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We have taken a great interest in subscription boxes. I have bought STEAM subscription boxes like KiwiCo, and travel subscription boxes like Little Global Citizens. Of course, we are not going to miss the snail mail experience.

The digital era and fast-paced technology innovations have made it easy for us to communicate with our loved ones. We can do FaceTime, FB messenger, Whatsapp, etc. But there’s nothing quite like getting a handwritten letter in the mail!

Whether it is about the different countries and cultures, food, history, or nature, these snail mail subscriptions can make learning fun and easy for your kids. They also make a great gift for every occasion – very unique compared to the usual toys you find in a store. Most importantly, they are a great homeschool resource.

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Travel Snail Mail Subscription

1. Letters from Afar

Each month, you get a letter in the mail from a different place in the world from an adventurer named Isabelle. 

Monthly – $6 | 6 months – $36 | 12 months – $72
*plus $0.55 US shipping fee & $1.15 worldwide shipping fee

» | Affiliate link «

Letters From Afar mails
Oaxaca, Mexico (October 2020), Finnish, Lapland (December 2020) | Kauai, Hawaii (January 2021)


2. The Charm Post

Charm Post delivers letters filled with magical stories from all over the world told by a magical girl named Louise.

^The owners of Letters from Afar and The Charm Post are sisters!!! The Charm Post is the magical version of Letters from Afar.

Monthly – $6 | 6 months – $36 | 12 months – $72
*plus $0.55 US shipping fee & $1.15 worldwide shipping fee

Get a FREE MONTH of Charm Post ($6 credit) with this link.

The Charm Post snail mail subscription


3. Miss Maisy’s Tasty Travels

Miss Maisy’s Tasty Travels shares diverse cultures plus a recipe that you can create in the comfort of your home.

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^This is like Letters from Afar, but with a recipe included.

Monthly – $7 | 6 months – $42 | 12 months – $84
*plus $0.55 US shipping fee & $1.15 worldwide shipping fee



4. Our Little Globe

Aside from their travel subscription boxes, they also have their Monthly Happy post about a new country.

Monthly Happy Post Penpal Letters
Monthly – £4.95/mo | 6 months – £30/mo | 12 months – £4/mo


Our Little Globe Monthly Happy Post Penpal Letters - snail mail subscription


5. Explore by Mail

Each week, get a hand-illustrated letter and activity sent to you in the mail, telling you about the adventures of Sydney and Aiden as they travel the globe.

Monthly – $15 | 3 months – $45 | 6 months – $90 | 12 months – $180
*US shipping only



6. Snail Mail for Kids

Sunny builds geographical awareness and knowledge of countries, continents, and oceans. Each letter includes cool animal facts, geography, fun adventures, and special treasures: stickers, washable tattoos, secret codes to solve, and so much more! Snail Mail for Kids delivers 4-5 personalized letters a month.

Monthly – $20 | 6 months – $58 | 12 months – $96



Animals Snail Mail Subscription

1. Writings from the Wild

Writing from the Wild is a snail-mail subscription for animal lovers! Each month you get a letter from a different animal and deliver it to your mailbox. Aside from the letter, you also get collector’s cards and activity sheets.

Monthly – $6
*plus $0.55 US shipping fee & $1.20 worldwide shipping fee



2. Francis and Friends

Letters are from Francis, a fun-loving, little goat living on the Segunda Vida (Second Life) animal rescue ranch with his best pal, Dr. Hank, the ranch veterinarian. Each letter comes with a sticker and facts about the different animals of the world.

Monthly – $6 | 6 months – $35 | 12 months – $70
*plus postage



History Snail Mail Subscription

1. Yesteryear Gazette

From the creators of Letters from Afar, Yesteryear Gazette delivers a monthly letter of historical events with real vintage photographs, bizarre events, historical birthdays, weird historical law, vintage jokes, puzzles, and more.
ages 8+

Monthly – $7 | 6 months – $42 | 12 months – $84
*plus $1.30 US shipping fee & $3.30 worldwide shipping fee


Yesteryear Gazette letters


2. Post from the Past

Post from the Past delivers stories of people from the past like a scientist, author, artist, or inventor. Plus a photograph of each historical figure. As a member, you will also receive free digital downloads each month to pair with your letter.
ages 5+

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Monthly – £6.95 | Past letters – £10.00
*Free worldwide shipping from the UK.


Amelia Earhart - Post From The Past
Amelia Earhart – Post From The Past


3. The Flower Letters

The Flower Letters are fictional stories centered around eras and historical events. Letters are sent the first and third week of every month.
Their Debut collection takes place during WWII when Audrey Rose Drollinger meets Corporal Charlie Henderson Burke who both have a great love for their country, loyalty to the army, and an immediate attraction to one another.

Monthly – $12 | 12 months – $124 ($144)
*shipping fee applies



4. Historic Mail

Historic Mail sends letters weekly from the days of the founding fathers as well as other letters that guided important and significant moments.

10 weeks – $59.99 | 25 weeks – $159.99 | 52 weeks – $249.99



5. LetterJoy

LetterJoy is a weekly history snail mail experience from figures like Benjamin Franklin, Clara Barton, and George S. Patton.

Monthly – $49.99 | 6 months – $99.99 | 12 months – $158.99




I have subscribed to a few of them like Letters from Afar, Charm Post, and Yesteryear Gazette. As a traveler, they put a different perspective on these countries. These snail mail subscriptions pose a creative and fun way of learning. Rather than going through mountains of textbooks and encyclopedias or perusing on Google for hours, they make it easier for us to reconnect to the outside world and the past.



Which of these snail mail subscriptions appeal to you (or your kid) the most?



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10 thoughts on “Snail Mail Subscriptions For Kids”

  1. The Flower Letters are wonderful. Appropriate for the whole family, but geared toward teen and adult age group. I ordered for myself but share the letters with my children, too. I hope to try more letter subscriptions.

  2. Holey Moley!! This is Amazing!! I love all of these Snail Mail Subscriptions. I think Miss Maisy’s Tasty Travels is neat cause they add a fun recipe. But I have to say that the Afar program is my absolute favorite. The regular Afar is neat and her sister’s magical one in cool. But I think even as a 44 year old, I want to get the Yesteryear mail! How much fun is that rag to read each month…love the weird old laws. I think the Wild Child Chronicles is totally cool too! Love this!

  3. I didn’t know there’s also a subscription for snail mail and this is incredible! Everything is fast-paced now and it would be great to look forward to something that you know can take days before you’ll receive it.

  4. These subscriptions sounds amazing! My favorites are Miss Maisy’s Tasty Travels because I love new recipes and Our Little Globe because it’s a great way to learn about new places. Great blog!


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