World’s Best Outback Towns That You Have to Visit

Small, tightly knit together communities – a mainstay appreciation amongst people from all corners of the world…

There’s just something about a compact, self-sustaining community where everyone is familiar with one another as if they were nothing less than family. The feeling of being welcomed, loved, and genuinely appreciated can only be found in its most potent when in places such as these.

To add to this phenomenon, events such as the covid-19 pandemic have done nothing but exacerbated the public’s need to relocate & reconnect with one another in these familiar communities. People everywhere are moving from their big cities back to their hometowns with their parents, and others are just trying to find some low-key areas to settle down in and relax away from the drama of world events.

Yet, in this mass relocation of citizens around the world to small, remote places, one such category of small-town has been wrongfully forgotten amongst the activity to small towns around the world – Outback towns.

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Australian Outback

The Australian Outback has long since been a place of myth, legend, and fame. This arid, vast, and sparsely populated region of Australia has always attracted the attention of travelers, foreigners, and natives alike. It is well known for its unique combination of the sustained natural environment, low but consistent human population, and land usage of low intensity.

Whilst the Outback is primarily seen as being arid land, it is actually hosted to a variety of different climates such as tropical hubs & monsoonal climates towards the northern areas, and temperate or semi-arid climates located within the southerly regions. 

Most of all, the Outback is a deep aspect of Australian heritage & culture. The Outback serves as a prominent setting and stage for lots of Australian folklore & history, and in 2009 Queensland Outback was even announced as a Q150 Icon due to its reputation as a natural attraction.

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With all of that being said, we aren’t here just to talk about the Outback itself, but rather the towns that make it up and the cities in the outback. And not just any towns, but the absolute best towns that the Outback has to offer.

In this article, we’ll be delving into the top Outback towns that we think you’d be remiss to forget during your travels, especially in the midst of so many places being handicapped by social distancing. So without further ado, let’s dive right into the best Outback towns in the world!

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Australian Outback


The Best Outback Towns In The World

Using this list, we’ll be going in-depth regarding the top 3 Outback towns that you need to put on your bucket list, starting with…


1. Broken Hill, New South Wales

Topping our list of glorious Outback towns off is Broken Hill, located within New South Wales, or NSW. Broken Hill was first established within the year 1885 as a mining town and has since grown into a thriving and lively community of well-connected peers. Broken Hill boasts a very healthy art scene, containing more than 30 galleries. As such, there are many self-contained accommodations in Broken Hill also. 

Outside of the cultural attractions the town has to offer lies the Flora & fauna Sanctuary, allowing for onlookers to gaze upon unspoiled nature.


2. Longreach, Queensland

Our second Outback town on this list, Longreach is a must-see place for anyone who’s interested in Australian history and culture. Longreach boasts being both the origination place for Qantas Airlines, as well as being the home of the reputed Stockman’s Hall of Fame.

Located within the northern sections of the exuberant Lake Eyre basin, Longreach offers a nearly unparalleled crash course regarding Australian culture.

On top of these facts, flights can be chartered to tour the area from above. Longreach is also home to the oldest running pastoral college, which was unfortunately closed in recent years.


3. Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

The third town on our list is a little baby by the name of Kalgoorlie, located within Western Australia, or WA. Kalgoorlie is especially unique amongst this list due to the varied kinds of attractions the hub offers.

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Kalgoorlie is regularly called one of the most appealing and unique Outback towns to visit by tourists & travelers. There seems to be an almost otherwordly contrast separating the pure white of its salt lakes from the blood-red ochres of the surrounding landscape.

To top this off, Kalgoorlie is also home to the famed skeletal sculptures of Antony Gormley; adding a flavorful artistic aesthetic to the location.



On a final note…

So, with all of that out of the way, we’ve taken this chance to help you guys livening up your travels by providing you with the best Outback towns the world has to offer. Stay frosty!



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