Top Things to do in Las Vegas

From fancy restaurants to the world’s best casinos, Vegas offers everything. Not only can you visit various iconic places in Vegas, but you can be part of fun activities. Moreover, this place is unique and special since everyone experiences it differently. Las Vegas is one of the most famous cities in the world, best known for its infrastructure. It is believed to be a modern city that has been revolutionized with the help of futuristic technology.

However, it is so evident that every tourist’s dream is to visit Vegas once in their lifetime because this city is not an ordinary one. If you’re planning to visit this fantastic place, then you should consider some fun activities during your trip. It will not only help you maximize amusement, but it will also help you experience the authentic vibes of this city.

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Top Things to do in Las Vegas

1. A trip to Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park depicts the beauty of the barren land. It is the place ideal for adventurous tourists. This park is a huge one, and you cannot visit it in one day. Therefore, you will need to spend two or three days exploring the sites of this park. However, desert vistas at this place are breathtaking, and they provide you with a pleasant feeling.

A trip to Death Valley National Park


2. Hike Red Rock Canyon

Hiking is a fun activity, and it is beneficial for your health as well. It makes your heart pumping, and you feel terrific. In Vegas, there is a place for you where hundreds of tourists hike every month. If you’re into this idea, then visit Red Rock Canyon.

It is sixteen miles from Vegas, and it has more than two dozen trails. There is nothing as mesmerizing as these mountains. Therefore, you must give it a try to enjoy the stunning scenery.

Hike Red Rock Canyon


3. Helicopter Ride

Vegas looks quite different from the bird’s view, and it also looks cool. Helicopter ride of this city can change your viewpoint completely. If you’re concerned about the cost of this ride, then you must know that it is not going to cost you a fortune.

However, some tourists book a helicopter ride to see the Grand Canyon, and you can do that as well. These helicopter rides are considered as very comfy and luxurious, and they are safe. On this helicopter ride, don’t forget to take your earplugs with you since they are going to save your ears from the noise. Read more on DoctEar about these earplugs.

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Helicopter Ride


4. A tour to the Ghost Town

Everyone’s fascinated by ghost movies and shows these days. If you’re into those shows, then visiting the Ghost Town will be an excellent treat for you. This ghost town is in Nelson, Nevada. It is a 45-minute drive from Las Vegas, and it is the place where gold was found.

However, you can also visit abandoned gold mines in this city, and there are many abandoned schools, hotels, and casinos in this town. A tour to the ghost town will make you realize the reality of life since there are many abandoned places that look so scary and eerie without the existence of humans.

A tour to the Ghost Town


5. Enjoy spa

Spa options in Vegas are endless and finding perfect spa treatments in this city is not a problem at all. However, they can cost you a lot of money, but these treatments can make you relaxed and calm. Most tourists enjoy spa services after enthralling experiences during their trip. Hence, if you want to be pampered at a spa, then visit Sahara Spa & Hammam, Aquavana, or Aria Spa. 

Enjoy spa


6. Visit Casinos

Leaving Vegas without visiting casinos is like going to a restaurant without eating there. It doesn’t matter if you’re into gambling or not, going into casinos is a whole other experience. Therefore, you must visit them.

There are many casinos in this city where you can go without paying any fee, and they allow you to take a tour without gambling. If you’re in Vegas, then you should consider visiting different casinos for it is a different experience altogether. 

Visit Casinos


7. Museums and art galleries:

Each city or state has history and art that is cherished by people who live there. However, if you like art, then there are many places, such as the Gallery of Fine Art, where you can see various artworks. Moreover, there are some unique museums, and they offer something out of the box.

For instance, there is a Neon Museum, where you can find old Las Vegas signs. Moreover, there is a Mob Museum, as well. In this museum, there is enough history of organized crimes.

If these museums don’t fascinate you, then you should visit the Nostalgia Street Rods Museum. This museum possesses vintage autos. However, these vintage autos will make nostalgia.

Museums and art galleries


8. Dine at celebrity chef restaurants:

No city in the world has more celebrity chef restaurants than Las Vegas. From Gordon Ramsey to Thomas Keller and Wolfgang Puck, everyone has their restaurant in this beautiful city. However, you cannot dine at every celebrity chef restaurant, and that’s why you should choose your favorite chef’s restaurant for enjoying a perfect meal.

However, if you don’t want to dine at an expensive food place, then there are some French restaurants as well, which are offering food at a very reasonable price with a wide variety of dishes you can relish. 

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Dine at celebrity chef restaurants


9. Roller coaster ride:

What is more iconic than enjoying a roller coaster ride in Las Vegas? There are fantastic theme parks in this city, and they offer you a lot of fun activities. In these parks, you can enjoy roller coaster ride, as it is a known fact that Vegas is known for its theme parks.

However, if you’re not planning on staying in Vegas for a long time, then you should spend two or three days exploring the best theme parks in the city. One cannot visit all the places in one day, and no one should because it minimizes the fun and delight. Furthermore, these are activities that should not be skipped.

Roller coaster ride



Final Thoughts!

After reading this article, now you have an idea about your trip to Vegas. However, prior to reading, you might be aware of a few things that you can do in this city. Hence, now you have a clear idea. Keep these points in your mind, and you will enjoy your time in this modern yet classy city.



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  1. Vegas is SO versatile! You’re gambling one minute, and then you’re walking through a ghost town the next. Love the contrast and options, this would make a great long weekend trip.

  2. I went to Vegas last year for a work conference and had a great time! 3 restaurants that are a must-go: Momofuku, Eggslut (LOL), and Hell’s Kitchen. I wish I would’ve had time to leave the city and do some hiking because it’s always been something on my bucket list. Hoping I can visit again soon!

  3. I have so many friends who have vacationed in Las Vegas! I haven’t yet. My husband and I have talked about it. Maybe when the kids are a bit older… or for one of our next anniversaries.

  4. In a few years I’d be able to visit Las Vegas
    I will use your article as reference for the places to visit and blog about. Thank you


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