100+ Fun Spring Activities For Kids [Spring Bucket List Ideas]

It’s time to enjoy the fresh air and shake of the winter blues! Here are some fun spring activities to enjoy with your families and/or kids!


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Fun Spring Activities Ideas For Families

1. Plant flowers

2. Plant a tree

3. Start a planter garden

4. Start seedling in eggshells

5. Give a plant

6. Learn how plants grow

7. Study about tulip/daffodil

8. Go to a farmer’s market


9. Visit a farm

10. Visit a petting zoo

11. Feed ducks

12. Look for baby birds

13. Make a bird feeder

14. Explore a pond

15. Visit a tulip field

16. Look for daffodils

17. Check out a greenhouse

18. Visit a botanical garden

19. Visit a butterfly conservatory

20. Watch butterflies

21. Enjoy the cherry blossoms

22. Pick berries

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23. Go hiking

24. Take a nature walk

25. Go fishing

26. Go stargazing

27. Go on a picnic

28. Grill outside

29. Outdoor family game night

30. Outdoor workout

31. Outdoor yoga

32. Set up a hammock

33. Set up a swing in the yard

34. Enjoy the sunshine

35. Watch a sunset

36. Get family photos

37. Host an outdoor tea party

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38. Host a playdate


39. Fly a kite

40. Play hide-and-seek

41. Play catch

42. Play tag

43. Play disc golf/frisbee

44. Play hopscotch

45. Jump rope

46. Hula hoop

47. Make a stepping stone

48. Play at a playground

49. Play with outdoor toys

50. Have a water-balloon fight

51. Try any sidewalk chalk games

52. Have a swinging contest

53. Do a backyard obstacle course

54. Climb a tree

55. Climb a wall

56. Set up a slackline

57. Build a fort

58. Play a sport

59. Go horseback riding

60. Go to a baseball game

61. Play street hockey

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62. Dance in the rain

63. Jump in a puddle

64. Create a treasure hunt

65. Go on a nature hunt

66. Go on a scavenger hunt

67. Mushroom hunt

68. Dig for worms

69. Blow bubbles


70. Make a fruit smoothie

71. Make ice cream

72. Make homemade bread

73. Make mud pies

74. Cook something with fresh vegetables


75. DIY a Pinterest craft

76. Do an art project

77. Draw flowers/buds

78. Draw with chalk

79. Press flowers

80. Make a play dough

81. Make a sensory bin

82. Try crochet

83. DIY silk scarves

84. Decorate a flower pot

85. Make a flower bouquet

86. Make wind chimes

87. Make a kaleidoscope

88. Collect rocks

89. Paint rocks

90. Listen to spring music

91. Read outside

92. Watch a new movie

93. Take pictures of nature

94. Make a spring nature journal

95. Start a nature collection

96. Play a board game

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97. Celebrate May Day

98. Do Easter egg hunt

99. Celebrate Earth Day


100. Do a random act of kindness

101. Sign up for a family fun run

102. Pick up a litter

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103. Volunteer

104. Wash a car

105. Walk your dog

106. Start a compost bin

107. Cut the grass

108. Donate old winter clothes

109. Spring cleaning day


110. Visit downtown

111. Go to the library

112. Go to the beach

113. Go camping

114. Take a road trip

115. Visit some place new



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What spring activities or traditions do you and your family have? What are your spring favorite activities? Share with us your Spring experience!



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  1. I love these ideas about spring activities! My favorite ones are going to Tulip fields and visiting a Botanical garden since there are so many pretty flowers blooming!

  2. This is such a lovely list. Me and my son do a lot of fun activities together. And I am saving this list to tick off what we haven’t done yet. Thanks for sharing.


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