Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Moms Who Love To Travel

Are you still looking for a Mother’s day gift for your Mom?

If you are a Mom, what is the best Mother’s Day gift? If you ask me, it would be a break or alone time. Don’t you think so?! But it doesn’t hurt to receive or give physical gifts.

Hence, I compiled a list of gift ideas for our frequent-traveler Moms. Rest assured, I own most of them (and love them!), or I honestly want to receive them. Some of them are even on my Amazon wish list! I would not be recommending you any rubbish. I have been a traveling Mom for over five years so I know what we most need.



Gift Ideas for Traveling Moms

1. New suitcase!

Well if you are feeling generous, we always welcome a new suitcase. You know… they wear out and get damaged. If not, a new tote bag, backpack, or a new carry-on bag will do. I use Samsonite and Delsey suitcases for their sturdiness. 


2. Gadgets

Who doesn’t like or want to receive gadgets? May it be an iPad, tablet, iPod, iPhone, camera, we welcome them.

If they are too expensive, accessories are still doable like cases, selfie sticks, and tripods. Just make sure you know the model that they own for compatibility. I am using an Otterbox Defender series for my iPhone case.

camera & tripod


3. External hard drive

I use a regular external hard drive. I have two 2TB external hard drives for my photos, videos, files, etc. One of them is already full! But I have been wanting to buy a LaCie portable hard drive for its “drop, rain, dust, and crush resistance”.  I can’t afford it yet. Are you using one? Do you have other recommendations?

Lacie portable hard drive


4. Clothes

We don’t know everyone’s preferences and/or sizes, so it’s hard to buy clothes. Personally, I don’t like receiving clothes because I am so choosy. I always see something I don’t like – color, length, style, etc.

I prefer travel-related clothes as gifts. I feel like a shirt that shows a landmark or destination is a safe gift. I own a lot of them!

souvenir t-shirts


5. Scarf

A scarf is considered a multi-purpose garment. We can use it as a head covering, as a blanket, as a pillow, or a fashion accessory. While I don’t carry a scarf on every flight, it is good to have one. Even my mom loves scarves!

Actually, I made a post dedicated to my Mom on why I love traveling with her.


6. Compression socks

This is so important. Even at home, I am wearing one (well, not every day) because my feet swell easily. I bought mine at Amazon – an SB SOX Compression Socks (20-30 mmHg). Do you use compression socks when you travel?


7. Beauty/Skincare products (in travel sizes)

Only give skincare products if you are sure that the receiver doesn’t have any allergies to the products you are giving or if they are even using those products.

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It is hard to guess which beauty product to give due to skin sensitivity. I don’t do makeup. Sure, I put on lipstick, and that’s it. My friends know that about me, so they only give me lipsticks. I give my mom perfume or lotion. My sister, though she is not a mom yet, has sensitive skin, so I only gift her with makeup tools like brushes or sponges.  

Read also: Travel bloggers shared the top five things they can’t travel without.


8. eBags packing cube

I like packing cubes for small items. But I don’t use them for ALL items, or else my bag will just be full of cubes. Yes, it is a great way to organize your suitcase, but I could’ve squeezed in a cloth in-between clothes, or undies in between cubes. Whatever that is, I can squeeze more stuff if I am not using cubes.

Nevertheless, I still think packing cubes are very helpful. I have the slim set eBags packing cubes. But feel free to use or buy other ones. I use the large one for my kids’ medicines because they are the right size. The medium and the small sizes are for little items.

bags packing cubes


9. Toiletries bag

Of course, we will need a toiletry bag. Again, we use the eBags toiletry kit. They are very durable compared to other branded toiletry kits. 

ebags toiletry bag


10. Neck pillow

I don’t usually use one. I feel they are an extra item for me to carry. Now that I have kids, I see that they need it. There are two products I have been eyeing that I don’t mind receiving: BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow or trtl Pillow. What are you using? Or what do you recommend?


11. Travel adaptor

This is a must! Please! If you are from the US and you plan to travel to the UK or Australia or Europe, then don’t travel without this!



