8 Cool Things To Do in Tokyo

Visiting Tokyo is one hell of an experience, but there are a couple of places in Tokyo that you have to go to if you want to make your travel to Tokyo complete. And since you will never have enough time to see all of Tokyo, it’s vital that you have a list of things that you can’t miss.



I’ve come up with the ultimate list of the 8 cool things that you have to do if you’re visiting Tokyo, so prepare yourself.

Go and see Tokyo tower

You probably had this one on your list already, and for good reason. Tokyo Tower is a beautiful tower, which creation has obviously been inspired by the Eiffel tower. But who doesn’t want a panorama view from the top of this tower?


Visit the kabuki theater

Kabuki is a Japanese form of theater that looks like nothing you can find anywhere else in the world. The players, which are only men, are dressed in traditional Japanese costumes with the stereotypical white make-up we often imagine when we think of Japanese theater. Kabuki-za is a kabuki theater that sells tickets for a single act of a kabuki theater show, so that you have a chance to see whether it’s something for you. 


See the cherry blossom festival

Japan is known for its beautiful cherry blossom which you can find across the country somewhere between March 20 and April 8. It’s a famous tree across Japan which draws the Japanese people from their homes to the parks. You can see the cherry blossom in various parks in Tokyo, and it’s something that you should definitely go and see when you visit Tokyo during the right season.

cherry blossom festival


The Tsukiji market

Yes, Tokyo is a very modern city, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find any traditional Japanese culture in Tokyo. The fish market, which is part of the Tsukiji market, is by far the most popular. Every morning there is a tuna auction, for which you will have to get up at 5AM if you want to have a spot, but trust me that it will be worth the loss of sleep.


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Sing karaoke during a night out

Tokyo nightlife is quite fascinating, and it’s nothing like the nightlife you’re used to in your home country probably. Karaoke can be found in almost any country but you won’t see it anywhere as much as in Tokyo. Karaoke is an incredibly important part of the Tokyo nightlife. There are plenty of karaoke bars to be found across Tokyo, so you should be good. You could complete this night by visiting some bars in the Golden Gai, an area where you will find around 200 miniature bars where you can fit only 8 to 12 people.


Spot style ideas at Yoyogi Park

As you can see in the picture below, the Yoyogi park is a very beautiful park in itself, so it will always be worth a visit. If you want to take it a step further though then you will need to visit it on a Sunday so that you can see the youth of Japan dressing up in crazy outfits, it will be quite a sight. 

Yoyogi Park


Go knife shopping

Japan is known for the amazing quality of knives they produce. They are handmade, and the quality of the steel is superior. Perhaps you can buy a special kind of knife for making sushi or for cutting fish that you can then use to recreate some of the most delicious Japanese dishes at home.


See the robot restaurant

If you’ve got a night left where you don’t know what to do or where to eat, then you should dine at the robot restaurant. You won’t find such a restaurant anywhere in the world. You will mostly visit this restaurant for the crazy neon-lighted robot show, but you can still have some sushi and a Japanese beer while you enjoy.


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Have you done any of these? What other cool things to do in Tokyo can you recommend?



About the author:

Amber Cornelissen is a young and aspiring fiction and non-fiction author. She will be starting her university studies soon while she also works as a freelance writer findable on her website www.amberyourassistant.com. For her own enjoyment, she writes fiction, with a short story on its way. Updates on this can be found on her Instagram @Amberyourassistant.

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26 thoughts on “8 Cool Things To Do in Tokyo”

  1. I love Tokyo. I really hope Japan opens up to travelers again soon. I also hope the Robot restaurant comes back. I didn’t get a chance to go during my first trip and now I deeply regret it since they closed their doors during the pandemic.

  2. I’ve returned from Tokyo and even if the cherry season was already closed, I agree with your list. The Tsukiji Market is truly unmissable and a good way is to visit it on your arrival using the jet lag in your favor!

  3. I have always wanted to go to Tokyo and now I know when to go to see the cherry blossoms. The robot restaurant sounds fun, as do the karaoke bars!

  4. I love visiting your blog! It’s like a virtual holiday from the comfort of my bed. Gorgeous photos and interesting suggestions. I’d not have thought of going knife shopping, but it makes perfect sense! The gardens are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I am heading to Tokyo (for the 100th time) next week and the city has so much to see and keeps evolving that everytime I am there, I see something new! But I have to kick myself for have not been to the robot restaurant YET even though my friends asked me to many times. Thanjs for the info! @ knycx.journeying

  6. I would love to visit tokyo, everything seems so exotic and magical to me! The cherry blossom festival oh dear, makes me wanna pack a bag and get on a flight right away!


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