Best Travel Subscription Boxes for Kids

Travel subscription boxes for kids are a great way to teach them geography, introduce them to other cultures, or simply just to remind them of the great places they have visited.

These travel subscription boxes keep the wanderlust alive, now that we can’t travel yet. They can also be added to any homeschool curriculum or be an indoor activity during a staycation.

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What is a subscription box?

A subscription box is a box or a package that arrives at your doorstep monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. It is usually loaded with so-called ‘gifts’, goodies, activities to make learning fun (especially for kids).

Nowadays, there are subscription boxes for self-care, Bible study, Chemistry, Science, experiments, STEM, Coding, books, language, letters, travel, recipes, food, cooking/baking, etc.


Why you should buy travel subscription boxes for kids

– Subscription boxes make fantastic gifts. They are very unique. And they are perfect gifts for special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas.
– They are a great alternative to toys and electronics. Most of them are educational with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) components to develop their skills and creativity in a fun way.
– The kids can take these subscription boxes on a road trip or a weekend getaway or a family holiday!
– This is also a great addition to your homeschool curriculum or resources.

travel subscription boxes


Why you should NOT be compelled to buy travel subscription boxes for kids

– They are not cheap, but they are not expensive either. While they are very educational and ‘good-to-have’, they are not must-haves. Especially during this pandemic crisis, financial stability is more important.
– They may not be appropriate for your child’s age.


Things to consider when choosing subscription boxes for kids

1. Price

Remember, these companies are doing business. They are doing sales talk and want you to buy their products. Subscription-based products means these businesses get money every month from you (though you can cancel any time).

To be honest, I could have gone to the Dollar Store or Walmart or ordered on Amazon, and bought similar products for less.
So you need to look out for yourself. Guard your money. Check the price. Check reviews. Compare boxes. Ask yourself, is it worth it?

2. Value

Does it give value? I have subscribed to some boxes, and a few of them are overpriced and overrated. The value of the stuff inside the box doesn’t justify the monthly cost! Sometimes all I get is a clay activity and a bunch of reading stuff – and that’s it for a $30+ box. They make the starter box so glamorous, that the ongoing packages are not that great.

3. Location

Most of these subscription boxes only ship within the US and/or selected countries. There are a couple of boxes from the UK. These companies might not be shipping to your country yet. Or if you are living outside the US, that means an additional shipping fee and longer waiting time.

When we were living outside the US, we used a forwarding courier. You will enter their address as your shipping address. Then they will ship your package to your current address or whatever address you tell them to. But this is expensive, and takes weeks before you get the package.

4. Age-appropriate

They will specify the recommended age. But it is up to you to check if you think your child will like it or even ready for it. You know your child best! I have bought boxes for my 6-year old son, and some of the boxes appropriate for 6 years old didn’t even resonate with him. 

5. Interests

What are your child’s interests or hobbies? Everybody likes ‘travel’, but not all kids may like geography and culture. Like my son, he likes to travel but he is not yet at the stage where he wants to read a long article about a country. He is more into airplanes, STEM, and science experiments.


I subscribed to a lot of gift boxes! And there are more coming! LOL. But sad to say, I had to cancel some of them because of the price, value, age-appropriateness, and interest.

I know they all look lovely, and I believe they will really teach my son something. Unfortunately, in the end, “I” was the one doing them and more eager to go through them. Nothing wrong with that. But that defeats the purpose. 

travel subscription boxes for kids


Tips before buying subscription boxes

1. Order 1 box

If it’s available, order only 1 box and try it first. See your child’s reaction. Did your child do everything? Were they interested to read them? Did they do all the activities? Can they do them without your assistance? After 1 or 2 days, are they still interested?

2. Check reviews

There are numerous reviews on blogs and unboxing of subscription boxes on Youtube. See what’s inside before you spend your hard-earned money!

3. Compare boxes

Most of these boxes are similar. Well, we are talking about the same country. They differ in the presentation and the activities offered for kids. Compare what a $20-box, a $30-box, or a $40-box look like.


