3 Essential Areas You Can Save on Travel

3 Essential Areas You Can Save on Travel

For those that love to travel and see the world, costs can add up. Finding ways to save money on travel expenses such as your rental car, flight, hotel, food, and other costs can mean the difference between taking one vacation a year and taking two or three.

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Essential Areas You Can Save on Travel

1. Saving on Car Rentals

If you’re traveling by plane and need a car to use at your destination, you’ll need to find a reputable place to rent a car from. Not all rental companies are created equal, though. Priceline is a great place to save money if you want to book a car rental for your travel, and it even works well if you’re booking for a long-distance drive instead of using your vehicle. They offer last-minute deals, and you can often find extra online savings that can even give you cashback.

Just remember, it’s important to rent your car ahead of time if you want something very specific, are going to a busy location, or traveling during a popular time. You should try to avoid renting from an airport location, which can often be more costly. If you are confident of your travel dates, prepaying can often save you more money.

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2. Getting the Best Airfare Pricing

Airfare can be expensive, but there are ways to get the best pricing. NerdWallet points out that probably one of the simplest ways to save is with a travel rewards credit card. Many of these offer mileage points that can be cashed in for free flights. Some experts suggest that shopping for your flight midweek will save you money, with Thursday being the best day for a good deal. Searching from an incognito window can often keep rates lower.

It’s helpful to be flexible on your travel dates and check dates around your desired day. This also applies to checking the surrounding airports to see if they offer cheaper flights. Or even considering red-eye or layover flights can help. Of course, watch for any sales or promotions airlines might be offering, and be sure to utilize your phone – some apps can alert you to price dips for airfare.

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3. Choosing the Most Cost-Effective Accommodations

Did you know that after you’ve booked a hotel room, you can still get a better deal on it? Just keep watching prices, and if you find that same room cheaper, they’ll often price match it. When booking, try to find a hotel that includes things like Wi-Fi, parking, or breakfast in the cost. Being a hotel chain rewards member is also a way to save money.

Some of the same search principals apply here as they did for airfare. Search for midweek stays, travel in the offseason or choose a less-popular destination to save the most money. Sites like Groupon offer more deals on accommodations, and you may be in line for even more savings if you take advantage of Groupon codes and coupons.

Or consider renting instead of booking a hotel. Sites like Airbnb offer great alternatives to hotels and often end up costing less. Up for an adventure? Save money by staying at a hostel or campsite. Or, bunk with a friend if you’re flying solo.



Getting the Most Out of Your Savings

Ideally, finding cost-effective travel options shouldn’t be this hard. But committing to a thorough search for deals is the best way to go on those fun vacations without breaking the bank. It really comes down to searching through the choices and not settling for the first one that comes along, and these tips will get you off to a good start.

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    Great suggestions for cost effectiveness. I agree with the airfare point.

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    This is especially helpful for us traveling with kids. It can get so expensive so we need any tips possible to save money. Thanks for sharing.

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    I just learned something new! I had no idea you could keep watching for hotel prices and ask them to match it. Brilliant! Thanks for the tips!

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    I have had great success with AirBnB while traveling around Japan. I always go with hosts that are a super host or have 5 stars. I also like staying in hostels. Saves me money but also gives me people to talk to!

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    Small savings for a long way! When it comes to travel, I am not a fan of expensive accommodation just because you are mostly outdoors and barely using the rooms other than to sleep and grab a good breakfast.

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    as a travel lover myself, I absolutely agreeing with your 3 points to save mentioned. I always opting for public transport so that I can exerience the local people culture, as well as opting for dorm bed to meet more travel lovers. cheers, siennylovesdrawing

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    I am always looking for ways to save money when I travel! Staying at an affordable yet decent hotel is always on the top of my to do list. Great post!

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    We love trying to save on travel. With a big family to travel with it’s essential. Thanks for all of the information

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    Just what I was looking for – we will be traveling soon. We always get points for the hotel chains and stay somewhere with breakfast included!

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      Amazing. Well written article. I learned something from reading it. Thank you for sharing.

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    We almost always stay at an AirBnB versus a hotel! We save so much money both on the price of the home and on things like food since we have a full kitchen on hand.

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    I like hotel chain rewards program, they are so worth it once you reach the gold level. I am using the one for Hilton and always get free upgrade and access to the lounge.

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    Thank you for these steps I want to travel more this year

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    Such great tips. Being an avid traveler, these tips will surely help me. Flight tickets are my most expensive expenses during travels.

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    I ‘ve never considered looking on Groupons for trips and travel. I will look into this. Great post.

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    My goal is to travel more over the next couple of years and these are great tips to get the most out of my dollar in doing that. thank you!

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    Great post! Thanks for the tips. Now I know how to save for my future travel.

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    Rob S.

    Airline travel can be really expensive, so it’s important to know how to save there. From my experience, booking tickets early is best, depending on how far ahead a trip is being planned. Some trips require more planning than others, but generally speaking, the sooner, the better.

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