I would love to visit New Hampshire for winter.

  10. I’ve always loved Colorado, it is such a lovely state to visit during the winter. I’d love to visit New Hampshire also to see all the beautiful fall colors, great list of places to visit.

  11. after reading the list here, really wish I can visit to the USA during winter season & celebrating xmas then. So so looking forward then, saved this in my travel wishing list 😀 cheers, siennylovesdrawing


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