Healthy Food Ideas For Traveling With Family

One way to keep a family trip bearable is to make sure everyone is properly fed. And by properly I don’t mean sugary and oily foods at gas stations, airport terminals, or convenience stores. Even though everyone’s on vacation doesn’t mean you let their nutrition slip. Preparing healthy and filling snacks to take on a family trip is not that complicated. Here are a couple of tips.

Healthy Food Ideas for Traveling with Family - Wellington World Travels

Health Food Ideas for Family Road trips

The important thing to remember on road trips is not so much as making sure everyone is full but more so keeping everyone from becoming too hungry. Snacks and finger foods are your best bet.

Unfortunately, the offerings at gas stations and convenience stores left something to be desired. Most are packed with sugar and empty calories and not at all filling. If you’re lucky, you might find a banana or two to go with your bag of chips.

What you need are healthy snack options that will keep everyone not only full but also nourished while enjoying the beautiful sceneries up ahead.

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1. Beef Jerky

Packed with protein, beef jerkies are easy to get a hold of and something that will keep the mouth busy while sitting for hours in the car. But skip those they offer at gas stations as those are loaded with salt and preservatives.

Instead, go for the organic and grass-fed ones from any natural foods store right before your trip.

beef jerky - travel food snacks


2. Popcorn

Popcorn is not just a movie-watching food, it also a perfect and healthy alternative to potato chips on road trips. It is rich in fiber and carbohydrates to keep the body at its peak and energized while on the road. Again, skip the microwavable ones as these are filled with chemicals.

Instead, go for the ones found at the natural foods store. Check to see that the ingredients are just corn, oil, and salt. For an even better option, you can prepare a batch at home using olive oil or butter and a pinch of salt right before you leave for your trip.

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3. Hard-boiled eggs

You can’t go wrong going with something simple. Hard-boiled eggs are simple, easy to prepare, and yet it is packed with protein and calories for the long journey ahead. It’s a relatively mess-free eating option and will be a great alternative to eating junk throughout the entire journey.


Healthy food ideas for plane travel

It might seem silly, but it makes a lot of sense to prepare something to eat for the airport and even while on the plane. Even if you expect to be offered food and snacks on the long flight, anything can happen that might leave you and your family famished. The plane could be stuck on the tarmac for many hours with very limited water and food. You might have a long layover at a small airport with very little options for food.

Preparing travel food also saves you from having to buy the overpriced ones offered at airports. You and your family will be eating something nutritious and filling while you wait for boarding or in-between meal service on the flight. If you are committed to keeping everyone on a healthy diet even during a family holiday, then coming prepared with nutritious snacks and meals on the plane is the way to go. So what are your options? Below are a couple of examples.

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4. Avocado egg salad sandwich

From car rides to gate terminals, this classic egg sandwich with a twist is sure to get everyone full throughout until the next meal. Avocados are packed with calories in a small serving, eggs are rich in protein, and the bread provides the much-needed carbs for energy.

You can add sunflower seeds and chopped celery for some crunch. Make it into a sandwich right before you head out or pack it in a container with a side of bread for the whole family to enjoy.


5. Hummus and celery

Back the hummus in a small dipping container and put it in a little Ziplock baggie with the celery. Hummus is rich in protein and paired with the celery will keep everyone’s belly happy and full until the next meal service or when you get to your destination. Celery is also low in calories but high in water content to help keep the body hydrated during long flights.

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6. String cheese

There’s no age limit to be eating string cheese, especially since it offers a lot of nutritional benefits. A bag of this can easily fit into most handbags or backpacks to take with you on the flight. This can be paired nicely with apple slices for a snack that is rich in protein, good fat, and carbs. This will keep you and the kids tied until your next proper meal.



Dining on the go won’t be like eating at your favorite local seafood restaurant. You want to bring food that’s easy to pack and are not messy to eat since you’re most likely going to eat it using your hands.



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  1. I sort of like the list but most of the time travel alone. So I mostly carry hard boiled eggs and Avocado egg salad sandwich as they are my favorite…

  2. for me i prefer sandwiches on the road trip while not reaching final destinations yet..its not heavy on the tummy.. i will just eat heavy once i reached my destination

  3. I think besides the nutritious value, it is also easy for the gut and in these pandemic times, it is all about saving precious hard-earned money rather than spending it on overpriced food. All these points have been so aptly covered by you in your post

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