Best ‘First’ Travel Memories

Since we cannot travel at the moment due to the pandemic crisis, I have decided to delve into my memory and reminisce my first travel memories. Travel has been my passion and the fuel of my life.

Since 2010, not a year passed that I didn’t travel internationally. I know it’s only May and it’s too early to say, this year might be the first year we won’t be able to travel outside the USA. We are not even sure if we’ll ever ride a plane anytime soon. This makes me so sad.

That’s why travel can only happen in the realm of our memories now that borders are closed and travel plans are canceled. I will share a few more posts in the upcoming weeks to take you on a trip down the travel memory lane. Feel free to click on any link to read more about my experience/s.

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Best First Travel Memories - Wellington World Travels


My Best First Travel Memories:

1. First Country Visited

The first country I visited was South Korea. I went there as one of the delegates of my country to attend an Asian youth Congress. It was a one-month all-expense-paid event. I was 18 years old, and this was my first travel abroad. We traveled in a group, and I just followed and copied what everybody was doing. I remember being amazed and ignorant at the same time.

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2. First Country Visited in Asia

The first country I visited in Asia was also South Korea for the same experience stated above.


3. First Country Visited in Europe

The first country I visited in Europe was Spain. I went to Madrid in July 2010. That’s why Madrid is kinda special to me, although I prefer Barcelona more. I did some sightseeing, ate their local food, and shopped!

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Madrid, Spain


4. First Country Visited in Africa

The first country I visited in Africa was Kenya. This was a very short layover, and I only got to visit their National Museum. Still, it was a great trip because I get to see Africa with my own eyes.

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5. First State Visited in the USA

I remember the moment I got my US visa. I was ecstatic because I knew I was one step closer to achieving my dream to go to the US.

The first state I visited in the US was Washington DC in 2011! My cousin and her husband used to live there so they took me to different places. Coming from the Far East, I was really in awe! We saw the White House, Reflecting pool, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and more!

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The White House


6. First International Travel with Parents/Siblings

As soon as I started earning my own money, it was one of my goals to take my family on a trip. Our first international travel was to Singapore. Obviously we had a wonderful time, but it was like I saw a different side to them. I learned something new about them when it comes to their interests, preferences, types, planning, moods, and behavior. Truly, traveling is one of the ways to get to know other people.

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7. First Travel with Husband

Our first travel as husband and wife was on our honeymoon to Phuket, Thailand. We have been to Bangkok several times as boyfriend-girlfriend, but never been to Phuket. So we decided to just have our honeymoon there. We stayed there for one week. Although the weather was a little gloomy and rainy, we still had a lot of fun. Well, it was our honeymoon!

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Phuket, thailand


8. First Cruise

Our first cruise was with Norwegian Cruise Line. We went on a 7-day Western Caribbean cruise in 2016. It was a totally different experience. It’s like living in a hotel with unlimited foods. We prefer airplanes when traveling, so this blown our minds!

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Wellington World Travels


9. First Snow

I will never forget my first snow experience. Coming from the Philippines where there is no snow, I have always looked forward to this. My first snow and white Christmas experience was in Frankfurt, Germany in 2010. I was like a kid making a snow angel in a park!

First snow in Frankfurt, Germany


10. First Air Sightseeing Tour

My first air sightseeing tour was in Miami, Florida. When you see a place from a different angle, it gives you a different perspective. The cost was totally worth it! Now I can’t wait to fly in a helicopter. I have published a post of my second air sightseeing tour experience here.



So far, these are my best first travel memories that I can remember. I will try to add more. These first travel memories will continue to fuel and satisfy my wanderlust. In one way or another, they have affected me and made me who I am today. 


Can you still remember your first travel memories? They are special, aren’t they?! Share your experience in the comment box below.



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11 thoughts on “Best ‘First’ Travel Memories”

  1. It’s fun looking back at memories specially first ones! I’m kind of envious that you were able to explore Madrid. I was only in Burgos and Salamanca though hopefully once the pandemic gets controlled I’m hoping to travel to Madrid too!

  2. The ‘firsts’ for these travels are so memorable. I remember when I went for my first international trip with my family, so many beautiful memories. Thanks for sharing.

  3. It is really interesting to read about your travel experiences. I am glad you choose Washington DC as your first trip to the US as it is a great city (and I am biased because I am from that).

  4. Great to live vicariously through your travels with your husband (great shot of you two on scooter in Phuket). If we can’t get out because of covid, at least you get us out and about.

  5. I remember my first trip was in Hongkong when i was 16. How i wish i can travel again soon. Thanks for sharing your travel memories!


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