Gift an Experience: The Best Gift for the Traveler

While it’s lovely to get monetary gifts, giving the gift of an unforgettable experience is much better. We believe that the finest present for a tourist is an unforgettable experience!

As the holidays come nearer, most of us are often confused about the perfect gift for our loved ones. Why not offer the gift of adventure to the traveler in your life?

A cooking lesson in Italy, a hot air balloon trip over the Australian Outback, or a wine-tasting tour in Napa Valley are just a few of the many incredible activities available to travelers today. There’s likely to be a once-in-a-lifetime activity that fits your budget, no matter how little or large it may be.

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Here is a short list of suggestions to help you get going:

1. A Hot Air Balloon Ride

Could there be anything more swoon-worthy than a couple soaring above the clouds? Spending time with your favorite travel companion in a hot air balloon is the ultimate romantic getaway.


2. A Wine Tasting Tour

How about treating the wine connoisseur in your life to a tour of some of the best wineries in the world? Surprise them with food and drink gift cards to some renowned wineries. They will get to try wines and snacks from around the globe and learn about the many grapes and winemaking styles that go into making them. A wine-tasting tour could also be the perfect gift for your significant other as vineyards across the world also offer to-stay facilities. 


3. A Cooking Class

Your favorite tourist will have a great time in a cooking class, regardless of their level of culinary expertise. They will also acquire skills and knowledge that will serve them well for many years.


4. A Sunrise Hike

Watching the sun come up from a mountaintop is an experience unlike any other. It could also be an ideal gift option for your partner if they love sports and nature. You can carry their favorite snacks and a blanket and have a breakfast date as well!


5. A Surf Lesson

Give the gift of surfing to the solo vacationer who has everything yet wants more time at the beach. They can soak up some rays and practice their newfound surfing skills there. 


6. A Day at the Spa

After a long journey, who wouldn’t welcome a day of relaxation? Gift give them a spa gift voucher so they can relax with a massage, facial, and much more.


7. Show or Concert Tickets 

Is an old college buddy visiting your city for the first time? Give them tickets to a show or concert. You could also get them an extra ticket or two so they can spend their evening with someone special!


8. A Culinary Tour

Take a culinary tour led by a local chef to get a taste of the place you’re visiting. How about an afternoon tea experience with the locals? Discovering a culture through its food is a yummy thing to do. While vacationing with family can often be expensive, this experience can be added to your next budget family trip.

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9. An Adventure Sports Day

Thinking of what to gift to an adventure junkie on his birthday? Schedule a day of adventure sports like zip lining, rock climbing, river rafting, and more if they’re ready for some heart-pumping excitement. 


10. Secret Dinner

Gifting someone with an unforgettable experience is the most thoughtful way to express appreciation. And what better way to do that than by surprising them with a secret dining experience?

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Tips for Buying Experiential Gifts

Many of us want to offer presents that are both thoughtful and appreciated. But what present can you bring to a globetrotter who seems to have it all? Experience gifts are the way to go. Some advice on how to choose the best gift possible is given below.


1. Consider Their Interests

Can you imagine the kinds of things they would want to do? In other words, do they want to do anything or sit there? Is innovation what they want, or comfort with the familiar?


2. Think About Their Schedule

Are they always busy, or do they sometimes have downtime? Do they prefer spontaneous adventures to those that need careful planning?


3. Set a Budget

Tickets to a concert, for example, fall into the category of “pocket-friendly experiences“, whereas helicopter rides and luxury cruises are examples of “luxurious experiences” (like a hot air balloon ride). Before going shopping, decide how much money you are willing to spend.


4. Do Your Research

Once you’ve decided on an idea, you should devote time to learning about it. Find out what other customers have to say, check the rates, and ensure there are no unwanted surprises.


5. Make It Personal

Make it more special by tailoring it to the recipient’s interests or inserting a heartfelt message. For example,  if you are planning to gift a secret dinner experience to someone, you can also add in a bottle of their favorite wine, some flowers, or a cake.

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The Pros of Experience Gifts 

Experience gifts, as opposed to material ones like afternoon tea experience, have numerous positive outcomes. The gift of an unforgettable adventure might be the perfect present for the intrepid explorer in your life.

The benefits of offering an unforgettable experience are as follows:

  • Unlike a physical item, memories are rarely lost or forgotten.
  • Memories are irreplaceable and hence more special.
  • The price tag on an adventure is usually lower than that of an equivalent material good.
  • A one-of-a-kind experience makes for a more memorable and heartfelt present than any number of generic trinkets.
  • The donor and the recipient of an experience gift will both have fond recollections of the occasion for a long time.

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Wrapping an Experience Gift – Step-by-Step Instructions

Nothing beats opening a present that can be used on an upcoming trip. It demonstrates your thoughtfulness by indicating that you considered what the receiver would find enjoyable, which may be something they never forget. But how can you ensure the optimal presentation of your experience gift?

Here are a few pointers:

  • Choose an adventure to give as a present. Anything from hotel stays to dinner to theater tickets and culinary lessons is fair game.
  • Buy it and schedule it if you have to. Obtain all the information you can, including confirmation numbers and contact data.
  • Wrap it up in a box, an envelope, or fancy paper. Just have fun and try out some crazy ideas.
  • Provide a note outlining the whole experience, from where to go and for how long, to what to anticipate. Tips on how to get the most out of the experience might also be useful.
  • Put your spin on things as much as you can. For example, you might offer a playlist of the performers or band’s songs to accompany concert tickets.
  • Add a personal touch with a message. Giving a present with a handwritten letter will show that you put in the extra effort.
  • Delight in seeing the recipient’s face light up as they experience the present you gave them.
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On a final note…

Gifts of experiences are always well received because of their uniqueness and sentimental value. They are something the receiver may keep and look at whenever they want to reminisce about the trip. Consider giving the traveler a once-in-a-lifetime experience from the above ideas if you can’t decide on a tangible present.



About the author:

Samantha Pollard is the Marketing Manager at Activity SuperStore. Samantha is an adventure enthusiast and loves to share her experiences with her readers through her articles. So far, she has shared her experiences on helicopter flying, go-karting, skydiving, watersports, rock climbing, sailing, and many other such activities. Samantha also loves fishing, and fishes by the lake with her family on weekends.



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