15 Best Things to Do In Canada

If your travel knowledge of Canada extends only to the Niagara Falls and the Rocky Mountains, let us tell you that you have a lot left yet to explore and enjoy. The Great White North is rife with magnificent landscapes, fabulous wildlife, and history that’ll leave you asking for more. Make your plans today to explore a brand-new Canada and use our list of things to see and enjoy in Canada to guide you.

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Make your plans today to explore a brand-new Canada and use our list of things to see and enjoy in Canada to guide you.

1. Explore The Walled City Of Old Quebec 

Eschew Europe and enjoy the same ambiance in the walled city of Old Quebec. The architecture is the oldest and the most enchanting in all of Canada. You’ll love the rare mix of culture, heritage, architecture, and art and history here. Enjoy the cobblestoned streets of Old Quebec with its beautiful and iconic Château Frontenac and the world-famous winter carnival.


2. Get Some Culture In Downtown Toronto

Downtown Toronto offers a fabulous cosmopolitan cultural experience. There are galleries, museums, arts, dining, theatre, shopping, sports and music to enjoy and much more. Everywhere you look, there’s something to see and learn. Check out the Hockey Hall of Fame, or visit the CN Tower for a history lesson. Don’t forget to look for thrift stores that sell unique vintage items.


3. Check Out The Magnificent Niagara Falls 

Niagara Falls is simply magnificent. No visit to Canada can be complete without a visit to this iconic waterfall. The incredible sightseeing and the host of activities in the Niagara region such as live music, theatre, cruises, museums, shopping, camping, and golfing will keep any visitor happy.

niagara falls


4. Ski Away At Whistler Blackcomb

Whistler is one of the top four global winter resorts in North America. In fact, Whistler Blackcomb was selected as the venue for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games. Apart from the best skiing facilities, there are unique boutiques, award-winning restaurants, great nightlife, and lovely hotels in this quaint alpine village.


5. Lunch With the Vikings at L’anse aux Meadows

From June to October, be sure to visit the National Historic site, the ancient home of the Vikings. The entire area is scenic, and full of icebergs. Visit the Viking Interpretive Centre for a peek at Viking history and then get to the recreated Viking port Norstead and learn how to throw an ax. Enjoy dinner with a real Viking in a replicated sod house and hear stories that date back to 1000 B.C.

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6. Check out Banff National Park

Banff National Park is renowned for its beauty. Established in 1883 and recently declared a World Heritage Site, Banff is where you can take in the whole beauty of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Exclaim in awe over the unique thermal hot springs and the lush unspoiled landscapes. Hike here during the summer and kayak on the pristine lakes. There’s great skiing to be had in winter. Downtown Banff has lovely boutiques and hotels and restaurants as well. A visit to the Banff National Park is one of the topmost things to do in Canada.

Banff national park


7. Enjoy Cavendish National Park

This is the birthplace of Maud Montgomery who wrote Anne of Green Gables. Cavendish Park is located in the Prince Edward Island National Park. Take a guided tour of Montgomery’s Cavendish home, and attend the Anne of Green Gables musical performed at local Theatres. The scenery is simply breath-taking here.


8. Explore Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park

Explore the enchanting Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, located on the Saskatchewan and Alberta border. It’s a blissful slice of Canada, with wetlands, grasslands and lush forests, rolling hills, lovely pristine lakes and a huge diversity of flora and fauna. For history buffs, there’s the historic Fort Walsh. Adventures will love the horseback rides at the ranches and zip lining over the forest.


9. Check Out Butchart Gardens- British Columbia

Butchart Gardens was once an abandoned quarry, which has grown into a globally-renowned site. Designed as a National Historic Site in 2004, the Butchart Gardens see more than a million blooming bedding plants year round. Be sure to attend some of the holiday shows and special events that are put on at the Butchart Gardens regularly.

butchart gardens


10. Walk on the Ocean Floor

From May to October, tides at the Bay of Fundy reach up to 54 feet in some areas, reaching to the top of the cliffs. Adventure lovers kayak right from the craggy cliff shores and wait for the tide to recede. Then they walk back on the ‘ocean floor’, checking out age-old fossils and sea creatures that are left behind. This is such a unique activity that it’s well worth obtaining a Canada visa, just for this.


11. Explore Dinosaur Valley

Drumheller, also known as Dinosaur Valley is where you’ll find an 86-foot-tall, 151-foot-long dinosaur in the town center. The very first dinos were unearthed here during the 1800s, and they’re still being found. The Dinosaur Provincial Park houses several fabulous dinosaurs, and you can still catch paleontologists digging. Also, visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology for more dino adventure.


12. Go on a wolf hunt 

From August to September, hundreds of people in Canada head out with their camping gear to Algonquin Park in Ontario in order to seek out wolf packs. Towards evening, everyone starts howling, and the wolf packs answer back. Then everyone heads as a body to where the wolves are to capture them on film.

algonquin park


13. Explore Wolf Lake – Yukon

The untouched wilderness of Wolf Lake in Yukon lies beyond the rolling mountains and river valleys. It’s one of the few water bodies in Canada that the lovely Arctic Grayling calls home. What’s more, if you’re into fishing, then Wolf Lake is a fisherman’s paradise. It’s the perfect place for any wildlife or fishing enthusiast in Canada.

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14. Boat On The Reindeer Lake

The Reindeer Lake is located in the remote wilderness of Northern Saskatchewan. It is known as the spot to head to for some world-class fishing. You can fish successfully for enormous pike, lake trout, walleye, and other trophy-sized fish. Reindeer Lake is more than six miles wide, and the scenery is simply spectacular, one of the main aspects of unspoiled Northern Canada. Be sure to visit Deep Bay in Reindeer Lake, which is more than 700 feet deep and 13km wide, and was created by a meteorite strike. Just on the side – it is said that a river monster lives in the depths of Deep Bay.


15. Spot A Polar Bear At Churchill – Manitoba

Want to spot a Polar Bear? Then head to Churchill, on the shores of Hudson Bay at Manitoba. Many people flock to this place for a chance to spot a polar bear or a beluga whale, both sightings being more or less guaranteed. The best part? The northern lights, which are a spectacular sight. Another popular pastime here is bird watching.



On a final note…

Canada is rich in nature’s blessings, with its lakes and pristine landscapes and rivers and valleys. Most of Canada is still untouched and unspoiled by modern life. It’s the last frontier, so to speak. Make your plans to visit Canada today to immerse yourself in some of the incredible sights and scenes of this glorious paradise.


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Have you been to Canada? What other things can you recommend? Share with us your experience in the comments below!



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