Rome Outskirts: A Must-See if You Visit The Capital of Italy

The outskirts of Rome are full of endless beauties to admire – beginning with the tour of the Roman Castles, to the most ancient cities of Lazio, where you can walk among medieval roads, visit castles, and historical villas. All this at just a few steps from Rome. They are also the background of happy feasts and popular festivals where typical products are celebrated according to the old traditions. The wine of Frascati and the roast pig of Ariccia are worth the trip!

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After a tour in the capital, what you’ll need is a nature walk. And the outskirts in Rome offer just this – walks by the lake or in natural reserves, horseback ride or by bicycle, away from the bustling city of Rome. We have listed some of the breathtaking sights that you can visit.


Anzio is famous for its seaside tourism. You can visit the monuments at Saint Antonio Church and the anta Teresa del Bambino Gesù Basilica in the center of the city.

Right in the center of Anzio, overlooking the main square, there is the Santissimi Pio e Antonio Church. Also interesting is the English Cemetery just outside the city, or some historic building of Villa Albani, Villa Sarsina e Villa Adele.

Without doubts, the most important tourist attraction is the Emperor Nero Villa. Its location is still not found with precision but they say it’s near the “Arco Muto” where there are also the ruins of a supposed theater. This project was supposed to be a big residence of Nero. After his death, the Villa was used by the Emperor until the Severi dynasty.

You can visit during the summer where you can go to the beaches, rent paddleboats, and do some aquatic sports like kitesurfing and windsurfing. It is perfect for long walks and you can cap your trip with excellent seafood too!

Rome Outskirts: A Must-See if You Visit The Capital of Italy



Forget the city chaos and traffic. Travel and see ancient taverns, thermal baths, houses, and public buildings of this Roman city. At just a few footsteps from the medieval city, there is the archaeological zone of the first Roman colony. This is Ostia, a port city, among whose roads you’ll still see picturesque scenes of the daily life of the ancient Romans, where you can take a seat on the steps of an ancient theater and imagine yourself as a spectator of an unbelievable challenge among gladiators.

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But Ostia is also by the sea and has enjoyable warm weather. There are a lot of bathing establishments, hotels, restaurants, and nautical clubs.

Trajan’s Harbor is probably one of the most beautiful “attractions” to visit in the outskirts of Rome. Located at just a few kilometers from the center in Rome.

Rome Outskirts: A Must-See if You Visit The Capital of Italy


Cerveteri and Tarquinia, the necropolis

One of the places to see out of Rome is Cerveteri, a medieval suburb that is risen on a spur of tuff. This place was selected by the Etruscans to bury their dead. Today, this necropolis is a real archaeological treasure of testimonies, able to make light on the uses and customs of the mysterious Etruscan civilization.

The most famous burial place is the Banditaccia, which includes 50.000 graves. You can also take an interesting multimedia journey that will make the visit even more intense, with audiovisual projections inside the graves, that will show all the secrets of this magical place.

You can take also an underground trip, where you’ll enter into rooms dug in the tuff. Here you’ll breathe a dark atmosphere, but at the same time magic, where it seems that secrets are hidden but nobody will never discover them.

Rome Outskirts: A Must-See if You Visit The Capital of Italy



The beauty of the outskirts of Rome and the climate has made this zone the first choice for the construction of great villas where the nobles loved to spend moments of leisure and vacation. Tivoli is located on the slopes of the Tiburtini Mountains and entertains two great villas that deserve a visit, the Villa Adriana and the Villa d’Este.

The villa is enriched with thermal fittings, the original maritime theater where the emperor read, the libraries, the imperial rooms, and the theater. Visit the dreamy villas where only walking along the corridors and the rooms will make you feel important. These extraordinary villas are adorned with gardens, caves, and fountains. A beautiful tune plays in the background while you enjoy the scenery and relax like nobles of the past.

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Rome Outskirts: A Must-See if You Visit The Capital of Italy


Roman Castle tour

One you shouldn’t miss out on on your trip to Rome during the sunny days would be walks on the Roman Castles. You can enjoy the pleasant walks and relax in the company of good wine and taste traditional cuisine. The Roman Castles are located in Colli Albani inside the Roman Castle Natural Park.

You can enjoy a picnic on the edge of Castelgandolfo or Nemi Lake. The beauty of the landscapes, the wine, and the other gastronomic delights make this one of the most irresistible places.


Have you been to the Outskirts of Rome? Is this something you would want to explore when in Rome?





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