Our Ultimate Bucket List

Welcome to the Wellington World Travels’ Bucket List! Here is the list of things we want to achieve while traveling!

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1. Travel all around the world, if not at least 100 countries (60 countries, as of March 2017)

See the list of countries we have visited here.


2. Visit all US states (13 states, as of March 2017)

We have been to Florida, New York, Georgia, New Jersey, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, and Maryland. In addition, H. has already been to California, Chicago, Pensylvania, Washington, and Colorado.


3. Live in a different country for at last 6 months
H. came in Doha, Qatar in November 2009; whereas, Carmen came in May 2010. Read Carmen’s expat experience on our interview series.


4. Visit at least 1 UNESCO World Heritage Site
We have been to 12 Sites so far.



5. Visit at least 1 New 7 Wonders
We have been to several New 7 Wonders of World, Nature, and Cities.


6. Learn how to drive
H. has been driving since he was 16. Carmen got her first license in April 2017.


7. Learn a new language
We only know the basic greetings in Tagalog, Thai, and Arabic.


8. Learn sign language
Carmen only knows the alphabet.


9. Play a (new) musical instrument


10. Learn a martial art


11. Try a profession in a different field
Carmen is a Registered Nurse in the Philippines and worked as a Flight Attendant in Qatar for three years.


12. Further your education
H. is a B777 Captain and at the same time a Law student. Carmen holds a Master’s degree.


13. Achieve your ideal weight and maintain it


14. Run a marathon


15. Take up a new sport


16. Do an extreme sport


17. Jump off a high cliff into the ocean


18. Go skydiving


19. Go scuba diving


20. Go skiing

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21. Go horseback riding


22. Go canoeing
We went canoeing on our honeymoon in Phuket, Thailand.


23. Go on a road trip


24. Go camping


25. Go explore a cave


26. Climb a mountain


27. Do a wall climbing


28. Go to all Disneyland Parks – Florida, California, Paris, Japan,  & Hong Kong
Carmen is a big fan of Mickey Mouse and Disneyland. We went to Hong Kong Disneyland in December 2013. We didn’t know that Carmen was already 1 month pregnant with Charles at that time.

Hong Kong Disneyland


29. Ride a camel in a desert
We rode a camel in Doha, Qatar.

camel ride, doha, Qatar


30. Catch a fish


31. Swim with dolphin


32. Learn a strategy game
We only know chess and checkers.


33. Connect with past teachers
When Carmen was invited to give a Graduation speech in her elementary school, she reconnected with her teachers.


34. Start your business
We had started a lot of online businesses, such as an aircraft leasing, air sightseeing tour, dating website, online coupons, and now a travel website.


35. Build your own blog/website
Carmen is the one behind the Wellington World Travels website.


36. See snow (if you haven’t before)
Carmen’s first time seeing the snow was in Frankfurt, Germany in December 2010.

First snow in Frankfurt, Germany


37. See cherry blossom in Japan


38. Fly in a hot air balloon


39. See the Mona Lisa (in Louvre)

Louvre, Paris, France


40. Walk the Golden Gate Bridge


41. Visit a castle


42. Visit a planetarium


43. Witness a solar eclipse


44. Fly a kite


45. Fly in a helicopter


46. Travel solo
Han has been traveling solo most of the time, as well as Carmen. Carmen first time traveling solo was in 2016 to South Korea.


47. Fly First Class


48. Fly Business Class
We fly business class once in a while. Han flies in business class whenever he travels alone.


49. Go on a cruise
Our first cruise was a 7-day Western Caribbean Cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line in January 2017.

family cruise


50. Ride a cable car
We rode a cable car in Ngong Ping 360, Hong Kong and  Table Mountain Aerial Cableway.

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51. Publish a book


52. Publish a magazine


53. Publish an ebook (working on this!)


54. Act in a film


55. Get featured in the media for something you are proud


56. Get a complete makeover


57. Attend a concert


58. Attend a family reunion
In 2017, we attended the Wright Family reunion in Jamaica.


59. Volunteer in a charity


60. Volunteer at hospice


61. Volunteer at a homeless shelter


62. Volunteer to help typhoon victims


63. Volunteer at an orphanage


64. Go vegetarian for a week


65. Take yoga class


66. Take aerobic class


67. Fall in love


68. Get married
We got married twice. Our first wedding was in New York. A year later, we got married in Tagaytay, Philippines. See our wedding on-site video here.


69. Count your blessings. Literally!


What are the top 3 items on your bucket list? Leave us a message in the comments below.

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24 thoughts on “Our Ultimate Bucket List”

  1. My bucket list items are
    1. Run a marathon (I feel too lazy but need to do it!)
    2. Take a new sport maybe MMA
    3. Swim with a dolphin ( sounds interesting )
    (Ambuj Saxena)

  2. There’s still a lot to do but you’ve managed to do many items on your bucket list. It’s impressive. And wow you’ve been to 5 of the 7 Wonders, that’s big!

    I don’t have a bucket list, well I do have one “informally” or unwritten on my mind, the biggest thing of which is to live in another country. Which you’ve already done and it inspires me to do it too hopefully not too far in the future (cuz I’m getting old, hahaha…) Oh yeah, gotta learn how to drive too.

  3. That’s an AMAZING list! I put together a list back in 2009 called, “20 things to do by 2010” and if memory serves, I barely made a dent. Definitely need to revisit the idea of setting goals via a bucket list. :)

  4. That’s a great bucket list. My husband and will be checking off two items on our bucket list in May when we take our first cruise (also on Norwegian) and we visit Cuba.

  5. Amazing Carmen and Handel! I haven fallen in love with you guys? Loved your well planned bucket list and good to see that you people are so dedicated in ticking off every single item in that list! Keep it up guys you are an inspiration!

  6. My top 3 things on my bucket list?
    That’s a though one, mine is at least as long as yours and I feel like it gets longer EVERY SINGE DAY haha
    I really want to visit Antarctica, I would love to go on a Safaris somewhere in Africa and camp out there, I want to visit Oman before tourism arrives there – how’s that for starters? :)

    Have fun ticking your things off. Enjoy skydiving, it’s a great experience!!



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