Best travel subscription boxes for kids

1. Little Passports

Little Passports is my son’s first subscription box. Their boxes are a fun way to explore the world. They also have Science Junior and Expedition boxes available. Free US Shipping.

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For the Little Explorer’s first box, you will get the traveler kit that contains an orange suitcase, a wall-sized world map, luggage tag, stickers, photo and activity booklet, and a welcome letter from new pen pals Max, Mia, and Toby. Ongoing packages include toys and souvenirs, activity booklets, stickers, trading cards, letters, and photos.

For the World Edition, the first box contains a blue suitcase, a passport, a wall-sized world map, an exclusive collectible Country Coin and coin board, soft animal squishies, stickers, photo and activity sheets, and a welcome letter from new pen pals Sam & Sofia. Ongoing packages include toys and souvenirs for each country, new collectible Country Coins, letters from pen pals Sam & Sofia, activity sheets and photos, stickers, and more.

USA Discovery kit contains a USA field guide, a USA scratch book, a wall-sized USA map, a photo scavenger hunt project, and a welcome letter from new pen pals Sam & Sofia. Ongoing packages include a 32-page activity-packed State journal and stickers. 

» «

Early Explorers (ages 3-5): Monthly – $22.95 | 6 months – $21.95/mo ($131.70) | 12 months – $19.95/mo ($239.40)
World Edition (ages 6-10): Monthly – $20.95 | 6 months – $19.95/mo ($119.70) | 12 months – $17.95/mo ($215.40)
USA Edition (ages 7-12): Monthly – $18.95 | 6 months – $16.95/mo ($101.70) | 12 months – $15.95/mo ($191.40)

Little Passports Banners
Affiliate link/Ad


2. Little Global Citizens

Little Global Citizens is a ‘global adventures in a box’. Each box contains hands-on crafts, screen-free activities, games, an informational guide, recipes, a storybook, and more. Perfect for ages 4-10 years old. Single boxes are available. Free shipping in the contiguous US.

Here is my referral link for $5 off.
» «

Bi-Monthly – $39.95 | 12 months (6 boxes) – $239
Bi-Monthly + sibling – $49.95 | 12 months (6 boxes) – $299

Little Global Citizens - Thailand (subscription box)


3. Womple Studios

A Womple box contains educational adventures & engaging crafts, delivered every month. The recommended age is 6-11 years old$5 flat shipping fee in the US.

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» «

Explorer Starter Kit – $29.99 | Single boxes – $24.99
Monthly – $24.99 | 3 months – $24.99/mo | 6 months – $23.99 | 12 months – $21.99

Womple Box - New Zealand (subscription box)


4. KiwiCo Atlas

KiwiCo offers several subscription lines: Panda Crates (explore & discover) for 0-24 months, Koala Crate (play & learn) for ages 2-4, Koala Crate (Science, Art & more) for ages 5-8, Atlas Crate (geography & culture) for ages 6-11, Doodle Crate (creat & craft) for ages 9-16+, Tinker Crate (Science & Engineering) for ages 9-16+, Maker Crate (Art & design) for ages 14+, and Eureka Crate (Engineering & Design) for ages 14+. 

For Kiwico’s Atlas Crate (ages 6-11 years old), each crate (or box) contains hands-on projects and activities, collectible cards, and stickers to create your kid’s Atlas Adventure book, and so much more. You are exploring the world through fun STEAM activities! Free US shipping.

**I really like KiwiCo subscription boxes. I feel like I am getting more for less compared to boxes that cost $30-$40.
» affiliate link«

Atlas Crate: Monthly – $19.95 | 3 months – $19.95/mo | 6 months – $18.95 | 12 months – $16.95

Kiwi Atlas (subscription box)
Screenshot from KiwiCo website


5. Our Little Globe

This UK-based subscription box delivers kids activity craft boxes that are packed with letters, crafts, cooking, and coloring activities. Aside from subscription boxes, they also have single boxes and activity kits available. Perfect for ages 5-10 years oldFree UK shipping. Worldwide shipping is available. 

