Tips for Staying Stylish While Traveling

Are you up for a vacation or a business trip, and are stuck on how to look your best while traveling? It can be increasingly difficult to decide on what to pack, how to decide the dress and footwear, and also how to maintain the style in a tiring long-journey trip.

Be it any mode of commute, we end up looking messy at the end of the journey. It is essential to always stay hydrated, and eat light and healthy. Along with that, it is crucial to keep certain travel-hacks for a stylish look in mind.

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Well, we have made traveling in style simple for you with these handy tips and suggestions:

Know the Place You’re Visiting and Decide Accordingly

Research thoroughly on your destination so that you can know about the kind of weather prevailing at that particular time of the year. If you are visiting a place a thousand miles, the chances are that being in different time zones, and the climate will be drastically different.

The summer-packing is usually light and hassle-free. Just keep a few t-shirts, jeans, skirt, shirt, beach-dress, swimsuit, and a pair of sunglasses or a hat, and you’re good to go. However, the main problem comes in the winter-packing where you need to fit your blazers and overcoat. It is never a bad idea to repeat the cardigans or jackets.


Pack the Minimal

You’d not want to drag yourself carrying huge luggage while your friends or colleagues are walking past quickly on the airport, right? How about a big backpack on your back while trekking? If these don’t sound nice to you, then you need to take into consideration what you pack and how you pack. Do keep your things arranged and easily accessible in a time of need.

For example, do not keep your face wash or comb so underneath that you’re unable to take it out until you clear half your bag. You may end up with heavy baggage if you’re out with your family. Just in case you are taking your vehicle, the rooftop racks are an amazing option to fit all your luggage.

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If you are going to a surf destination and carrying your surfboard along, you can opt for the truck roof rack as they are very useful for carrying all the luggage that you need. 

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Get to Your Comfort Zone in Style

Since traveling isn’t so comfortable, you ought to make your clothing comfy and straightforward. Women can choose floral dresses or simple tank-top coupled with denim jeans to start the day with. Men can go with cotton trousers with a polo t-shirt or washed jeans with a casual shirt.


A Slight Touch-up Before You Get Down

The journey leaves you all messy and with an exhausted look on your face. To do away with it, you can do a quick touch-up before you land or arrive at the place. Do not use too much of make-up. It is good to keep it simple and glowing. For men, it won’t be a bad idea to set your hair in place and apply a few puffs of your perfume.

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It’s Never too Old-fashioned to Get Layers

You can make your look classy and unique by layering your clothes with the best possible combinations. A scarf tucked in an over a simple top can do wonders to the look.


Go for Multipurpose Accessories

Always keep your accessories light and attractive. It should be something that could go with multiple outfits. Studs, pendants, anklets will not only enhance your look but also make you appear simple, sober, and fashionable.

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It’s Okay to Repeat

Fashion has made us try a heck of dress combinations. You could match your t-shirt with an oversized shirt, a funky denim jacket or simply with a light scarf. How about repeating the same top on your shorts, and then your dungaree too? This will save you quite a lot of space.


The Choice of Footwear

We often put a great deal of time and thought to the shoes we carry. Here’s a simple hack. Keep your all-purpose sneakers as they go great with several attires. In case you’re traveling to a cold place, you can also try to make some space for ankle-length boots. In the case of parties and functions, you will need to carry heels too.

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Classy Luggage or backpack

The luggage you carry also reflects your looks and personality. The small-sized hard-trolleys look classy. Make heads turn when you carry it in style. Likewise, the branded backpacks also look great. 


Stay Confident

The key to almost all of the above tips is the confidence you show while traveling. Know what to do and walk like a champion. That itself will look charming and attractive. Never hesitate to seek help when in need, but always remember to be kind and polite. Respect other’s culture and enjoy to the fullest.

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It’s now possible for you to step out of your city in an undeniably fashionable look. The key to a non-stressful outing is to pre-plan everything in advance and have a backup for them. It is good to stay in your comfort zone during your transit. For special occasions, you can pack your favorite outfit. However, staying on a minimal edge is the best for you.



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24 thoughts on “Tips for Staying Stylish While Traveling”

  1. Awesome tips. I love being stylish while traveling and I always get flack from friends. I love that you put this post together with such simple tips. I started being stylish after I looked over pictures from 10+ years ago and realized how frumpy I looked. However, comfort trumps everything so it’s so important to be comfortable while stylish so you can handle a full day of sightseeing! 🙂

  2. I agree with all of these especially choosing the footwear. Sometimes, I get tempted to bring more than two pairs to match my outfits but thank goodness I was able to find a pair in Nike that I can use for my OOTD’s and walking. I also do an thorough research when it comes to my destinations especially the weather! I had an #EpicFail adventure before, I assumed that Japan’s weather is synced with ours here in PH. I laugh whenever I remember it! Thank you for the insightful post!

  3. Checking the weather ahead of time is a wonderful idea, that way you can pack accordingly as you mentioned. Thanks for all of the tips!

  4. I put so much thought & effort in my planning & packing when traveling, for me the most important is the footwear as I really walk a lot,I loved reading your post, thank you!!

  5. This post put a smile on face because remaining stylish in the whole travel trip is sometimes hard for me and this is post is quite useful for travelers.

  6. I’ve been traveling long term for over a year now and find replacing essentials in exotic countries ad to my wardrobe and style. Having a few scarves is a great idea and changes your look with little effort.

  7. This is a useful post, especially for me as I’m always on the move. I particularly like the tip on wearing a floral dress with denim jacket. It’s such an easy outfit to wear casually or dress it up. Confidence is the winner, and no outfit can compete!

  8. I can’t agree more as I already following these tips while traveling. The most important one is to do prior research about the place and then decide what to wear.

  9. Wonderful tips! I always end up over packing and can’t close my suitcase. I also love your tips about layering and checking the weather where you’re traveling to. I will never forget the cruise to Alaska where it ended up being hot enough for shorts!

  10. Looking good in your travels is important. Being comfortable at the same time is also important. So we do have to think a lot about our alternatives for dressing and balance the two. You have tons of great ideas here!

  11. I agree with you on layering and repeating clothes. It saves a lot of luggage space especially when you are travelling on a budget and do not wish to purchase the extra check-in baggage.


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