20 Fun Things To Do In Singapore With Kids

Singapore is the ultimate place whether you are going on a family vacation, a trip with friends or solo exploration. With its unique culture, skyscrapers with peculiar designs, modern architecture and efficient public transport scheme, it’s one of the best places for families. I went there alone, with my friends, with my family, with my […]

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Route 35 – City Circle: Free Tram In Melbourne

Route 35 – City Circle: Free Tram in Melbourne

With only a few hours to see Melbourne, I decided to use the free tram to see its landmarks and attractions. It is convenient and free! Who doesn’t like free stuff? I can enjoy Melbourne and at the same time have free transportation. The City Circle Tram service operates within Melbourne’s Central Business District passing major tourist […]

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Travel Milestone: 14 Europe Countries I’ve Visited in 7 years of Traveling

“I knew what I wanted, I wanted to see the world” – Andrea Mueller   On my birthday, I am remembering the times I have traveled to Europe. I thought traveling to Europe will only remain as a dream, and I am forever grateful for this blessing. That’s why I want to share with you […]

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