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There’s a new addition to the family. I recently gave birth to a baby girl last year. So this means, ‘hello diaper bag’ again. For the past couple of years, whenever I travel with my son, I let him bring his own bag. That way, I can bring my own tote bag and be stylish.

But now… I need to use my diaper bag again as a carry-on when flying with my baby. Read my tips for traveling with an infant alone.

I pack light. They said it is impossible to pack light when you have a baby. I totally understand that. Imagine at 30,000 feet and not having access to what your baby needs would be outrageously frustrating!

My husband always tells me, “It is better to have it and not need it, than not to have it and need it“. But I am the one who travels alone with our kids most of the time, so I don’t have the energy to bring 2 or 3 carry-on bags with me.

Duh! I have a toddler son with me plus his bag, my baby in my arms, and 2 carry on bags?! Heck no. I still value my arms, shoulders, back and my sanity. That’s why I only carry 1 diaper (carry-on) bag with me whether it is a 1-hour flight or a 15-hour flight. Just ONE carry-on bag.

This is the bag I use, a Koala Baby Multitasker 5-piece Diaper Bag Set. It includes a large tote bag, a small tote bag, a changing pad, a plastic pouch, and a bottle holder. I use the large tote bag for long-haul flights. It is a simple one, but I am very comfortable with it.

Koala Baby Multitasker 5-Piece Diaper Bag Set



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Now, here’s my carry-on packing checklist for flying with a baby 0-6 months. Depending on your baby’s age and needs, you may not need all of these items.

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Must-have baby items:


Most of the mommies out there suggest bringing one diaper for each hour plus 3-6 extras.

My take: I go to Miami twice a year, that is 15-hour flight time from Doha. That means I need to bring 15 diapers plus 3 extras equal 18 diapers. That will take almost one-third of the space in my bag! What about the other stuff?!

For me (this is just ME), I bring 1 diaper for every 2 hours I will be flying plus 1-2 extras in case of delays. That means, I only need to bring 9-10 diapers for my Miami flight! But this is all up to you! Bring what you think is the right amount.


Diaper rash creams

Please don’t forget to check the airport regulations on liquids.

Formula & bottles

I rarely bring bottles and formula dispenser. They take up space. I usually bring ready-to-use formula plus nipples to attach it with. If I will use bottles, I bring packets of pre-measured formula instead of formula dispenser.

Nursing cover

Right now, I am exclusively breastfeeding my baby. So I only need my nursing cover. However, I bring ready-to-use formulas for emergency cases.

Pacifiers in a pacifier holder

None of my kids likes the pacifier, but I bring it just in case…


A blanket is multi-purpose. It could be used to lay your baby on, cover your baby, protect your clothes from burps, shade your baby, and more.

Extra Clothes

My take: I only bring 1 cardigan, 1 bodysuit and 1 footies. Nowadays, there are also stylish and comfy one-piece pajamas. Meaning I don’t need to bring socks and shoes. My baby is less than 6 months old. I don’t think she will walk or crawl through the airport or do a fashion show. Footed pajamas are more practical.

Tip: If you are going to bring a complete set of outfits, pack them in a Ziploc bag so you don’t have to look around your bag for tiny socks, onesie, and so on.

Changing pad

You can buy disposable changing pads at supermarkets. My (reusable) changing pad came with my diaper bag.


Some airlines have medication onboard. But I doubt they have medication for babies aged 6 months and below. Bring all the needed medications like gas drops, gripe water, pain reliever, saline drops, etc! Again, remember the airport regulations on liquids. 

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Tip: Pack your medicines in resealable plastic bags or Ziploc bags to prevent leaks.

Plastic bags

This is for storing soiled diapers, clothes, and blankets.

Hand sanitizer



Carry-On Diaper Bag Packing Checklist for Flying with a baby



Good-to-have baby items


Your baby is only less than 6 months, you’ll be the judge on how many and what kind of toys you want to bring!

Baby food plus a plastic spoon

Usually, babies can start eating solid foods from age 4 months. However, I will not bring 1 jar of baby food if my baby will only eat 1 teaspoon of it. I think it can wait until we get to the destination or hotel.



Mommy items

Since I only bring 1 carry-on, it means my personal items are also in the diaper bag. Know also the 5 things I can’t travel without when traveling solo (without kids).

Passport, visa, consent letter, reservations, health cards, & other travel documents


Driver’s license

iPhone/other gadgets

Candy/gum/Cereal bars

Nursing pads

Pen (to fill out landing cards)

❗Very important: Do not forget to bring your passport/ID plus any other necessary documents like tickets, hotel reservation, visa, etc.



Whew! Little travelers but a big amount of stuff! Hope our checklist helps you in your travels.



What is in your carry-on bag when flying with a baby? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.



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  1. Now that you re equipped with two handy checklists of all of the crucial items needed for flight travel with baby, it s time to start planning your next adventure! What travel items for baby can you not live without?

  2. Be prepared for leaky diapers and baby spit-up on the airplane: Tuck an extra outfit or two for your baby and an extra shirt for you into your carry-on bag.

  3. Great list! We only ever flew one time during the baby stage. Thankfully my husband was along and we only had one little one at that point, so it was manageable–barely 😛 I am super impressed that you have gotten this down to a science, especially since you often travel just you and the kids!


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