Best Vacation Places For Treasure Hunters

You have always felt that hunting for treasure is the kind of stuff that fairy tales are made of? Well, think again! Here’s a small list of amazing places where you can go hunt for treasures, and have a fun and amazing family vacation. Already sounds interesting? Just take a look at the list of treasure hunting vacation spots I enlisted here.

Vacations are meant to be fun-filled getaways when you can enjoy some interesting, adventurous, and exciting activities. And talk with excitement about the quality time you spent every time it comes on topic. Whenever we think of a vacation, we often think of sunny beaches, mouth-watering fruit salads and cocktails, adventure sports, and lots and lots of fun.

But have you ever considered experiencing the thrill of being on an adventurous treasure hunting vacation? If your answer is no, then you must give it a shot! Treasure hunting can bring a touch of magic to your solo or family vacations. Imagine looking for precious stones or historical items, and finding them!

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Here is a small list of three vacation places where you can both enjoy and hunt for treasure.

There are certain places all around the world that are geologically rich. These places are rich in minerals and precious stones. Here are three of them!

1. Papua New Guinea: Misima Island

Papua New Guinea is a land of adventures and natural wonders. The beauty of its landscapes is literally stunning and breathtaking. Just imagine in one place: tropical jungle, high mountains, whose peaks are chained in ice, rainforest, fascinating flora, and fauna. It is known that Papua New Guinea is the last tourist paradise on earth where you can fully enjoy untouched nature.

In Papua, there is a beautiful volcanic island on which in the late 19th century was discovered gold, then a territory of the British Empire. On Misima Island, mining of gold and silver began in the early 20th century. This continued under the control of an international corporation until environmental and public health concerns led to the closure of the mine back in 2004. Since 2004, small-scale mining operations have continued to happen as a major source of income on the island.

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Today, the best way to explore and search for gold in the mining areas is through an organized tour.


2. Big Sur, California

California’s central coast, particularly the area around Big Sur, offers the chance to enjoy some of the most breathtaking natural beauties on the planet. It also happens to be one of the largest deposits of jade in the world. Also known as nephrite jade, it can be found in many places at Big Sur. It can be found underwater by diving into the ocean, or combing the beach at Jade Cove.

The Big Sur region has been attracting many visitors from across the globe for more than a half-century. Treasure-seekers who hope to find these precious gems can easily distinguish this gem from other rocks by their unusual color.

The best time to search for the stones is just after a winter storm during the calm period. The rough undercurrent often exposes many of the hidden precious gems.

A tip from someone who has visited Big Sur is to search under the large rocks and underhangs as well as between boulders along the shore.

Big Sur


3. Port Royal, Jamaica

Besides its legendary beaches, cocktails, dishes, breathtaking views, and vibrant nightlife, Jamaica is also known for its buried treasures that can be found in many areas. One of them is Port Royal, located near Kingston, which was known as the wickedest city in the world.

Now a sleepy fishing town, long ago in the 17th century it was overrun with pirates, thieves, and rum, leaving it with an abundance of treasures just waiting to be discovered by some lucky seeker. Those who love scuba diving can enjoy hunting through an offshore shipwreck, of which only around 15 percent has been evacuated.

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After spending your day searching, you might head to the famous Pirates Cave where you can sip quality cocktails, lean back, and watch the cliff divers jump into waters said to be rife with gold and all sorts of other treasures!

Jamaica Treasure hunt



On a final note…

I hope you enjoyed this small list of places where you can go treasure hunting. Note that these three are my personal favorites. There are countless more places around the earth where you can have a perfect vacation and also hunt for treasure.



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  1. These sound like awesome places but I am in love with Port Royal the most. Why? I want to find pirate’s loot and maybe an abandoned pirate ship by snorkeling if they do offer it. It would be amazing! And also sip some wine on that beautiful beach too!

  2. it look like in your ,profile pic that you love cruising with your family,,,been working on a cruise ship for the past 19 years as a chef….been in all this places and countries that’s in your blog..


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