Learning about Thailand with Little Global Citizens Subscription Box

Until we can travel again, let’s learn about Thailand with Little Global Citizens.

Little Global Citizens is a bi-monthly subscription box that introduces your child to countries of the world and their cultures. This was founded by Tim and Akeelah, world travelers, who decided to share their knowledge, culture, and love for travel with the next generation. This is designed for kids ages 4 – 10.

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Little Global Citizens Subscription Options

You can either do a 1-year subscription where you get a new box/country every 2 months. Or you can order single boxes. I did not subscribe to their bi-monthly subscriptions. We love it so much, we can’t wait for 2 months. Instead, we order single boxes. Single boxes are shipped daily. However, opting for a 1-year subscription, you can get 6 boxes plus the 7th box free.

Single box – $39.95
Single box + Sibling – $49.95.

Annual / 6 boxes prepay – $239 (plus 7th box free)
Annual / 6 boxes + siblings prepay – $299 (plus 7th box free)

*Free shipping in the contiguous US

Please feel free to use my referral link for $5 off. (Appreciate it^^)
» https://www.little-global-citizens.com «


What’s inside the Little Global Citizens box?

• Adventure Guide
• 2-3 Crafts
• 2-3 Activities/games
• Language card
• Recipe
• Story book

Little Global Citizens - Thailand (subscription box)


What we like about Little Global Citizens

I have bought several travel subscription boxes, and this is, so far, the best! Here are some of the reasons why I like Little Global Citizens.

1. There are 2-3 crafts and 2-3 activities/games

I was actually amazed by the number of activities inside the box! Other boxes only have 1 or 2 activities, and they put a bunch of reading stuff. I mean, do they really think an active kid will sit still for several hours and read those stuff?! Anyway…

The crafts are simple that even kids who are not into crafts or not good at crafts can still do them with little supervision.

The activities are fun and exciting for young kids.

2. It has a language card.

So far, they are the only box I have received that included a language card. Though, I have only subscribed to four travel boxes. The foreign words in the card are simple and commonly used.

Again, my son enjoyed pronouncing them!

3. Short storybook

The book is designed for kids who are always on the go, won’t stay still for a long period of time, or for kids with short attention span. It is not too short and not too long either. It is so colorful that the book will surely catch the kids’ attention.

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I swear the fun and the contents in this box seem so endless!


Learning about Thailand with Little Global Citizens

They have several single boxes available: India, Egypt, Kenya, Thailand, and England. This may change depending on their supply. My husband and I have visited all of them, yet we chose Thailand. Thailand is one of the places we keep coming back to. And we wanted to introduce Thailand to our son. My son has been to Phuket but never got a chance to fully immerse with their culture as it was a short layover.


A. Adventure book

Also known as the parent and child activity guide! This will be your new best friend! It contains all the activities and crafts to do with your child – instructions, explanation, and story/history behind.

Adventure Guide - Thailand with Little Global Citizens


On the first page, they introduced us to a young girl Kannika, meaning beautiful flower, who lives in Chiang Mai. Aside from her toys, she likes to play Khlui, a bamboo-made instrument that is like a recorder. Her favorite classes are science and math (wow!!). And her favorite treat is Som Tum – grilled chicken on a stick with green papaya salad.


B. Craft 1: Clay Lotus Flower

In Buddhism, the lotus flower stands for purity of spirit. This is because they are able to rise up above the dirty water and bloom into a beautiful flower.

For the first craft, we made a clay lotus flower. You can do this by overlapping triangle clays to form a flower shape. We only did 4 triangles from each clay, but you can definitely do more. 2 packs of Model Magic clay and tealight are included in the box.

Clay Lotus Flower - Thailand with Little Global Citizens


C. Craft 2: Yaksha Guardian Mask

Color your Yaksha Guardian mask however you want. We used crayons, but you can use markers to make the colors stand out. Then attach the stick to the back so you can hold it easily in front of your face.

