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Most Important Photography Tips For Beginners

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So, you want to become a photographer? If yes, then this post is for you.

Martin Maglica, a photographer from Slovenia, shared his most important travel photography tips for beginners


1. How to begin

It’s always amazing to see photographers travel and get paid for that. Most people would love to live a life like this. However, they didn’t get to that point with just posting images on Instagram and Facebook.

The problem with photography nowadays is not that your photos aren’t good. But that the market is oversaturated with photographers, and you can’t expect to get a call from a potential customer just form having an amazing Instagram page.

Probably this is the most important advice that I can give “Go out and find your costumer. Don’t wait because nothing will come from waiting!“.

Go out and find your costumer. Don’t wait because nothing will come from waiting! #travelphotographytips Click To Tweet

If you’re just starting out and don’t know where to get the recognition, try shooting a friend’s wedding. And if they like the photos, they will most likely recommend you to theirs. Ask people if they would like to have a new photo for their social media accounts or blog. Take photos of food in restaurants and then ask the manager if he would like to get new images of his restaurant for free. The list is endless.

Martin Maglica


2. Invest in better equipment

Some people can take amazing photos with any device even if they are not professional photographers.

Personally, most of my images were taken with a crop camera costing $350 not a full frame costing $5,000. However, through time, you progress as a photographer and you can afford to buy new and better gear.

Don’t forget that YOU compose the images, not the camera. You’re the mind and the camera is your tool.

Don’t forget that you compose the images, not the camera. #travelphotographytips Click To Tweet



3. Be different

If you spend at least five minutes on the internet, you probably know that there are many amazing images and artists. With that on your side, you can easily copy and learn from their style – and that’s great at the beginning. But when you become more and more experienced you must stop because it’s a waste of time copying other artists. We already have Peter McKinnon or Brandon Woelfel – there is no need for another one. You need to create your own style and become your own Ansel Adams.


The conclusion is that it’s not easy, but you can do it. If many people can do it, you can too.

Just be headstrong and do what you love!


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11 thoughts on “Most Important Photography Tips For Beginners

  1. I believe that if you look a lot of amazing photos of photographers and try to duplicate it then you start to see the angle and you manage to find your style.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I do agree we need good equipment, but to me, it is the most important to create good content with a creative eye and a nice variety. Some people rely on filters or photoshop so much, it might lose the meaning or message. 😛 @knycx.journeying

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