Winter Sun Destinations in Europe - Wellington World Travels

Best Winter Sun Destinations in Europe

  As soon as the cold temperatures arrive, and the snow starts to fly, people are scrambling to book flights to many of the warmer, and sunnier, destinations around the world. While many people automatically choose the Caribbean, the savviest of travelers, like yourself, know that Europe has some pretty amazing destinations that are full […]

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Vienna Travel Itinerary

One Day In Vienna: The Perfect Solo Travel Itinerary

Vienna is one of the most magnificent capitals with its old-world charms that can keep you interested in days. However, even if you are short in time, don’t worry; it’s possible to enjoy your every minute in this beautiful place.   If you only have 24 hours in the city, follow our suggestion as below, […]

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5 Ways to Prevent Hangover While Traveling

A night out with friends before you hit the road is fun. However, your body will remind you of your overindulgence the following morning. A churning stomach, raging headache, nausea, and ringing ears make traveling uncomfortable. Therefore, you either ditch the alcohol or find hangover prevention. Understanding how alcohol is metabolized is vital to avoid […]

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Unwindable Krabi Vacation: Best Things To Do & Activities in Krabi

Krabi is the main town found in the province of Krabi – in Thailand’s west coast and at the mouth of River Krabi at the point where it empties to Phang Nga Bay. It is found 783 Km south of Bangkok when travelling by road. Nine years ago, this town has a population estimate of […]

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Interview with Coni: Expat Life in Croatia - Wellington World Travels | Croatia expat expat life living abroad | #expatadvice #expattips

Interview with Coni: Expat Life in Croatia

We are excited to welcome Coni to our Expat Life Interview Series as she talked about her expat experience in Croatia – the similarities, the cultural differences, and her everyday life as an expat. About you Q: Where are you originally from? A: I’m from Santiago, Chile   Q: In which city and country are […]

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How Traveling Can Rejuvenate Your Soul And Body - Wellington World Travels | self-improvement | personal development | travel musings | travel inspiration

How Traveling Can Rejuvenate Your Soul, Body and Mind

The lifestyle of an average adult nowadays is profoundly hectic, and you rarely get the chance to rejuvenate your body and soul. Traveling grants some respite by offering an opportunity to escape from the monotonous routine of everyday life. Travelling is similar to an adventure, and it can unleash the child in you that you […]

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10 New Bali's - Wellington World Travels | travel destination guide | bucket list ideas | Bali travel guide

The 10 New Bali | What are they ? And why they matter ? [Inforgraphic]

The government of Indonesia has a strategic plan to increase the number of tourists visiting its territory to 20 million by 2020. Building on the success of Bali, this ambitious goal will inject investment across ten designated undeveloped natural hotspots, putting the infrastructure needed in place to support the next phase of development.  The ‘10 […]

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