How To Be A More Eco-conscious Traveler

Travelers today turn to eco-friendly travel more than ever, as many of them understand that merely supporting and urging others to be eco-friendly is not enough. Similarly, flying is not the only way one can travel.

For the obvious reasons, green travel has become so essential for us that it won’t be seen as a ‘fad’ anymore a few years from now.

We are already facing the consequences of global warming, and all we can do to stop it from getting worse is to do our part. Incorporate sustainable ways, however small, in your travel.

If you are turning to eco-friendly vacations, you are already a hero. These five ways can help you become a more eco-conscious traveler.

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Ways to be a more eco-conscious traveler

1. Reduce air travel

Many have argued that aviation is one of the most significant contributors to the carbon footprint. A glance at the data will tell you that CO2 release reports shown by airlines are not the whole story. Other factors like nitrogen oxides and water vapor are contributors as well.

But as a traveler, you can’t travel to another country without flying. But you can always opt for non-stop flights whenever possible. Lessen the stopovers. The more takeoffs and landings the aircraft do, the more fuel and carbon emissions. Direct flights are costlier, but great things come with a price.

You can also choose the car, bus, and trains for comparatively short distances. Taking the train or bus lets you enjoy the places, enjoy the countryside, and sometimes enables you to interact with the locals. Traveling is not always about the destination but also the journey.


2. Hitchhiking

Hitchhiking is not as common as it used to be, but we can always bring back trends. The earlier tradition was to wait alongside the road, with cardboard in hand, looking for cars to pick you up. But present-day hitchhiking doesn’t have to be such a sweat.

Today, various apps like BlaBlaCar, iThumb, Rideshare4less, etc. allows an easy way for you to hitchhike. Sharing a ride means less use on total cars and petrol or ride fare. It is one of the smartest ways one can save the planet while also helping yourself by spending less money.

With various ride apps, carpooling and hitchhiking are beginning to rise again. Besides reducing CO2, sharing a ride with others might be a fun way to travel, meet new people, and enjoy the journey.

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3. Travel with sustainable travel agencies

One of the other ways you can start your green vacation is to travel with an eco-friendly and sustainable travel agency. Travel agencies design your customized travel, and while they are not always significantly lessening the negative impact of your travel, what they do is design your travel in a way that you positively impact the planet and local communities.

Most sustainable travel agencies provide you high-end sustainability while traveling and help local communities and small hotels along the way.

However, ecotourism is not always about traveling with the right agency. It is also about the places you are traveling. It is about traveling to unspoiled places and connecting with the local ecosystem

Eco-travelers can take up the goal of raising environmental awareness for environmental conservation. Ecotourism also includes staying in low-impact facilities.


4. Use eco-friendly products

The market is full of products that come in plastic bags, bottles, and tubes. But to avoid buying them and create more pollution, you can always bring your own products like shampoo, body lotions or other toiletries, so that you can bring them back home and don’t create waste on holiday.

Also, bring your reusable water bottles. Plastic water bottles are a complete no-no. Bringing a reusable water bottle means you don’t have to keep buying plastic water bottles every time you need more water.

Do you like shopping during your trips? It is one of the common hobbies most people have during a trip. If you like it too, you can bring a reusable tote or shopping bag and avoid those tiny plastic bags that come with items while shopping.

Bringing a bamboo or metal straw for drinking liquids is one of the smart green travel tips as well.


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5. Stay mindful about eating and sightseeing

Sightseeing is the major part of each travel plan. And if your tours are guided, you can always opt for local or sustainable agencies for your tour guide. They understand the local environment and respect the surroundings.

Apart from that, opting for the local cuisine can help you learn cultures, along with helping local farms and services. Try to avoid meals that are not sustainable. Especially avoiding meats or other animal products is a smart idea, provided they are not sustainably sourced. But this tip shouldn’t be limited to while traveling, as you can follow it while at home too.



On a final note…

Most of the ways mentioned above don’t have to be costly for you. Some are pretty easy and will help you spend less than usual. While traveling abroad, not all of your plans will likely work out, so always research about places first.



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