Places You Can't Miss in Osaka on Your First Visit - Wellington World Travels

Beginner’s Guide to Osaka: Places You Can’t Miss on Your First Visit

Japan is a country with an incredible history. Its culture is vast and varied. Its food has been shared around the world. And its fashion is unique and elegant in equal measure. There is no bad time of the year to visit Japan. The north is nearly always a snow-dusted fantasy land, while the islands […]

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10 Amazing Places in New Zealand You Simply Can’t Afford to Miss - Wellington World Travels

10 Amazing Places in New Zealand You Simply Can’t Afford to Miss

Are you currently dreaming about mountains, rivers, sea coasts, glaciers, and islands? Well, you are dreaming of New Zealand then. An island country on the south-west Pacific Ocean, New Zealand offers travelers everything, ranging from mountains and glaciers to volcanoes, beaches and sea caves. There are so many interesting spots to explore that you may […]

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8 Off-Beat Places in the USA - Wellington World Travels

Feed Your Soul with These 8 Off-Beat Places in the USA

This 2020, I have pledged myself to focus more on less-visited places and off the beaten paths to get a new perspective and experience, which you won’t get at fancy and glittering places like Los Angeles or New York. When I was in the Grand Canyon last year, it was a life-changing experience to explore […]

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Best 7 Tourist Places in Himachal Pradesh during Snowfall Season - Wellington World Travels

Best 7 Tourist Places in Himachal Pradesh on Snowfall Season

Are you constantly attracted to snowfall? Then, just explore this list of snowfall areas in Himachal Pradesh for a perfect getaway this winter season. You can have snowball battles, see snow loss as well as occasionally slip and fall, irrespective of the time of the year.  Read more: Best Winter Sun Destinations In Europe   […]

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Things to do in Vietnam - Wellington World Travels

7 Things to do in Vietnam for the Ultimate Experience

When most people think of Vietnam, they immediately think of Hanoi (the capital of Vietnam) in the North or possibly Ho Chi Minh in the South. But if you’re looking for the ultimate Vietnamese experience, then you’ve got to venture to Central Vietnam for everything from mouth-watering local delicacies to cultural and historical sites.   […]

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5 Ways to Prevent Hangover While Traveling

A night out with friends before you hit the road is fun. However, your body will remind you of your overindulgence the following morning. A churning stomach, raging headache, nausea, and ringing ears make traveling uncomfortable. Therefore, you either ditch the alcohol or find hangover prevention. Understanding how alcohol is metabolized is vital to avoid […]

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Dubai Short Trip: Top Things to Do and Places to Visit in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most popular holiday destinations, not just in the UAE but also in the Middle East. With numerous tourist spots and amazing attractions, Dubai is perfect for a fun holiday with friends, an annual family vacation as well as a romantic honeymoon. While you can explore Dubai for a long holiday […]

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