Places We Keep Coming Back To

Here’s another post on the trip down the travel memory lane: the places we keep coming back to. Have you traveled to a place and realized that just one trip is not enough?

When I started traveling full-time in 2010, I wanted to see most of the world. There is so much to see. I wanted to tick off my bucket list and cross off lots of countries before I start retracing my steps. So why spend money on a ticket and go back to the same place? Right?!

But one country is full of beautiful places. That’s why, we never regret traveling to the same place, even though there are still lots of other new destinations to see.

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Places We Keep Coming Back To - Wellington World Travels


Here are a few places we keep coming back to.

1. Singapore

I have traveled to this country more than 10 times already (at least 2 times per year!). And I see myself going there again in the future. Whenever we are visiting Asia, Singapore is our stopover point.

Besides, have you seen Singapore Changi Airport? For me, it is the best airport – very organized and family/kid-friendly. Each year, they seem to add or improve their facilities. Just inside the airport, there are already a lot of things to do.

Moreover, I also love the city – several awesome and fun places to see! I visited Singapore with my Mom, with my brother and sister, with my boyfriend-now-husband, with friends, and alone. I can’t get enough of this place! This is one of the best places in Asia to travel alone.

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Universal Studios Singapore


2. Philippines

Obviously, we keep coming back to the Philippines because this is my home country. Since I don’t live there anymore, I still travel to the Philippines to visit my family at least once a year. Also, for my Mom to see her grandkids. There are more than 7,000 islands in the Philippines. We try to visit one each time we travel there. As they say, #itsmorefuninthePhilippines!

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3. Malaysia

We like to travel to Kuala Lumpur every now and then. Sometimes, we stay at Sama-Sama Hotel for a couple of nights just to relax and enjoy their food.

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Kuala Lumpur Mini Zoo


4. Thailand

What’s not to love about Thailand? We love the food, the people, the islands, the massage, the culture, and, yes, even Bangkok.

I have visited Bangkok several times, mainly for shopping. I know, it’s funny that I go to Bangkok just to do shopping. it’s just that they are cheap y’know! We also had our honeymoon in Phuket, and I can’t wait to visit Krabi soon.

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Phuket, thailand


5. Hong Kong

Another Asian country full of attractions is Hong Kong.  They have the Big Buddha, Ngong Ping 360, Disneyland, and more! Each visit, you get to learn more about their culture.

Hong Kong Disneyland


If you notice, all of them are Asian countries. During the early years of my full-time traveling, traveling to Asian countries was more convenient since I didn’t need to secure myself a visa. But now, since I changed my citizenship, I’d be traveling to Europe more (once the pandemic is over).

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6. USA

I would like to include the USA on the list. If we are not living here, the US will also be one of the places we will keep coming back to. My husband’s parents and brother live here so we try to visit them at least once a year. Plus we attend a convention annually for our scholarship program for student pilots.



Tell us about the place(s) you will keep coming back to or you’ll never tire of visiting.



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25 thoughts on “Places We Keep Coming Back To”

  1. Oh yeah, there’s always a place we keep coming back to. When I’m still in the Philippines I love going back to Hong Kong and Thailand , now that I live in the U.K. my husband and I loves going back in Croatia and Iceland.

  2. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about Thailand. There really does seem to be so much to see and do there. I love your list and I also really appreciate that you added the US to it. Not a lot of people add the US to travel lists but there’s so much to see here. So many different climates and lands and people. Thank you for sharing your list with us. It says a lot about a country if people want to visit it over and over again.

  3. I’ve never been to Singapore but I would LOVE to go!! I love the Philippines because that is wear my mom and my family is from! Hong Kong is defiantly on my list too!

  4. I’ve never been to Singapore but I would LOVE to go!! I love the Philippines because that is wear my mom and my family is from! Hong Kong is defintely on my list too!

  5. I love this list! And my favorite is, yes, of course, the Philippines! Same here though I don’t live there on the time being in the future will probably go back to our own place!

  6. We keep on coming back to places that we have roots in it (family!). I love the places you’ve included. Yes, I am missing the Philippines too, now that I’m living here in Australia.

  7. The only place I haven’t been to and really want to visit is Philippines. I’ve heard great things about the sea side and I’m panning on visiting soon. I love your list

  8. Travelling is my passion for me although I haven’t travelled much as I want to. I really enjoy myself and I completely agree with you that each country has so much to offer that we don’t regret travelling there again.

  9. I keep coming back more to Thailand than to Philippines despite that I am Pinoy. My husband do his business in Bangkok and flights are relatively cheaper from Bangkok to almost anywhere than in Manila or Cebu.

  10. What a great selection. I visited some of these and loved them. I have many friends from the Philippines, all amazing people and I really, really want to visit someday soon.

  11. I have many friends in USA and some relatives in SIngapore so that is the sole reason I going back to those places too. Remaining places I have not visited.

  12. Very informative post! I would love to visit some of these destinations. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your beautiful adventures.


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