We, the Wellington Family, were expats in Qatar for 9 years. We recently moved back home to the US due to a career change. Since our aim is to Rediscover the World Through Others, we want to know how it is to live and work in another country aside from Qatar. Whether you have been an expat for a few months or for several years, we welcome you! Be a part of our Expat Life Interview Series.

Don’t hesitate to Contact Us and we will send you our set of interview questions. Once you have completed the interview, please send the Microsoft Document back to us at wellingtonworldtravels@gmail.com as soon as possible so we can schedule you for the next available slot.


What we will need from you:
– 3-5 Photos with caption/description/location (send them as separate attachments and NOT embedded in the Document)
– A short bio, website and social media links (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Mix, etc)
*By participating, you are agreeing to the Website’s Terms and Conditions.


We will let you know once the interview is published. This is a first receive, first publish basis.


Thank you!

Wellington World Travels - Expat Life Interview Series



Interview with Coni: Expat Life in Croatia
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Interview with Ross: Expat Life in Vietnam
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Interview with Dee: Expat Life in Egypt
Interview with Suzanne: Expat Life in South Africa & Dubai
Interview with Hon. Pauline Truong: Expat Life in The USA
Interview with Ruby: Expat Life in Rennaz, Switzerland
Interview with Sunrita: Expat Life in Switzerland
Interview with Aditi: Expat Life in Malaysia

Interview with Taylor: Expat Life in Kuwait
Interview with Charmaine: Expat Life in Hong Kong
Interview with Christopher: Expat Life in Turkey
Interview with Jennifer: Expat Life in Japan
Interview with Edel: Expat Life in Kuwait
Interview with Carmen: Expat Life in Qatar




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