Best Tips For Traveling With Grandparents

Grandparents are like an extra pair of guardian angels on Earth. They love you unconditionally and pamper you till you are spoiled. Spending time with them on a journey can truly be a bliss.

I may not have grandparents anymore, but my kids love traveling with their grandparents. They love all the attention and being pampered!

However, we have to be pragmatic. Most grandparents are old, and do not share the same tolerance and energy for travel like us. This is why we have to ensure the comfort and safety of our grandparents while traveling. Here are some tips to ensure the best traveling with your grandparents.

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1. Getting a prior checkup

Health is the most important concern while traveling with senior citizens. The smart move would be to get a prior checkup of your grandparents before the journey, preferably with their existing doctor. This will ensure that they are in the right condition for traveling.

Even if there is any medical issue, the doctor might be able to prescribe the medications and offer suggestions to stay safe during the journey. The doctor can also produce a note proclaiming your grandparents are fit for travel, which could come in handy along the way.


2. Make a medicine box

While planning for the journey, it is important to prepare a medicine box for your grandparents. This should primarily consist of all the medications your grandparents are currently dating, along with the information about timings and dosage.

Apart from these medicines, the box must also contain first-aid materials like a band-aid, cotton swag, anti-septic liquid, etc. Don’t forget to keep the medications for commonly-occurring conditions during the journey like fatigue, constipation, fever, and nausea.



1. Seek senior-specific services

Senior citizens require specific care while traveling. Fortunately, many places offer them too. If you are traveling by plane, ask for air travel assistance for seniors. Some airlines make the journey easier for senior citizens, like expedited screening, seats with more leg-space, assistance in moving luggage, etc. If your grandparents use a wheelchair, the airline might also make arrangements for the same.

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Most airlines and railways also offer discounts for seniors, so you might want to avail of that. Many hotels also offer deals. Most travel options, be it airlines, trains, or buses, ask for any disability in the passenger. Don’t forget to check the ones that apply, so that the travel agency can make appropriate arrangements.


2. Avoid long trips

Most people don’t like long journeys, let alone your grandparents. If you are planning on traveling with them, it is better to choose a destination that does not take long hours to reach. However, if that is not possible, there are other arrangements you can make.

If you are going through a road trip, plan on frequent stops to allow your grandparents to rest. It’s better to look at all the motels along the route where you could rest for few hours before continuing. If you are traveling via air, look for airlines with a break in between. While this might lengthen the journey time, it would also your grandparents to take a break on the ground between flights.



1. Plan your trip strategically 

If traveling by car…

Download apps like Waze or Google Maps. Make sure you have mobile data for it to work. It is also good to have an actual map just in case you are in a place with no internet reception.

Look on the news to ensure everything is normal along the way. Service your vehicle beforehand so that it doesn’t break down during the journey.

Many seniors have a specific diet they have to follow, so look for services along the way that could provide you the same.


If traveling by plane…

Book tickets early enough to save some money. But also ensure the tickets are refundable because there is always the chance of plans changing when you are with senior citizens.

Don’t pack too heavy, because ultimately it is only you who would have to carry the luggage. Do an early check-in and pick comfortable seats that would make you all sit together.


2. Entertainment on the way

You are traveling with your grandparents for the fun of it, so don’t forget about planning for it. The choice of entertainment depends on your mode of transport. If you are traveling via road, music is a great option. Create a playlist of songs that both you and your grandparents can enjoy.

If you are flying, there are other options available. If all of you are sitting together, you could share headphones and watch a movie together. You could also play some games like crosswords or riddles. The right entertainment will also distract your grandparents from the duration of the journey and help them kill time.

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3. Plan your activities accordingly

After the journey ends, there comes the destination. Plan the itinerary with enough blank time. A tight schedule might work well for the young folks, but your grandparents might need frequent breaks between spots to rest. It’s better to account for this beforehand than to miss out on events later.

While planning, pay special attention to things your grandparents could or couldn’t do. Unless your grandparents walk long distances every day, you might want to avoid activities like hiking or mountaineering.

Depending on their health, you might also want to avoid locations that require a lot of walking to reach. If the place you are visiting has a harsh summer, it would be better to go out during the evening or the night.



On a final note…

It is an amazing feeling to be able to spend some quality time with your grandparents. With the right preparation and planning, you can ensure a comfortable and safe journey with your grandparents that you would cherish for years to come.



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  1. These are some great tips. I wish my grandparents were still alive to spend time with. I mean my father’s dad still alive, but he lives in a different state and doesn’t talk to me. I don’t think he is well enough to travel.

  2. great tips! I will also advise to check your grandparent’s regular schedule. They might be fixed on eating at the exact hour and have a hard time getting up earlier or going to bed later than usual. it is better to avoid it at all costs. also I kept on repeating myself that I am doing it for them not for me


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