10 Kid-Friendly Places to Travel in Switzerland

Kids find enjoyment in almost everything. It can range from a toy to an insect. Place-wise, they can even amuse themselves in a trench or a ditch. However, most of the things and locations that children seek delight in and recreation from may not be safe or suitable for them.

Then, why not take them to a kid-friendly place where they can have a protected and sheltered environment that would not compromise their will to play and enjoy to their heart’s content? In this article, let us look at 10 such places that children can fancy when they’re in Switzerland.

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10 Kid-Friendly Places to Travel in Switzerland - Wellington World Travels


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Kid-Friendly Places to Visit in Switzerland

1. Zoo Zurich

The Zoo Zurich is a well-renowned menagerie located in Zurich. Together with the Basel Zoo, it is considered one of the best zoos in Europe. As the third-largest zoo in the country, it has accumulated over 22,000 specimens of about 300 species of animals.

This zoo is exceedingly famous for its penguin parade, Asian elephant exhibit that visitors can even view from underwater, and rare Galapagos tortoises.

During the peak season from March to October, ticket prices for 21+ ages are 28-29 CHF, 16-20 years are 23-24 CHF, 6-15 years 14-15 CHF, and are free for children under 6 years.


2. Verkehrshaus der Schweiz, Lucerne

The Swiss Transport Museum or Verkehrshaus der Schweiz translates to “Transportation House of Switzerland.” Located in Lucerne, it features all forms of transport from aircraft to trains. Additionally, it displays the use of communication technology.

It is one of the most famous museums of Switzerland that houses numerous attractions like a large-format cinema, a planetarium, and an aerial photograph of Switzerland of 1:20,000 scale.

The entrance ticket price of the museum is 32 CHF for adults, 24 CHF for students under 26 years, 14 CHF for children under 16 years, and is free for children under 6 years of age.

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3. Chaplin’s World Children Museum

Located between the vineyards of Lake Geneva and the peaks of the Swiss Alps, Chaplin’s World is an intriguing museum. Its design immerses and attracts visitors towards the two aspects of Charlie Chaplin’s life – one is his family life, and the other is his Hollywood life. It allows everyone to know both the man and the artist.

The Museum has several recreated film sets that permit the visitors to discover the iconic film scenes, where they can wander to get a feel of the process of movie-making.

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Its ticket prices are 27 CHF for adults and 18 CHF for children.


4. Zoo Basel

Zoo Basel or Zoologischer Garten Basel is a non-profit zoo located in the city of Basel. It is Switzerland’s oldest and largest zoo. With over 1.8 million visitors every year, it is also the country’s most visited tourist attraction.

The zoo experienced the first Indian rhinoceros birth and Greater flamingo hatch. It houses cheetahs, okapi, flamingoes, pygmy hippopotamuses, and many more unique and famous animals.

Its admission prices vary for different ages. They are 21 CHF for ages 25-62, 12 CHF for ages 16-24, 10 CHF for ages 6-15, and 19 CHF for senior citizens over 62 years of age.

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5. Eskimos Ski School

The Eskimos Ski School offers ski and snowboarding lessons to all ages with appropriate safety measures. Located in Saas-Fee, it provides a safe environment to learn.

It offers skill-level-based instructions and programs that are suitable for everyone, from novices to experts. It provides a holiday home in their partner hotels free of charge for those that wish to stay over the week or weekend.

The School provides courses in groups of 4-6 members. For adults, the course fee is 35 CHF for total beginners, 255 CHF for all levels, 85 CHF for step-wise lessons, and 255 CHF for freestyle programs.


6. Bains des Paquis, Geneva

Bains de Paquis is a famous tourist spot in Geneva, surrounded by a lively beach that follows a lake near the Paquis district.

Its main attractions include the beach with its wide sunbathing area and lighthouse. It also has the Paquis baths with its two saunas, Turkish baths, hammam, and summer concerts.

For the baths, the admission charges are 2 CHF for adults, 1 CHF for children under 16 years, and free for kids less than 6 years of age. The fees are 20 CHF for adults that become 13 CHF every Monday for the Turkish baths, sauna, and hammam.

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7. Einstein House Science Museum, Bern

The Einstein House or Einsteinhaus, now a museum, was formerly the home to the famous scientist Albert Einstein, located in Bern. During his lifetime, Einstein, with his wife Mileva Einstein and son Hans Einstein, occupied a flat on the second floor of this house.

The museum accurately portrays all the living conditions of the great scientist. The third floor of the building presents all of Einstein’s biography and his life’s work.

In current times, the ticket price to visit the museum sums up to 340 CHF per person. The fee includes various tour packages that the Einstenhaus staff themselves offer.


8. Swiss Vapeur Parc Theme Park, Le Bouveret

The Swiss Vapeur Parc is a miniature theme park located in the village of Le Bourevet on Lac Leman. Today, the park is almost twice the size since its opening.

The Park features several children-friendly attractions, including the first tank shed, the oiling process of a train, a tank engine, and so on. It expanded significantly from when it had only two locomotives that ran on benzine and steam. Now, benzine trains have sextupled, and steam ones have increased to nine in number. Every June, it hosts the International Steam Festival.

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Generally, entrance ticket prices are 13.57 CHF for adults.


9. Ski Zenit Ski School

The Ski Zenit Ski School is known for its personalized training courses, created from years of the culmination of knowledge by several experts and professionals. It incorporates its training regime with the philosophy of enjoying all aspects of the outdoors and sports.

The school provides top-quality ski instructions, guiding each of their guests to ensure their enjoyment, performance, and growth into confident skiers. Hand-picked and experienced trainers guarantee the safety of all groups, especially children, on the premises.

Based on the activities, course prices differ. They can vary from 85 to 325 CHF depending on what one chooses to do.

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10. Tierpark Dahlholzli Zoo, Bern

The is a public zoo located in Bern. Exhibiting about 3,000 animals, it employs a staff of 27 people.

The most popular animals of the zoo include bison, muskox, gray wolves, lynx, etc. Others include otters, brown bears, and so on. It also houses birds like the black stork, flamingoes, snowy owl, rock ptarmigan, etc. Its vivariums and aquarium offer a view of reptiles, invertebrates, amphibians, and fishes.

Although one can visit half of the zoo for free, the entrance tickets cost 10 CHF for adults (above 16 years) and 6 CHF for children (6-15 years) daily.



On a final note…

To take a look around these kid-friendly places, you can always use the taxi service in Switzerland. You can book taxis from Traserbas. You can also use other public transportation systems for your convenience.



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  4. Wow! Switzerland has always been on my bucket list and after reading your post, I realize that it is best that we travel here as a family. Happy to know that there are many kid-friendly places. I am sure my boys would enjoy Zoo Zurich and Swiss Vapeur Parc Theme Park. Thank you for sharing.


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