How To Practice Self Care While Traveling

Is it possible to practice self-care while traveling?

How do you practice self-care when you are on the road and out of your comfort zone?

Exploring new places induces a sense of contentment and eases out the stress. Once in a while, we embark on a travel spree and forget the workload for some time. 

For some people, traveling can turn out to be overwhelming due to various reasons. It doesn’t have to be. Travel journeys can help release the stress that tends to pile up over time.

Some of the best ways to practice self-care while traveling are unplugging from social media, meditating, staying healthy, etc.

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7 Ways To Practice Self Care While Traveling - Wellington World Travels


Best ways to practice self-care while traveling, and bring the best out of your adventures

1. Be Present

While traveling, you must stay in the present moment and calm your mind. Instead of thinking about the pending tasks, focus on the natural aesthetics and serenity around you. You are less likely to make the most of your travel journeys if you worry about your home or family members.

Also, traveling is the best time to let go of any stress or anxiety that builds up due to professional load. Make sure to shift the focus inside and experience the adrenaline rush.

Remember that the vacation is your time to turn mindful and achieve spiritual awareness. Let the world wait for a while and transform the exploration into a fulfilling and enchanting one.

Pack your stuff and get a sturdy roof rack for proper transportation. This adds to the ease and prevents muscle strains due to heavy luggage.


2. Self-Care Essentials

On your travel voyages, you need not give up on the beauty regimen and self-care routines. When you miss your daily skin-care, you may feel uncomfortable. So, make sure to practice enough self-care like skin-care, hair-care, and top-notch cleansing.

Due to the scorching heat and hours of walking, you might end up feeling drained. Don’t forget to put on your sun protection creams before heading out. That way, you can prevent skin damage caused by ultraviolet radiation.

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Other than skincare, you can also use soothing items like lavender tea, a sleep mask, and body oil massages. That’s when the beauty regimen helps in rejuvenating and recharging your body for the following day.

self care isn't selfish


3. Mindful Packing

One of the most important tips for traveling to new destinations is mindful packing. Plan your outfits for the days and pack only the essential stuff. Keep your luggage light to reduce the strain on your back muscles.

Yet, don’t compromise on personal hygiene items. Pack your self-care essentials. The way you pack your luggage determines the quality of your voyages.


4. Stay Hydrated

While exploring, you are likely to get overwhelmed. This affects even the most obvious self-care drills, like staying hydrated. Travel voyages can turn quite daunting due to never-ending walks, hours of hiking on inclined planes, and plenty of sunlight. This affects your body, and you end up losing too much water. Dehydration has some potential effects on your body like dizziness, lethargy, and headache. It might cause frequent dry mouth and fainting as well. The last thing you want on your much-awaited trips is to get sick. Keep the dehydration away by creating a drinking schedule for the vacations. Add alarms on your phone that remind you to drink water every 1 to 2 hours.

drink water


5. Schedule Body Massages

We love spa and massages. Who doesn’t? Not only will this help in recharging your body, but it also takes away unwanted muscle aches. Due to heavy workload, mental stress and/or sitting for several hours, your body turns achy and lethargic.

Book a body spa or massage. And just relax. Self-care is essential to transform your travel experiences into memorable ones. 


6. Practice Meditation

Mediation affects your physical and mental health. Especially when you are in an unfamiliar land, mediation can reduce anxiety and stress. Take the time to just breathe even for few minutes. You will have a clearer mind and be more productive during the day. 



7. Digital detox

Nowadays, phones have become a necessity. people use it for communication, for taking photos and videos, surfing the internet, for jotting down notes, etc. You can now download various apps to ease your travel. It is also being used for emergency.

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It is difficult to turn off the phone the whole day especially when you are a solo traveler. Usually, phones are one of the ways to call for help.

However, it is good to have a digital detox. Unplug yourself from social media for whatever hours you want. I know how easy it is to get absorbed in social media. You kept scrolling through your newsfeed without realizing you have been on it for hours. Then you get affected by what you see. 

Traveling is the time to appreciate the beauty of nature and get rid of anxious thoughts. Explore the turquoise beaches and mouth-watering delicacies. Engage in some unique activities like surfing by the high tides or gazing at the aquatic fauna on your kayak. Capture and enjoy the moment.



Final Thoughts!

Self-care is as essential on your travel as it is on normal days. While it is fulfilling, traveling can leave you drained and tired at the end of the day. That’s when practicing self-care comes in while traveling. Not only does this enhance the quality of your trips, but also fetch you much-needed gratification.



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16 thoughts on “How To Practice Self Care While Traveling”

  1. These are fab tips! I always carry with me my water bottle whenever I’m traveling – I prefer to walk or take public transportation whenever I’m in another country, I wanna make sure that water is always ready and safe to drink.

  2. These are definitely essential self-care trips that should be followed in order to have a perfect travel. Not just in physical aspect but definitely on an emotional side as well.

  3. These are such a great tips. Staying hydrated and digital detox tops my list. It is so important to just relax and enjoy without other digital interference.

  4. Love this! Digital detox is a must. What’s the point of getting away if you’re going to have your head buried in electronics. Massages though are our new thing. I always used to complain about the extra expense but now I say forget it, let’s get pampered!!!!

  5. Travelling can be a bit of a sticky business at times and knowing how well to care and cater for ourselves is of utmost importance. These are some great tips you have here.

  6. Thanks for sharing this list, have not thought about self care while travelling. Will be start to practising them in my next trips onwards. 1st mindful packing my luggage 😀
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  7. These are very good tips. Often travellers just race from one place to the other, fill days to the brim with exhausting activities. I tend to do that during the day, however, I always include one day on the beach or in a hotel spa or the like just to relax.

  8. I love doing digital detoxes when I travel! I feel like it’s a great opportunity to be present and relax!


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