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Tips For Solo Female Travelers in Morocco

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As Morocco is a well-known, beautiful country with many places to visit and enjoy every aspect of the life. With the dynamic environment and stunning sights including the ancient Valleys where thousands of local residents are living for many years, Visit Morocco can be full of adventure while visitors can sum-up their Morocco holiday’s session in three to four weeks.

There should be some of the important tips that must be followed by the travelers while visiting any of the city as a destination in Morocco. Some are listed below that would definitely help you if you are a woman and traveling alone:


1. Dress

It’s important to notice that you have dressed up properly and it must be covering your shoulders otherwise may someone harass you or stare at you closely.

At the beaches, which are specially made private for visitors, Bikinis are ok to wear but at public part of the country, the dressing should be complete as Morocco is an Islamic country.

During your stay at some hotel or resort, Women can make themselves easy within the starting area.

In the local markets, buy some local dresses to enjoy the local traditions of Moroccans.

Tips For Solo Female Travelers in Morocco


2. Havens & Pitfalls

If you feel hassle then look for some place where you can accommodate yourself with some better option or chose one that considered less crowded.

The upper floor of the salon de the (teahouse), a restaurant or a hotel terrace is an amazing opportunity to spend.

For males, the bathing hammam’s are free relaxing and good for enjoyment.

If you are an alcoholic person, then you should head to the large hotel zones rather than the small bravery bars.


3. Male Travelling Companions

Such companies which offer male, as well as female traveling packages, are more likely to hassle free than those companies where no solo travel packages are available, one example is Virikson Morocco Holidays.

If you are a Moroccan local woman then you may know very well that what kind of traveling experience can encompass through the streets of Morocco for a single woman.

Being a Muslim country, there are a lot of restrictions, for solo females like they can’t walk in the local streets with their uncovering dress or half-arm shirt.

Tips For Solo Female Travelers in Morocco


4. Transport

Morocco transport is now developed with the new advanced buses and taxis which are now running on the roads.

With the increasing number of visitors, Morocco government has allotted a lot of transportation facilities to the people.


5. Safety Precautions

Women explorers should take a few sensible precautions while traveling to Morocco:

Avoid traveling about alone at night, as there’s an arrogance that all ‘good women’ should be at home after gloomy evening.

Evade walking alone in isolated areas such as remote beaches, forests and sand dunes.

The key idea is ‘respect’, somewhat that most Moroccans hold beloved. Hashouma! (‘shame!’) Can also be used to embarrass would-be harassers.

Tips For Solo Female Travelers in Morocco


Some of the companies offer solo travel but most of the companies offer the complete package with family or friends.


by: Maria Bella | All pictures used in this post were provided by the author


What other tips can you give to solo female travelers in Morocco?



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8 thoughts on “Tips For Solo Female Travelers in Morocco

  1. I have done any solo travel yet. I think it’s an amazing experience. Thanks for the tips, Morocco is one of the places I would love to visit. Hopefully soon!

  2. I travel as a single woman a lot, so I love all the tips I can get. I will definitely bookmark this for my trip to Morocco – thanks for sharing!

  3. Very useful tips especially for women travelers about dressing and moving alone some particular places. Good that some companies offer solo travel packages. And it is obvious to respect the cultural and religious values while visiting Muslim countries like Morocco.

  4. This is helpful information. I didn’t realize single women are not allowed to go certain places in Morocco. And the advice about appropriate dress is good to know!

  5. Great tips! Travelling alone as a women does offer special challenges especially in more conservative countries !!
    Side note – in your tip #2, you should change your sentence to “If you would like to have an drink…” instead of saying “If you’re an alcoholic person…” . Not sure if you used a translator, but that sentence is definitely no good lol

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