7 Wonderful Travel Destinations You Must Visit With Your Partner

“In life, it is not about where you go. Instead, it is more about who you travel with.” – Charles Schulz.

Visiting the wonders of the world with the love of your life is indeed delightful. Traveling together will help you both understand each other better. And, it’ll also help create a strong, almost unbreakable bond with each other.

However, no matter how fascinating the idea of “traveling to beautiful destinations with your partner” may sound like, you can’t deny one thing – deciding the destination usually turns into a mood spoiler.

There are so many places in the world that selecting just one place is the hardest part. However, you need not worry! To help you out a little bit, we have shortlisted 7 destinations that you must visit with your partner at least once in your lifetime. 

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Places to visit in the Middle East

1. Manhattan, New York

The first place on our list is Manhattan. You must be wondering- how the city that never sleeps can be nice for couples? Well, in between all the bright lights of NYC, there are several things that you and your partner can enjoy together.

For instance, Exploring the Whitney Museum of American Art, walking through the riverside park, or sailing around Manhattan during sunset.

In case you are visiting this place during the summer season, you can also stay at a cabana near the beach. It’ll be a perfect place for you to relax and enjoy the beach. Also, you’ll get uncountable Insta-worthy moments to capture. 


2. Barcelona, Spain

Sea, or mountains – confused about what to choose as your next destination? Barcelona is here to clear your confusion as it can offer you both. The city is situated at the confluence of both Montserrat – a multi-peak mountain range and the Mediterranean Sea.

And, the beautiful architecture of this place is worth exploring with your lover. Moreover, you can also plan romantic date nights with delicious cuisines assisting you a bit. For some more sweetness in your relationship, you can also visit the chocolate museum. 

Not to forget, you can go to a little old school. All the lights and music at Barcelona’s magic fountain will surely make you wanna ask your partner for a little dance.


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3. Paris, France

What’s the point of traveling with the love of your life if you don’t visit “the city of love” itself? Nothing. Right? That’s why we have to have Paris on our list. Imagine proposing to your partner under the Eiffel tower. Others might think it is overrated or cliche, but it is a must when visiting Paris.

In case you don’t want to go cliche, you can visit museums, the wall of love, ride along the Seine, try food and wine at several cafes and restaurants or simply roam around the city as there is entertainment everywhere. 

Besides that, Paris is also quite affordable. So, if you are traveling on a budget, this place will surely fit in.


4. Lapland, Finland

The primary aim of traveling with your lover is to spend quality time together. And Lapland is the perfect place for that. You can book luxury log cabin holidays in Lapland and experience the authenticity of nature away from city life. There are countless romantic things that you can try.

But, if we have to name one, then spending a night watching Northern Lights would surely be the one. Just imagine how fascinating it would be.

You can also go ice fishing, a tour to a local village, try a private husky safari and snowshoeing. Plus, the log cabins also have saunas. That means you both can simply relax after a day of adventures. In short, you can spend quality time along with some thrilling activities at Lapland.


5. Iseltwald, Switzerland

If you or your partner is a nature lover, adding Switzerland to your travel destination is necessary. After all, who can say no to the enchanting valleys, mesmerizing waterfalls, and breathtaking mountains of this place? No one, we’re assuming.

This place has hundreds of things to offer to you. You can spend some unforgettable time at the lakefront village near lake Brienz. If by any chance you or your bae is a k-drama enthusiast, you have to walk around the lake and take the boat to recreate the famous scenes of CLOY.

In case you are a music enthusiast, you can try playing piano on the renowned landing stage. Along with this, you can live with serenity in the swiss village, go hiking and enjoy fine dining. 


6. Tokyo, Japan

Want to explore some Asian culture? Tokyo is waiting for you. From rich history to historic temples, you can get a taste of everything at this place. Talking about taste, the famous Japanese cuisines are worth trying on the streets of the massive food market in central Tokyo.

Plus, if you are a pet lover, you must add the “cat and hedgehog cafes” to your list. Furthermore, the Ghibli museum is also a great place to bond with your bae.

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Staying in Tokyo and not visiting sky tree tower is a big NO. So, you can plan a cute date beside the world’s second-largest building. In addition to this, you can also go to Hamarikyu Garden and explore the several varieties of ginkgo, cherry, peony, and maple trees. And, also spend some time in the middle of the pond at the teahouse.


7. Lisbon, Portugal

Last but not least, you must go to Lisbon. It is one of the world’s oldest cities. You can explore the historical landmarks at every nook and corner of this city. Away from the uproar of regular life, you can find calmness at this place. All sweet and silent! Isn’t it the perfect place to express your love?

The narrow cobblestone streets of Lisbon will also not fail to captivate you. You can go for a dinner date at the local food market and enjoy the tranquility of this beautiful city.



On a final note…

All these destinations are very romantic and also offer private time to the couples to bond. Plus, you can also try famous adventure activities with your partner to relish the thrill. So, what are you waiting for? Select any of these locations and start preparing for the best vacations of your life.



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