If you would like two craft boxes, use SIBLING10 for 10% off your second box. If you are homeschooling, use HOMEED10 for 10% off monthly subscriptions or HOMEED15 for 15% off 6 and 12 Month subscriptions.
» «

Monthly – £13.95 | 6 months – £12.40 | 12 months – £11.00

Our Little Globe (subscription box)
Screenshot from Our Little Globe website


6. Geo Journey

Geo Journey offers two big adventures to little explorers: around the world, and space. This super fun subscription box is for kids aged 4-10 years old.  Worldwide shipping is available.

**I tried to order a box; their US shipping fee is £15. Uhm. I think I will pass on this one for now.
» «

Monthly – £12 (£25 for first month) | 6 months – £85 | 12 months – £155

Geo Journey (subscription box)
Screenshot from Geo Journey website


7. Up and Away Adventures

Up and Away Adventures boxes focus on the five senses. Each of their subscription suitcases includes crafts, games, and activities while incorporating the culture, cuisine, and people from countries around the world. $5 shipping fee within the contiguous United States. $12.50/shipment for Alaska and Hawaii.

**I would really like to try this box. But the $12.50 shipping fee to Alaska is kind of a bummer.
» «

Spain suitcase only – $49.95 | Bi-Monthly – $49.95 every 2 months

Up and Away Adventure (subscription box)
Screenshot from Up and Away Adventures website


Nature/Outdoor subscription box


THiNK OUTSiDE box is your outdoor adventure box. Each box contains quality outdoor gears, water-resistant resource cards, 24+ page educational booklet, hands-on activities, and more! Free US shipping.

Use code THINKBTS at checkout for $15 off your first box.
» «

Monthly – $39.95 | Intro + 3 months – $36.95/mo ($147.80) | 12 months – $33.95/mo ($441.35)

Think Outside (subscription box)
Screenshot from Think Outside website


Unique travel subscription boxes

1. Finders Seekers Escape Room Game

Finders Seekers is a monthly subscription box that explores world cultures through solving puzzles, decoding cryptic messages, and solving mysterious clues. This subscription box is good for families. Though children ages 10+ can solve some of the puzzles. Free US shipping.
» «

Monthly – $30 | 3 months – $87 | 6 months – $162 | 12 months – $300

Finders Seekers (subscription box)
Screenshot from Finders Seekers website


2. Letters from Afar

Letters from Afar is a unique subscription! Each month, you get a letter in the mail from a different place in the world. It is suitable for all ages! $0.55 for US shipping, and $1.15 for international shipping.

» | Affiliate link «

Monthly – $6 | 6 months – $36 | 12 months – $72

Letters From Afar mails
Oaxaca, Mexico (October 2020), Finnish, Lapland (December 2020) | Kauai, Hawaii (January 2021)


3. The Charm Post

This is the fairy tale magical version of ‘Letters from Afar’! The owners of these two snail mail subscriptions are sisters! This is also suitable for all ages. However, children ages 4-11 would be able to relate more. $0.55 for US shipping, and $1.15 for international shipping.

Get a FREE MONTH of Charm Post ($6 credit) with this link.
» «

Monthly – $6

The Charm Post snail mail subscription


CHECK OUT more snail mail subscriptions for travelers, animal lovers, nature lovers, and history lovers!



Best food-based travel subscription boxes for kids

1. Universal Yums

Universal Yums delivers delicious snacks and candies from a different country each month. Free shipping within the contiguous United States, as well as military addresses. Shipping charges apply for US territories, Canada, Australia, the UK, and Israel.
» «

6+ snacks – $15/box (1 year prepay – $13.75/box) 
12+ snacks – $25/box (1 year prepay – $22.92/box) 
20+ snacks – $39/box (1 year prepay – $35.75/box)

Universal Yums (subscription box)
Screenshot from Universal Yums website


2. MunchPak

Munch Pak is similar to Universal Yums. Their subscription plan starts at $9.95. You get to choose how many snacks are in each ‘pak’ (5 snacks, 10 snacks, or 20 snacks), and the length (for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months). Free US Shipping. International shipping is available.

