Around the World Box with Green Kid Crafts Subscription Box

After learning so much about geography and culture with Little Global Citizens and Womple Studios subscription boxes, we decided to try the ‘Around the World’ box of Green Kid Crafts.

It has been our dream to travel around the world. So far, my husband and I have traveled to almost half. This time, we can’t wait to travel and explore the world with our kids.

When traveling around the world is challenging, these travel subscription boxes make it easier to explore the world and appreciate different cultures.

Technically speaking, Green Kid Crafts is not a travel subscription box. It is more of a STEAM subscription box filled with science and art activities. ‘Around the World’ is the only box related to travel so far. They had an airplane/aviation box depending on the availability. 

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Founder of Green Kid Crafts

Green Kid Crafts is founded by Penny Bauder in 2010. She is also the founder of Green Planet Media, the host of This Green Planet Podcast, and an author of five books.

As a mom, she understands the importance of doing creative and meaningful activities with kids. As an environmental scientist, she made sure that Green Kid Crafts is green and sustainable.


Green Kid Crafts’ Corporate Social Responsibility

Green Kid Crafts is a Green America® Certified Business, a member of ‘1% for the Planet’, and a partner of One Tree Planted. They donate at least 1% of their sales to environmental non-profits, and plant one tree for every online order.

Whenever possible, they make sure that products are produced from renewable, recyclable, and/or biodegradable materials, and then packaged minimally.


Green Kid Crafts Subscription Options

They have a Junior box for 2-4 years old, and a Discovery box for 5-10+ years old. 

Single box – $34.95

Monthly – $29.95/box
3 months – $27.95/box

6 months – $26.95/box
12 months – $24.95/box (plus free gift with first box)

*Free shipping in the US. Save up to 50% on your first month of any subscription with coupon code SAVE50.

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What’s inside the Green Kid Crafts subscription box?

• 4-6 STEAM projects
• hands-on activities
• 12-page magazine

Around the World - Green Kid Crafts


What we like about Green Kid Crafts

As we have mentioned earlier, Green Kid Crafts is not a travel subscription box. We only bought a single box related to travel which is the ‘Around The Around’ box.

The only reason we have not subscribed to a longer subscription plan is that my son’s school already integrated science with another subscription company or product. To avoid duplicates of science activities, we decided to buy single boxes. Other than that, we love and enjoyed the Green Kid Crafts subscription box.

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1. Simplicity

As a mom, the simplicity appeals to me. Believe me, the kids won’t care if you use top-notch paper or glossy paper as long as they can do those activities. The box is small and simple. It won’t take so much space in your storage. The magazine included is also small and utilized effectively.

This coincides with their sustainable commitment that their products are packaged minimally.

2. Individually packed

This must be the only subscription box we have received where each activity is packed separately. This makes it easier for us, parents, to organize the materials. We don’t have to open all plastics to look for parts or materials. And if you decide to not do everything in one seating, at least the other activities remain safe and untouched.

3. Green and sustainable

Nowadays, sustainability is important. They make sure that products are produced from renewable, recyclable, and/or biodegradable materials as much as possible. Plus they plant one tree for every online order. Especially during this pandemic crisis, it has made us realized the importance of plants and sustainability.



Around the World with Green Kid Crafts

1. Diwali Candles

Diwali is known as ‘Festival of Lights’, where the lighting of candles signifies the triumph of good over evil. We did this activity by rolling the clay into worm shapes, and then coiling them around the candles.

Diwali Candles - Green Kid Crafts


2. African Mask

Adults wear masks to act out stories to celebrate stories such as holidays, funerals, and community gatherings. African mask is my son’s favorite activity! He wore this mask until it was torn accidentally. oops! There are several ways to design your mask – through crayons, stickers, beads, clothespins, and pipe cleaners.

African Mask - Green Kid Crafts


3. Guatemalan Worry Dolls

text Worry dolls are traditional toys given to Guatemalan children as holiday gifts to remove their worries while they are sleeping. We pasted the clothes on the doll clothespins, and used the pipe cleaners as their hair. You can cut strips of paper, but we just used small post-it notes. Easy!

Worry Dolls - Green Kid Crafts


4. Chinese Hand-Kite

My son had fun playing with this kite! I helped him set up the fishing line, but he designed it himself. Chinese fly kite on special holidays to bring good luck.

Chinese Kite - Green Kid Crafts


5. Japanese Paper-Lanterns

If your child can hold scissors properly, they can cut them. Or you, parents/guardians, can do it for them. Then wrap it into a cylindrical shape. Use stickers to connect them. Lanterns usually symbolize joy, celebration, good fortune, and longevity, and they have role as protectors from evil.

Japanese Lantern - Green Kid Crafts


6. Australian Rock Art Paintings

Doing this is fun!!! Cut the compressed sponge into shapes. Don’t place them in the water without cutting them or else they will expand! Mix the paint powder with a few teaspoons of water. Paint.

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It will be too wet. But don’t worry, the paper will not tear apart easily. Leave it for several minutes. I crumpled the paper to give it that look.

Australian Cave Art - Green Kid Crafts



The magazine has recipes included. We haven’t tried any of these recipes. The instructions are easy to follow, and the ingredients can easily be found in stores.

Recipes - Green Kid Crafts


Final verdict: Green Kid Crafts review

We truly enjoyed the Around the World box from Green Kid Crafts. The simplicity of the materials and being packed separately are a big help to parents. There were 6 activities inside the box. Kids can easily follow the instructions and complete the activity. There is also a one-page maze activity before the recipe page.

As we have mentioned before, the only thing that stops us from subscribing to a longer plan is that my son’s school already integrated STEAM with another subscription box.

I will look out for their airplane box. When that becomes available, we will purchase it! You know how much my son loves airplanes. And, of course, we will share with you our finished product and experience!

Around the World - Green Kid Crafts


**This is NOT sponsored. We bought this subscription box on our own accord using our own money. We are not affiliated with them nor do we know any people working for them. So rest assured, my opinion here is honest and only based on our experience.



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  1. One way to keep the kids from gadget use is to get them to arts and crafts. Thank you for introducing us to Green Kids Crafts.

  2. If I had younger kids in my household I would definitely get this box for them. This is something I would have loved to enjoy when all the kiddos were younger.

  3. Traveling subscription box is new to me. I’m going to try it out. For now, I do local travels. I’ll go on international tours when this pandemic ends or when vaccines have been vaccinated to a lot of the population. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is a great thing to keep kids active and engaged whilst having fun. I love the fact it has a green theme. My neices would love it!

  5. Wow, really this subscription boxes or whatever it is called, help kids stay sane while staying at home. It is a challenge though, to keep them attentive the whole time.


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