Yaksha is connected with water, fertility, trees, forest, treasure, and wilderness.

Yaksha Guardian Mask - Thailand with Little Global Citizens


D. Craft 3: Thai Elephant Diorama

This is the first one we did because my son liked to try the WikkiStix. This is actually easy. You just need to make an outline of the elephant using the WikkiStix, and design the elephant. We got three elephants. We did not cut the box since I wanted to preserve the box for storage.

Elephants are the national animal of Thailand. It symbolizes loyalty, wisdom, prosperity, and endurance.

Elephant Diorama - Thailand with Little Global Citizens


E. Activity 1: Traditional Games

e1. Game 1: Rubberband Game (Pao Nang Yang)

Pao Nang Yang is one of Thailand’s traditional games. The goal is to get your rubber on top of your opponent’s rubber band. It is not as easy as it sounds though!Pao Nang Yang - Thailand with Little Global Citizens

e2. Game 2: E-Sok

The Traditional Thai version of this game uses tamarind seeds. We didn’t have seeds or peanuts during the time we did this. But we had raisins. In one minute, scoop as many as you can into your cone!

E-Sok - Thailand with Little Global Citizens


F. Activity 2: Target Practice Water Game

Songkran Festival is the New Year celebration in Thailand held on April 13-15. Songkran means “Passage of Sun” in Sanskrit. Since it marks the beginning of the new, they use water to symbolize the washing away of the past year and purifying for the new year. People spring clean their house to start the new year fresh. And they sprinkle water into the hands of older family members to show respect and wash away bad luck.

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Another activity related to Songkran is Target Practice Game. Just like how people celebrate Songkran with a national water fight, you get to do a target practice game with the water shooter. Best to do this in the bath or yard. A water shooter is included in the box.


G. Garuda Coloring page

Garuda is a mythical creature that has been used as a symbol of royalty in Thailand for centuries. Garuda is half-man, half-bird. He has the body of a man but his head, wings, and talons are that of an eagle.

Garuda coloring page - Thailand with Little Global Citizens


H. Recipe: Mango Sticky Rice

Mango sticky rice is one of our favorites! We usually go to Thai restaurants just to eat this! Mango sticky rice is made with glutinous rice, fresh mango, and coconut milk.

Mango sticky rice recipe - Little Global Citizens


I. Book: Toy is from Thailand

Toy is a young boy from Thailand. He will take you on a cultural tour of Thailand. The book is very informative and has beautiful illustrations. 


J. Language Card

“Hello”, “How are you?”, “Thank you”, and numbers 1-10 in Thai!

Toy is from Thailand book - Little Global Citizens


Final verdict: Little Global Citizens review 

Little Global Citizens is the most entertaining and most engaging travel subscription box. Since the founders are parents, they totally get it and understand how young kids behave. There are several crafts and activities packed in one box – crafts that are easy to do, activities/games that will keep the kids entertained, and a book that is short and will not bore the kids to death. The guide or cultural explanations are easy to understand. We are so glad we decided to learn about Thailand with Little Global Citizens.

Thailand - Little Global Citizens


**This is NOT sponsored. We bought this subscription box on our own accord using our own money. We are not affiliated with them nor do we know any people working for them. So rest assured, my opinion here is honest and only based on our experience.


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  1. I’ve been to Thailand and I know how amazing the country is but during this pandemic that we can’t travel freely like before , it would be hard to explain or describe to kids the beauty of a country. I find this Little Global Citizens subscription box would be a good a idea to learn and share to kids about a certain country. I’m daughter is still too young for this but I would deffo bookmark this for future reference and share to my friends .

  2. I love how inclusive and global this is. I believe children should learn about the world and other cultures from a young age. This is such a cool way to do that. Thank you for sharing.

  3. The Little Global Citizens box seems something great to me. Maybe I will try it! Bookmarked your post, so that I can use your referral link! Thanks for such an awesome review!!


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