Tips For Solo Female Travelers in Morocco

Morocco is a well-known, beautiful country with many places to visit and enjoy. With the dynamic environment and stunning sights including the ancient Valleys where thousands of local residents are living for many years, visiting Morocco can be full of adventures; and visitors can sum-up their Morocco holidays in three to four weeks.

Tips For Solo Female Travelers in Morocco - Wellington World Travels | travel tips for female traveling alone in Morocco | solo female travel

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Here are some of the important tips for solo female travelers while visiting Morocco. 

1. Dress Modestly

Remember that Morocco is an Islamic country. It’s important to dress modestly and appropriately. Cover your shoulders and knees, avoid low-cut necklines and tight-fitting clothes. You can carry a scarf or a cardigan in case you feel uncomfortable. Blend in with the crowd. What you wear in public can and may reduce the attention you get.

Tips For Solo Female Travelers in Morocco


2. Walk confidently. Stay vigilant.

Avoid eye contact and pretend you are fixated on something else or didn’t hear them.

Ignore when somebody is trying to lead you somewhere.

Don’t be too friendly or over-familiar, you might end up getting roped into sales and scams.

Don’t look scared, lost or vulnerable, they might offer to help you and ask money for helping you.

Avoid being rude. Remain polite but firm. Make it clear you are not interested.


3. Take heed on public transport

While public transportation is widely available, take heed. As much as possible, arrange your transport or car pick up service through your accommodation ahead of time. 

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Shared taxis (or grand taxis) are common but create a close contact for a long period of time. Don’t get in if it’s a majority of the male. Where possible, sit next to a woman!

When using private taxis, the driver will most likely not use a meter so agree on the price beforehand. Be firm. Stay alert.

Tips For Solo Female Travelers in Morocco


4. Use common sense

Male or female, home or a foreign country, avoid walking alone at night down dark streets and alleys, poor-lit areas, and isolated areas. Take this more seriously if you’re a woman. Common sense! Don’t go anywhere at night where you feel uncomfortable.

Do your research. Know where you are going. Stay away from unsafe neighborhoods or villages.

Stay in hotels or any accommodation that have good reviews from solo female travelers.

Take advantage of tour companies like Virikson Morocco Holidays that offer female traveling packages.

Learn a few basic phrases in Arabic and/or French.

Be sensible. Don’t drink too much alcohol, and behave well. Better yet, don’t drink at all!



As a woman traveling alone, it might not be easy. But the overwhelming Moroccan cultural experience makes up for the hassles. What other tips can you give to solo female travelers in Morocco?

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22 thoughts on “Tips For Solo Female Travelers in Morocco”

  1. I travel as a single woman a lot, so I love all the tips I can get. I will definitely bookmark this for my trip to Morocco – thanks for sharing!

  2. Very useful tips especially for women travelers about dressing and moving alone some particular places. Good that some companies offer solo travel packages. And it is obvious to respect the cultural and religious values while visiting Muslim countries like Morocco.

  3. This is helpful information. I didn’t realize single women are not allowed to go certain places in Morocco. And the advice about appropriate dress is good to know!

  4. Great tips! Travelling alone as a women does offer special challenges especially in more conservative countries !!
    Side note – in your tip #2, you should change your sentence to “If you would like to have an drink…” instead of saying “If you’re an alcoholic person…” . Not sure if you used a translator, but that sentence is definitely no good lol


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