Fun Summer Activities For Kids [Summer Bucket List Ideas]

Summer is here! The kids have been looking forward to this season. We have recently moved to Alaska, and winter was rough. I am ready for some sunshine and warmth.

Then, the pandemic happened. Oh boy! We had to cancel several activities and international trips. We were supposed to go to Japan and the Philippines. Oh well!

Are summer camps open in your state? With many summer camps canceled and activities limited, we need to find ways to keep our kids active. 

Busting summer boredom during a pandemic is challenging when you have full-of-energy kids. I totally get it. It’s like every minute they are bored. 

Nevertheless, this should not dampen our summer spirit. I have listed 100+ summer activities ideas for families. A lot of these activities can be done at your home or in your backyard.

While we are trying to adapt to the ‘new normal’, let’s not forget to take some precautions like social distancing, wearing a mask, and washing/sanitizing our hands frequently.

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Fun summer activities for families:

1. Have a water fight.

2. Play with a sprinkler.

3. Blow bubbles.

4. Go to the beach.

5. Build a sandcastle.

6. Jump waves.

7. Learn to surf.

8. Swim in a pool.

9. Swim in a lake.

10. Go kayaking.

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kid blowing bubbles


11. Go bowling.

12. Play baseball.

13. Play dodgeball.


14. Catch bugs.

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15. Find fireflies.

16. Play frisbee.

17. Fly a kite.

18. Have a scavenger hunt.

19. Set up an Obstacle Course.

20. Play hide and seek.

21. Play ‘Simon says’.

22. Play Charades.

23. Ride a bicycle.

24. Go skating.

25. Ride a skateboard.

26. Hula hoop.

27. Skip rope.

28. Do a cartwheel.

kid riding a bicycle


29. Build a fort.

30. Go backyard camping.

31. Have a luau in the backyard.

32. Build a treehouse.

33. Climb a tree.

34. Set up your own backyard water park.

35. Play outside in the rain.

36. Draw with chalk.

37. Make homemade chalk paint.


38. Play a board game.

39. Play a card game.

40. Do a puzzle together.

41. Make paper airplanes.

42. Build a Lego city or castle.

43. Hold marble races.

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44. Eat out.

45. Have a picnic.

46. Have an outdoor BBQ.

47. Eat watermelon.

48. Eat mangoes.

49. Eat corn on the cob.

50. Make s’mores.

51. Eat a snow cone.

52. Make homemade ice cream.

53. Make ice cream cones.

54. Make fruity popsicles.

55. Bake cookies.

56. Make fresh lemonade.

57.Make a lemonade stand.

58. Bake your own pizza.

kids eating ice cream


59. Go on a staycation.

60. Go to the zoo. 

61. Visit an Aquarium.

62. Ride a train.

63. Go on a road trip.

64. Go birdwatching.

65. Go hiking.

66. Go fishing.

67. Visit a local farm.

68. Visit animals at a shelter.

69. Visit the library.

70. Attend virtual day camps.

71. Go to the park.

72. Go to the movies.

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kid fishing


73. Watch a sunrise.

74. Watch a sunset.

75. Go stargazing.

76. Watch fireworks.

77. Have a bonfire.


78. Do a random act of kindness.

79. Surprise the postman with a letter or thank you gift.

80. Write letters to family.

81. Draw a summertime picture.

82. Read a book.

83. Read to someone younger.

84. Do science experiments.

85. Homemade play-dough.

86. Play with clay.

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87. A DIY craft.

88. Paint rocks.

89. Press summer flowers.

90. Make a time capsule.

91. Have a Family Movie Night.

92. Hold a photoshoot.

93. Have a dance competition.

94. youTube Karaoke.

95. Summer math and reading challenges.

96. Put on a skit.

97. Have a fancy tea party.

98. Make a video.

99. Play an instrument.

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100. Plant a flower or herb or vegetable garden.

101. Wash the car.

102. Rearrange furniture.

103. Watch planes take off and land.



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What summer activities do you have planned for your family? What are your favorite summer activities? Share with us your summer experience!



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22 thoughts on “Fun Summer Activities For Kids [Summer Bucket List Ideas]”

  1. I don’t have kids yet but I would encourage my future children to go outdoors and do waters ports. I would even introduce them to surfing while they’re young! Thank you for compiling all these!

  2. There’s a lot of outdoor and trip were cancelled due to covid19. But kids, please dont loose hope, there’s a lot of indoor activities we can do with our family and those you have shared are so helpful for every parents. For sure summer will be fun and full o blast because of it.

  3. Summer is my favorite season and so much activities to enjoy. This list is awesome, even adults will enjoy it :)

  4. A lot of things have opened up here in my community but we are keeping busy at home, outside away from the others. Very few are participating in social distancing. We are trying to stay unsick.

    a latte of blessings & sparkles, Jeanie{CoffeeGirl.Blog

  5. I love this list. Makes the kids go outside and play because many of them would stay inside and be on Tik Tok if they could.

  6. Good list you have here! Children thrive with system, it’s essential that we continue a daily routine. Roles and responsibilities
    pilot the children in understanding how to follow basic directive and sense of organization, balance,
    and comfort. This also support them in developing healthy and positive behavior.

    well done! and god bless to your family

  7. This is such an extensive list. The pandemic also forced us to look for inspiration in ordinary things like being in the yard and playing, which we regularly did.

  8. Amazing list, the kids will definitely enjoy water activities. That is tried and tested with my kids now teens.

  9. So far some of our summer activities have included going to the beach, going hiking and exploring new trails in our state, and taking walks around our neighborhood

  10. Summer here is not that happy due to covid so I think we can relate on these next year hopefully when the pandemic ends


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