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Hello! We are Han and Carmen. Welcome to Wellington World Travels!


The Wellington Family


Han and Carmen met on a flight to Colombo, Sri Lanka in November 2010, and we have been together since then. We got married twice – in the USA and the Philippines. We were an expat family – living and working – in Doha, Qatar for almost ten years.


Han is a Jamaican-American pilot. He has worked with different airlines since 1999 in the US before moving to Qatar, and then back to the US. He is a B747 Captain, a Management Captain, a Flight Qualified Supervisor, a lawyer, an arbitrator, and a mediator. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree.

Carmen was a Registered Nurse in the Philippines before she decided to travel the world. Ten years later, she finally got her Master’s degree. She is now working on her doctorate degree! And, at the same time, she shares her love for travel and the beauty of culture with their kids.

They are blessed with two beautiful kids!

The Wellington Family are solo travelers, traveling couples, family travelers, and former expats – your all-around travelers! See the list of countries we have visited here. Moreover, see the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and New 7 Wonders we have visited.


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