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Take 20% off your first box with code: SAVE20.
» «

5 snacks: 1 month – $13.95/box | 3 months – $12.95/box | 6 months – $11.95/box | 12 months/box – $9.95
10 snacks: 1 month – $23.95/box | 3 months – $22.95/box | 6 months – $21.95/box | 12 months – $19.95/box
20 snacks: 1 month – $43.95/box | 3 months – $42.95/box | 6 months – $41.95/box | 12 months – $39.95/box

Munch Pak (subscription box)
Screenshot from MunchPak website


3. Snack Crate

Snack Crate hand-picks snacks from different countries each month. Choose from the three sizes of monthly crates: Mini, Original, and Premium. Your SnackCrate includes up to 20+ full-sized snacks, and a booklet with Fun Facts, Games, and a Music Playlist.

Free worldwide shipping. They ship to the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and Malta.

**I might try this one next month, and will let you know guys! Ultimately, it is around the same price as Universal Yums and MunchPak.
» «

Our Little Globe (subscription box)
Screenshot from Snack Crate website


4. Eat2explore

Eat2explore is a family cooking kit that will give your child an enriching culinary learning experience. Each explorer box comes with spice/sauce mixes, recipe cards, shopping lists, educational material, activity sheets, and collectibles. They also offer Gluten-free and Vegetarian boxes. $5 shipping fee per box.
» «

eat2explore (subscription box)
Screenshot from eat2explore website


5. Try The World

Discover the world through food! Each box contains products from around the world, recipes, and stories! Countries box has 7 to 8 international gourmet delicacies every month. The Snacks box has 6 all-natural, 100% non-GMO snacks from around the world every month. Ships within the US and Canada. 
» «

Countries: Monthly – $39/box | 3 months – $35/box | 6 months – $33/box | 12 months – $29/box
Snacks: Monthly – $19/box | 3 months – $17/box | 6 months – $16/box | 12 months – $15/box

Try The World (subscription box)
Screenshot from Try The World website


6. Culture Cakes Kit

Culture Cakes Kit delivers snacks plus a cupcake recipe using original flavors from different countries. The monthly kit contains 3-5 snacks from the featured country, a cupcake recipe, 1-3 exotic ingredients, and baking supplies, a booklet of cultural discovery, and collectible. They also offer a Mini Snacks Kit if you are not a fan of baking. Free US Shipping.
» «

Monthly – $29.99 | 3-month prepay – $88.99 | 6-month prepay – $174

Culture Cakes Kit (subscription box)
Screenshot from Culture Cakes Kit website


7. USA Snax

USA Snax delivers snacks and treats from a different state each month. Flat rate US shipping fee applies.
» «

Red: 7+ snacks: 1 month – $34.99/box | 6 months – $31.99/box | 12 months/box – $28.99
White: 11+ snacks: 1 month – $49.99/box | 6 months – $45.99/box | 12 months – $41.99/box
Blue: 15+ snacks: 1 month – $63.99/box | 3 months – $58.99/box | 6 months – $41.95/box | 12 months – $53.99/box

USA snax (subscription box)
Screenshot from USA Snax website


8. Bokksu

Bokksu is a box of authentic Japanese snacks, treats, and candies. Discover Japan through snacks! Each Bokksu has 20-25 snacks, a tea pairing, a snack booklet, and allergen info. Free worldwide shipping from Japan for multi-month boxes.

Use coupon code PERKS15 to get 15% off all Bokksu subscriptions and gift boxes. New customers only.
» | affiliate link «

Monthly – $49.95 | 3-month – $44.95 each ($134.85) | 6 month – $42.95 (257.70) | 12-month – $39.95 each ($479.40)

Affiliate link/Ad


9. Tokyo Treat

Tokyo Treat is your Japanese candy box. Classic boxes have 12 snacks while Premium boxes contain 17 goodies! Worldwide shipping is available. $10.95 shipping fee to the US.

