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Kuala Lumpur with Kids: KL Tower, Mini Zoo, Aquarium

Our 3-week vacation in the Philippines was over, and it was time to go back home to Qatar. We decided to have a stopover in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I have traveled there solo, with my husband, and with my son before. This time, I was traveling with my 2 kids: Charles (3 years old) and Cataleya (8 months old). We booked tickets via Philippine Airlines from Manila (Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2). Manila-to-Kuala Lumpur sector was Charles’ 75th flight. 75th!!! I can’t believe I have flown with my son 75 times already!!!

Since this wasn’t my first time, I was not planning to see all the sights in Kuala Lumpur. I just wanted to relax and enjoy my time there with my kids. So, this was my 3-day itinerary for our Kuala Lumpur trip.

Day 1: Arrival > > Checkin > > Lunch > > Petronas Tower > > Dinner

Day 2: Breakfast > > Kuala Lumpur Tower > > Aquarium > > Mini Zoo > > Upside Down House > > Early Dinner

Day 3: Breakfast > > Checkout > > Departure.

…But something always happens and disrupts perfectly laid plans.


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Day 1: Petronas Tower

We left the Philippines at 7:30 am and landed in Kuala Lumpur at 11:30 am. We booked a room in Sama-Sama hotel (previously Pan Pacific Hotel), which is located at Level 2 of the Arrivals area. Upon checking in, I decided to relax in the room. Flying with an infant and a toddler is no joke –  I needed to recharge! When I remember to take out my laptop, that’s when I realized my son’s bag was missing – his Lightning McQueen Rolling Luggage! I put my laptop and my iPad there!

It must have been the adrenaline rush. All of a sudden I had a lot of energy. I grabbed my diaper bag and my kids, and then went to the concierge to check their baggage area. I talked to the Buggy driver to ask how many of my bags did he put in the buggy. When all their answers were the same, I was convinced I left it at the airport. I just couldn’t really remember what happened between picking up the checked baggage and checking into the room. It’s like a memory gap or a blank or a hole. Good thing we were staying at an airport hotel.

I checked the Lost and Found office – it was close. When I went up to Level 3, for some reason I couldn’t find an airport staff or security – must be on a lunch break. When I finally spotted one, the security officer advised me to get a Security Pass at Level 2. By the way, the Lost and Found Office is just beside the Security Pass Information office.

Important Information. If you lose your checked-in baggage, contact your airline. If you lose your hand carry, go to the Security Pass Information Office at Level 2, get a number, and wait for your number to be called. The officer will get all your details and will give you instructions and security pass. I was instructed to go to Level 3. Beside Burger King, there is an “Exit” sign. Go there. You will see a security officer checking employees’ bags as they exit the Arrivals area. Talk to that officer and he/she will let you in.

They let me in. I found my son’s bag where I left it beside the baggage carousel belt F. whew. All that time, my thoughts were so advanced and were thinking of how to secure the contents and files on my laptop.

After all these commotions, my body started to relax and I realized I was so hungry and tired, and the kids were antsy. I had to buy dinner for my son and breastfeed my baby. We all went back to the hotel, and fell asleep early.

If that didn’t happen, we would have gone to the Petronas Tower and/or Bukit Bintang. We previously have been to Petronas Tower 2 years ago.

Petronas Tower, Kuala Lumpur, Malasyia


Day 2: Kuala Lumpur Tower

After breakfast, I decided to just take a taxi via Grab app (Grab company bought Uber). It costs 75 MYR going to KL Tower. Upon arrival, one of their staff greeted me and showed me their packages. Observation deck costs 45 MYR; observation deck + sky box + sky deck is 99 MYR.

For some reason, she was not offering me the expensive ones. I wonder if she profiled me as somebody who can’t afford it. Lol. Anyway, I originally wanted to try everything since that place was the only thing in my itinerary. I wanted to maximize our time while we were there. I bought the package with Observation Deck, Sky Box, Sky Deck, Aquarium, Mini Zoo, and Upside Down for 123myr per adult.

We went to the Sky Deck. There are 2 Sky Boxes. We went to Sky Box 1 since we can see the Petronas Tower there. The line is quite long. Better come early. Someone will take your photos, but you are free to take photos using your own phone or cameras. There’s no time limit. As you can see in the photo below, Petronas Tower is on the right side. I honestly don’t remember the view as I was busy looking at my kids and made sure they don’t panic. lol. 

Kuala Lumpur Tower


There is also a Sky Cafe which is very expensive. I would not have bought a drink there if only the kids needed something to eat and drink asap. There is a minimum amount to be spent per customer/group. 

Then we went down a few floors to the Observation deck where they also sell several souvenirs.

The Mini Zoo is to the right upon exiting the KL Tower. There were lots of parrots flying, and a turtle and a goat walking around. It was fun, we got to feed the birds and alpaca. Again, nothing so extravagant, but the kids will definitely enjoy it.

Kuala Lumpur Mini Zoo


Across the KL Tower is the Aquarium. It’s not so big, so don’t expect an extravagant one. You can finish checking it out in 5 minutes actually. But it’s airconditioned, so we stayed a little bit longer.

Kuala Lumpur Aquarium


Unfortunately, we didn’t get to go to Upside Down House. The humidity was draining our energy fast, plus Charles had sniffles. I decided to cut our trip and go back to the hotel. But if you still have time, please do check it out and let me know how it goes!!!


Day 3: Checkout

We had breakfast at 6 am, and we were on the way to Level 5 Departures Area by 7 am.

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Tips and Advice when traveling with kids:

– Pack extra shirts, crackers or something to munch on, and bottles of water and/or juice.

– Don’t be so hard on yourselves or force the kids to follow your schedules.

– Expected the unexpected (or the worst), but always hope for the best.

– Be patient. Be flexible.

– Have fun.


Where we stayed: Sama-Sama Hotel

Sama-Sama Hotel (previously Pan Pacific Hotel) is connected to the Level 2 of the Arrivals Area. This hotel is our one and only choice whenever we go to Kuala Lumpur. This standard room costs $105, but we certainly got what we paid for. The amenities and facilities are awesome. Their buffet is also exceptionally good. Click here to book a room.

Sama sama Hotel, room



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I stayed at Hotel Verde, a luxury 4-star eco-friendly accommodation near the airport. Click here to book a room.


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