12. Noise-canceling headphone

To be honest, I am partial on this one. I would love to buy one. But I always travel with my kids. As much as I don’t want to hear the noise, I don’t want to NOT be able to hear them. But if I do travel alone, I would love to have one.

beats headphone


13. Digital scale

I ordered a digital scale from Amazon – Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale. This is good to have to save yourself from excess baggage!

digital luggage scale


14. Reusable water bottle

I have a regular water bottle. Let’s refrain from using single-use plastic, and travel responsibly. There is even a collapsible water bottle now to save space in the bag when empty. Have you tried it?

water bottles


15. Passport cover

I bought passport covers for my entire family. I ordered a Royce Leather Foil Stamped RFID Blocking Passport Jacket on the eBags website. But I give up using it because the immigration officers always remove them, and it such a hassle putting them together when you are juggling with active kids. However, passport covers still make a great gift for travelers.

passport cover


16. Travel journal

This is really good to have. I have one. You can write anything – your thoughts, itineraries, bucket list, plans. You can write your travel story or diary.


17. Baggage tags

I bought these at Amazon just because they look cute. My son is into airplanes, and I thought he would like it.

I wonder how long they will last. They look more like souvenirs or party favors. Anyway, there are baggage tags out there that are sturdier.

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baggage tag


18. Travel souvenirs

You know already that we love souvenirs. We can dedicate a room just for our souvenirs. I don’t mind receiving travel souvenirs as a gift like a fridge magnet, souvenir plates or spoon, shot glass, key chain, etc. I really don’t mind. We actually have a huge collection!

fridge magnet travel souvenir collection


19. Canvas wall art

Since we moved to a new home, I have started displaying our travel photos as canvas wall art. It is a stunning addition to any wall – at home or in the workplace.

Don’t you think it makes a beautiful tribute to your memorable travel photo? It will keep the memory alive for the kids (and grandkids) or guests to see! 


20. Gift cards

If you are not sure what to give them, a gift card is the safest option. I suggest giving a Visa gift card or an Amazon gift card – something general.

If you are going to give a gift card from a specific store, make sure they are buying from that store or using that product.


21. Amazon Prime Subscription

Amazon Prime is a lifesaver. It is free fast shipping within the US. Aside from that, you get access to Amazon video, music, and audible! Who here has Prime? I think it is a good gift.


22. Flowers, chocolates, and cards

Hey, it is our day! They will still do. You can even try these pop-up cards from I find them unique.

daughter giving mom flower


**I did not add jewelry here because we don’t want to travel with anything valuable. I don’t even wear one. Honestly! I only wear my wedding ring and watch. I remember when I was still new to traveling, I lost my first engagement ring in Hong Kong. I left it at the hotel. When I called and came back, it’s not there anymore. It is a big, well-known hotel chain (and I am a member of their loyalty program). I will not mention the name because I like staying with them.


Whatever it is, whether you have a gift or not, it is the thought that counts. Right now, we are just grateful that we are alive, healthy, and complete. The gift of love, peace, and time is still wonderful. The gift of family and children is priceless.



For moms, really and truly, what is the gift that you really want?



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9 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Moms Who Love To Travel”

  1. Those are great gift ideas for traveling moms. The baggage tag is somewhat new to me. I’ll try to give it next time.

  2. great ideas! I always struggle with gifts, your ideas give a boost to enjoy it more and making gift choosing a little less hard and stressful

  3. My mother doesn’t travel anymore as she’s old but whenever I go out of the country she always hints about travel souvenirs. She’s fond of fridge magnets! I was able to fill her fridge door with several magnets from places that I’ve been to both locally (Philippines) and internationally. She also likes rare souvenir items that are unique to each place. Thank you for these recommendations!

  4. My mom loves Beauty/Skincare products I’m sure she would love my gift this coming Mother’s day nice choices gifts I love all of them.

  5. loved the way you have arranged the travel souvenirs in the room you were mentioning. Yes these all items mentioned by you are indeed indispensable to most of the travellers including travel moms


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