**This is an alternative to Bokksu. They are cheaper, well, because they have lesser snacks in a box. However, if you include the shipping fee, it is almost the same price.
» | affiliate link «

Classic: Monthly – $25/box | 3 months – $24/box | 6 months – $23/box | 12 months – $22.5/box
Premium: Monthly – $35/box | 3 months – $33.5/box | 6 months – $32/box | 12 months – $31.5/box

Tokyo Treat (subscription box)
January 2021 box


READ post on Japanese candy subscription boxes for more yummy-licious options!



Best Disney-theme travel subscription boxes for kids

1. Walt Life

Find all kinds of great Disney items and Walt Life branded goodies, and be delivered to your doorstep every month. Free US Shipping.
» «

Classic box (3+ Disney Mystery items) – $30
Magic box (4+ Disney Mystery items) – $39
Magic Plus box (5+ Disney Mystery items) – $49
Kingdom box (6+ Disney Mystery items) – $79
Surprise box – $48

Walt Life (subscription box)
Screenshot from Walt Life Website


2. Mickey Monthly

This monthly Disney box is full of handpicked pins, snacks, and theme park exclusives. Ships worldwide from the United States.
» «

Original Series – starts at $19 + s/h
Theme Park Edition – starts at $29.99 + s/h
Pin Edition – starts at $13.95
Snack Edition – starts at $29.99 + s/h

Mickey Monthly (subscription box)
Screenshot from Mickey Monthly website


3. Main Street Mail

Main Street Mail is the most customizable Disney subscription box that contains small shop merchandise and/or Disney official / park exclusives. Ships worldwide from the United States.
» «

Mickey’s monthly penpal (four items) – $60
Castle Correspondent (five items) – 87.5

Main Street Mail (subscription box)
Screenshot from Main Street Mail shop webpage


Other subscription boxes for families

There are so many other amazing subscription boxes for kids available that may not be travel-themed. Yet they still make really cool gifts for our travel-loving and globetrotter kids. I like Kiwi crates, Oyster kit, and Mel Science!

Other travel-inspired subscription boxes for families are The Wordy Traveler, Paradise Delivered, Explore Local Box, Inspire Me Korea, Inspire Me Japan, GlobeIn. There are also Miss Maisy’s Tasty Travels, Spice Madam, Quaintly & Co, Driftaway Coffee, Tea Runners, Hygge Box, and more.



Would you buy a travel subscription box for kids? Which one did you like? Or have you subscribed to any subscription box (even if not travel-theme) for your kids? Share your thoughts and experience with us.



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  1. Thanks for being honest about your experience with subscription boxes and recommendations. This sounds like a great idea for kids like they have a guaranteed new toy every month, but i agree that it should be something that the kids will be interested in.

  2. never heard of subscription box here ,,but it looks fun,,,anyways dont have kids no more they already grew up.they prefer to be by themselves…thats fine with me …but not during meals wich is our bonding time,,,,and netflix during weekend

  3. This is an excellent way to keep your little ones interested in the world outside of their current surroundings and instill within them the love of travel. Well done and keep these posts coming!

  4. I have been seeing a lot of great subscription boxes but I have never subscribed to any yet. Your post has convinced me to do so.

  5. I’ve really never thought of subscription boxes for my boy. Maybe when he gets a bit older and is into something in particular. These look so good though. I would have definitely wanted to Disney one when I was a girl.

  6. the box looks wonderful! I really like it. I love the idea of boxes but for kids it is even better. I like it when kids have scheduled activities

  7. I’ve heard of a few of these and we’ve tried a few, many of these I haven’t heard of though and there a few I know my kids will love. Thank you so much for sharing this list!

  8. I don’t have children, but the travel subscription boxes look like a lot of fun and educational too. I wish they had those when I was a kid! and the snack boxes look yummy and also educational as you can explore the countries/cultures the food is from.

  9. I love subscription boxes, they are so much fun to unbox and what I call “happy mail” although I still completely agree with you. You still really need to be careful as sometimes they aren’t worth what you pay for them and you could put something better together yourself. I always read a ton of reviews first like you suggested. I personally love the snack ones and have always wanted to order one of the Disney ones you listed (I love everything Disney!) 💜


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