Beautiful Ways to Document Your Travel

If you’re a travel lover who has been around your state, country, or even the world, you probably want to document all the beautiful destinations that you’ve seen. With mementos around your home, you can decorate your space with stunning imagery and enjoy memories of your travels wherever you look.

Not sure what type of decoration or travel documentation is best for you? Check out this list of the best ways to remember your trips and discover unique, personalized ways to keep track of your most amazing adventures!

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Beautiful Ways to Document Your Travel

1. Personalized Travel Map

Many people want to keep their space sleek and minimalist. If this sounds like you, you probably don’t want a ton of photos and frames cluttering your tables and shelves. Instead of printed photos, why not try a personalized travel map that allows you to scratch off all the places you’ve visited? Whether you’re a world traveler or you’re just trying to visit every national park in America, you can find custom maps in different themes to fit your vision.


2. Travel Photo Collage

Collages are a great way to showcase where you’ve traveled with stunning full-color images of you at your destination. You can visit the online portal of nearly any print shop to compose and design your photos in a collage that can be printed on nearly any material. Create a collage on fabric, metal, or traditional photo paper in the perfect sizes to fit on your empty wall space.


3. Paint Your Favorite Photo

You’ve traveled everywhere, from North America to Asia, but there’s one photo that really takes you back to your favorite moment. One of the most unique ways to create a beautiful memento is with a custom paint-by-numbers canvas of this photo! There are some companies that will take your photo and, depending on your canvas size and color specificity, send you a custom canvas featuring you! They’ll even include all the paints you need to get started.

Once you’re done painting, hang up this illustrated version of your favorite photo in your living room or dining room to show off to guests.


4. Magnets

Some people love collecting mementos from the places they’ve visited while they’re there. That could be the perfect choice for you too! If you have extra fridge space, magnets can serve to brighten up that cold metallic surface and showcase all the places you’ve been.

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You don’t have to put them on the fridge, though! A metal sheet hung up on the wall is also the perfect canvas for a magnet collage. Consider creating a theme when you choose magnets in specific styles and colors!

travel fridge magnet

Photo by Sunguk Kim on Unsplash


5. Patches

Patches are another common souvenir sold at many travel destinations. But where do you put them all if you’re such a well-traveled individual? Instead of trying to fit them all on a backpack or shirt where you may run out of space, consider a custom quilt that will fit patches from everywhere you’ve ever been. You can hang your quilt on the wall as a decoration or use it as a throw blanket for a beautiful and functional piece!


6. Video Photo Frames

In today’s modern digital age, it’s easier than ever to take videos and create GIFs of special moments during your travels. Even though you can’t print these out to showcase on your walls, you still have options. Video music boxes and photo frames are the perfect media to include in your home decor to showcase your favorite moments while traveling.

With one of these LCD video monitors, you’ll have several minutes of memory to upload your favorite content. Even better, most monitors come with a USB connection, so you can connect to your computer and swap out the old videos with your newest travel experiences whenever you want!


7. Souvenir Shadowbox

If you have a souvenir collection from various travel destinations that are not as easy to sew on a blanket or stick on a wall, there is one fun display option you can still use: a shadowbox. A custom frame store can help you design the perfect shadowbox from start to finish. They’ll consider everything, including the material of the frame, the size of the box, the protective coating on the glass, and so much more.


8. Photobook

For the more traditional traveler, a photobook could be a way to document your experiences that are just as stunning as anything you have on your walls or shelves. Create a book that’s worthy of your coffee table when you opt for a hardcover, lay-flat design. You can compose your own book or retain the services of a professional to design something that you might see in a bookstore.


9. Money Wall

If traveling to various countries is what you do, consider creating a money wall with bills from all the nations you’ve visited. All you need is a large enough photo frame with a glass front and some tape to attach your bills to the frame. You can also opt for a coin collector’s box to collect various coins from different currencies instead of bills. While these are not as colorful, you might prefer to display the unusual shapes of the coins.

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Can’t choose which version is better? Do both with a display that showcases a coin and a bill from each country you’ve visited.

currency map


Finding your style…

Each of these suggestions is a completely unique way to document your travel experiences. Since every person has a different aesthetic, you’ll see there are plenty of ways to express yourself on this list. Find the one that speaks to you, and get started today!



On a final note…

Love one of these ideas, but don’t have the materials you need to make it happen? Don’t worry, you’ll be traveling again soon, so you can start collecting souvenirs, videos, and photos that fit your preferred memento style for the future. Just make sure to review the most important travel tips for your destination before you head out the door!

Featured image by Kelsey Knight on Unsplash



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